Portland Maine Engagement Session | Kristi and Dave

We met Kristi and Dave for the first time about an hour before their session. We had originally planned on talking about a wedding timeline with them, but after a beer or two and some fried pickles, we just settled on hanging out. That hangout continued into an engagement session all over our favorite city. We ended the evening at Ft Williams, focusing more on the fort than the lighthouse, which felt exciting to us since the light was bangin’ at the fort! The best part was how trusting and energetic they were, willing to climb on rooftops and navigate¬†through ankle breaking rocks and climb on more rocks for the shot. After the session they invited us to dinner and we continued the hangout late into the evening. It was a super fun night!

Kristi and Dave Engagement 0008 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0007 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0016 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0012 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0037 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0055 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0057 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0060 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0066 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0074 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0075 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0081 Kristi and Dave Engagement 0102

Annie and Josh’s Mid-Coast Maine Engagement Session

Annie and Josh came to Maine for their July 4th Wedding (coming soon). While they were here, we were able to schedule their engagement session too, just a few days prior to the wedding day! We met them in Damariscotta Maine and then headed down to Pemaquid Point. Seeing that they live in Arizona, we had some chilly weather to share with them up here. I was impressed at just how New England-y Annie looked in her nautical striped skirt! Impressive. The views and light at Pemaquid Point were more than we could have asked for. All in all is was a pretty fun way to spend our evening.

Annie and Josh Engagement 0053 Annie and Josh Engagement 0028 Annie and Josh Engagement 0022 Annie and Josh Engagement 0008 Damraiscotta Maine Engagement Session Annie and Josh Engagement 0077Annie and Josh Engagement 0093 Annie and Josh Engagement 0083Annie and Josh Engagement 0081 Annie and Josh Engagement 0064Annie and Josh Engagement 0101 Annie and Josh Engagement 0106

Alex and Val’s Boston Engagement Session

I am racking my brain to think of another couple that we have photographed that was even close to the kissy snuggly twitter-pated levels that Val and Alex brought to this session. I felt like we were meeting them two weeks after the fell in love. Remember that feeling…when you are just buzzing with crazy love for your new boyfriend or girlfriend? That “I literally cannot get enough of you” feeling? It seemed like these two were still in it! He would hug her close and she bit her lip. We would stop taking pictures to make some adjustments and they would just keep on snuggling and kissing. It was a-dor-a-ble! We basically didnt have to give them any direction other than “stand here” and “stand there.”

They are getting married this weekend and we can only imagine how romantic it will be.
Boston MA Engagement Session Val and Alex Engagment 0007 Val and Alex Engagment 0025 Val and Alex Engagment 0028 Val and Alex Engagment 0034 Val and Alex Engagment 0038 Val and Alex Engagment 0051 Val and Alex Engagment 0084 Val and Alex Engagment 0099 Val and Alex Engagment 0102 Val and Alex Engagment 0115

Amy and Dan’s Waltham MA Engagement Session

Bubble Gum, Street Art, and old Watch Factory, a parking deck, a river dock, and a painted blue line… this was Amy and Dan’s Waltham engagement session! I feel like we really did just walk around their town and get to know them, all the while making some fun photos for the two of them before their wedding which is taking place TOMORROW!

Due to some weird airplane circumstances traveling from Raleigh NC to DC to Boston via lots of delays and really strange reasons, Dan arrived to the session halfway through, thanks to a last minute favor from our friend Jimmy of Prudente Photography. (THANKS JIMMY!) It was not a typical session and I felt pretty vulnerable since they were witness to that discombobulation that happens when you have to meet up in a parking lot with a doggie and a husband who haven’t seen me, the wife, for 15 days. We were weird and excited and just 100% real life us. Sometimes letting people see behind the curtain while you are working is hard but there was no way around it and I feel like it brought the four of us closer. Huge kudos for Amy and Dan for rolling with the punches. We are SO excited to see you tomorrow.

Amy and Dan Engagement 0011Amy and Dan Engagement 0009 Amy and Dan Engagement 0021Amy and Dan Engagement 0024 Amy and Dan Engagement 0053 Amy and Dan Engagement 0049 Amy and Dan Engagement 0074 Amy and Dan Engagement 0029Amy and Dan Engagement 0056 Amy and Dan Engagement 0063Amy and Dan Engagement 0093 Amy and Dan Engagement 0088 Amy and Dan Engagement 0084 Amy and Dan Engagement 0098

One Shot: Engagements 2014

This past year we didn’t photograph as many engagements just because we CRAMMED in a ton before we left for Hawaii last year. Many 2014 Wedding couples had their images done in 2013, rather than 2014 so it was a light year for them. That’s kind of a bummer because we LOVE shooting these. It’s so much more casual and we get to know everyone as a couple more-so than if we just show up on the wedding day.

We got to do the sessions this past year in some cool spots: Crescent Beach State Park, Fort Williams State Park, Jamaica Plain, Belgrade Lakes, The Eastern Prom in Portland, Boston, and Newport RI! Enjoy our happy people!

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