Boston Share Group: April 2013

As we have mentioned a few times before, Dan and I are showiteers! On a surface level that just means that we use Showit for our website. On a different level this means that we are part of a community of local photographers and also a community worldwide of photographers who connect on a little bit deeper level.

Last night, the 7 of us (yes baby Victoria counts as a little showiteer) were able to talk about how we are doing, how we are running our business, swap ideas, laugh, and even talk about the “why” for why we are really doing what we do, other than the obvious perks of time, money, and freedom. It was really meaningful to me personally to hear why these incredible photographers in our area are doing what they are doing, and why, despite the fact that it really can be a challenge sometimes, they stick with it. My favorite thing about it: the fact that all or our “why” involved a heartfelt concern and care for our clients as people and their relationship with one another. Can I get an amen? I love this community and feel blessed that we stumbled into it, completely unaware of the blessings it would hold for us.

Maybe one day soon I will tell you about our “why.”

Starting from the left:

James from The Feds, Shannon of Shannon Cronin Photography, (theres Hattie), Me and Yoda, Anya, Victoria ,and Jimmy of Prudente Photography, and Dan.

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