Anniversary Getaway: Martha’s Vineyard

When Dan came home from work on¬†Thursday, he told me to pack a bag and get ready because we were heading out for the weekend in 30 min! Talk about a surprise!!! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. I packed my seabag¬†and got Hattie ready for our friend Casey to watch, and got in the car. At this point I still didn’t know where we were headed, I just knew that we were headed somewhere.

We dropped Hattie off and headed south. It wasn’t until we hit the ferry docks that I realized we were heading to Martha’s Vineyard! How¬†romantic¬†right? We got to the Harbor View Hotel and Resort late that night. In the morning I actually got to lay eyes on the adorableness that is Edgartown.

Our four year anniversary was spent exploring the island. It was a day that reminded me a lot of our wedding day, meaning the weather was less than desirable to the average person. I actually like weather like this though. Overcast, drizzle, chill… the sky was white. The mood created in weather like that it calm for me. I always feel like I can focus better on days like this. My¬†snugly¬†sweater and¬†snugly¬†husband were exactly what I wanted on that day. There was no one out and about and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. Talk about perfect, at least in my opinion. We visited Oak Bluffs and the impossibly small little gingerbread houses that litter the town. ¬†They were born of tents pitched when the Methodist Church and its members would gather for the summer and have open air meetings.¬†Eventually¬†they decided to make some more permanent structures. ¬†Dan thought it was a bit eerie, because it just didn’t seem real. However that could have a lot to do with the fact that it was foggy, drizzling, and cold. Tiny little houses can seem that way in that kind of weather. We also went to Gay Head, where there are huge clay cliffs meeting the ocean on a pebble beach. Dan said it was his favorite part of the trip, just walking on the path to the beach and then walking on the beach together, (he’s so romantic!). We had dinner at the Newes from America Pub, in Edgartown. There was an¬†Irish¬†band playing there and I cried. Shocking I know… but it was just so awesome!

The next day, St. Patrick’s Day, we got to see the First Annual, First Ever, Edgartown St. Patty’s Day Parade. It was under two min. long, and adorable. We then went shopping and found a vintage shop with aluminum letters for sale, which we scooped up as our¬†souvenir/gift to one another. There are definitely perks to having a 3 letter last name. The ferry back was a joy. Dan and I love being on the water, any way shape or form. It was fun to point out the land and places we have been and wanted to go. Dan told me all about the currents and all the places he wanted to kayak with me. I love that man.

What a fantastic Anniversary. I have always wanted to go on a surprise trip and Dan delivered. I had no idea it was coming and I have to hand it to him. Well done Dan!!


  1. Annie March 19, 2012

    Too cute for words!

  2. Samantha Lord March 19, 2012

    This makes my heart happy! What a lovely surprise! And I love the beach in weather like that…it’s so mysterious and magical. And snuggling is the best ūüôā Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sam Cox March 19, 2012

    Those letters look so nice.

    • bethanydan March 19, 2012

      They are. We love them. How did I know you would like them?

  4. John March 19, 2012

    I love the Vineyard, and I am very impressed Dan, nice job. So glad you got to have a great weekend there.


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