About Us

The Back Story

We became wedding photographers because we loved each other. Four months after our wedding day, we put our two sea kayaks in the cold waters of Lubec Maine and took our first strokes towards Key West, Florida. This adventure took us over a year and half, 2500 miles, through some of the worst and best days of our lives so far and cemented our love for one another.... all in pursuing one of Dan's childhood dreams. On that trip, we realized that we wanted to be together, not trading our numbered days for a number on a paycheck. As photographers and business owners, we get to spend our time together, create art, dream big, earn a living and be in charge of our time! We dig it. 


1983/1986 — We were born and did our thing being kids, teens and college folk.

May 30th, 2006 — We met at lifeguard training working for the City of Raleigh.

December 24th, 2007 — Dan popped the question.

March 16th, 2008 — We married (yes, that's just 3 months of planning).

2008–2009 — Kayaked from Maine to Key West.

2010 — Bethany and Dan Photography officially opened.

2011 — Moved from North Carolina to Boston.

2013 — Moved from Boston to Maine.

2013-2017 — We spent many winters in the OBX of NC.

Summer of 2016 — Lived on our Sailboat, "Grey Goose," in Portland Harbor.

2017 — Living Year-Round in Portland Maine.

A Little More…

Dan is one of five red-headed brothers, was homeschooled, a surfer, kayaker, stand up paddler and is always cool under pressure. 

Bethany is six feet tall, a HSP and an INFP, has a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, is ambidextrous and a Disney fanatic. 

We have a four-legged fur child named Hattie, named after one of our favorite places on earth, Cape Hatteras. She loves bacon, sleeping, kissing and chasing birds. 

As a couple we have packed our belongings and moved a dozen times, two of those homes being tents while on long adventures and we even lived on a sailboat. We love road trips and are opportunistic travelers - cheap tickets and nothing on the calendar? Lets go! We spend 24 hours and 365 days together quite literally. We believe in the Creator. 

Favorite Podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show, Invisibilia, Love and Radio, Oh No Ross and Carrie, Serial, Radiolab and the Moth

Favorite TV Shows: Survivor, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, The Office, The Bachelor and we religiously watch Casey Neistat, Estee Lalaonde and Sailing LaVagabonde on Youtube. 

Places We Love: Maine, OBX, Ireland, Scandinavia and Iceland, New York, Hawaii, Appalachia, Palm Springs, Puerto Rico and Alaska

Bucket List: The Faroe Islands, Isle of Skye, Svalbard, The Azores, Greece, Scotland, Paris, India, New Zealand, Greenland, Antartica, French Polynesia, Banff, Costa Rica, Japan. You can follow our travels in insta (#bdtravlin) and on Youtube