For Photographers: A little journey I’m on…

I thought I would share a little bit about something I have been trying to do every morning here in the headquarters of Bethany & Dan Photography.

A renowned wedding photographer in the Jacksonville Florida area, Scarlett of Scarlett & Stephen, wrote a devotional e-book JUST FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS! I had heard about it a while ago and have been following the group as a lurker for a long time. FInally Scarlett said she was going to go through the devotional again and I went ahead and signed up to study along with her and the Prosper Community! I have to confess I am not good at daily things, but I have been trying the best with this one.

The book is called Prosper  A 40 Day Prayer Journey to Seek God’s Will for your Photography Business. How perfect is that?? Slowly I am making positive changes in my head and heart to really seek out God’s will for our business. One of my favorite focuses for it, is that we are not there to serve ourselves or our business, but instead to serve God through serving our clients. I want to make sure that is where my heart is, and Dan and I keep God and our clients right there in the center. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that one of my deep scary dreams is to become a speaker and teacher in the photography community, but now I see that the path to that is not to glorify ourselves and our work, but to glorify God and to do the very best we can to exceed our clients expectations. Maybe one day THAT is what I can be speaking about one day.

If you are a wedding photographer and you would like to join in, here is the link to purchase the book:

The facebook group is here:

I hope to see you there and we can share our hearts together.

Promo video for the book Prosper by Scarlett Lillian from Scarlett & Stephen on Vimeo.

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