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Meghan and Devin met us at the restaurant that he proposed to her in! We adore when couples incorporate their love story into the engagement session. We hung out inside for a while and then made our way out into the gorgeous light! We just walked from Toro in the South End to at least 3 little parks nearby. Then we made our way to the Christian Science Plaza, one of my favorite spots in the city. I felt like the entire way there were amazing little spots to take photos, and at each new spot the light was delicious. Devin and Meghan were super easy to photograph because they just snuggled and kissed and laughed for two hours! Afterwards they even went on a date to the Top of the Hub, another one of my favorite Boston spots! It was a great way to spend the evening, getting to know these two and walking around one of the greatest cities in the world.

One of the most memorable parts of the day was me jumping into the water fountain for a crazy water angle and getting completely hit by one of the water upshoots! Anything for the shot right?

Meghan and Devin Engagement 0011
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0014
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0042
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0046
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0062
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0065
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0078
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0094
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0101
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0108
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0110
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0117
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0127
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0129
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0138
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0141
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0154
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0165
Meghan and Devin Engagement 0172

We met Amanda and Doug at Crescent Beach State Park, just down the road from us! Amanda jumped out of their Subaru in a cute little romper and I knew this was going to be a fun one. We started in the parking lot because there was some bangin’ light that Dan knew just what to do with, (and you’d never know it was a parking lot from the photos). Next we made a bit of a misstep and went into the woods. I say it was a misstep only because we were SWARMED by mosquitoes and there was no escape until we made it to the beach, only after all of us were covered in welts. Whoops! These two were so laid back about it. We just all dealt with it, and ended up with some funny and fun photos! I also learned how to edit out mosquito bites. Win win?? We ended up at a little secluded beach with pink sand and no one there, overlooking the pretty Maine waters. I’d say it was worth it. Dan almost got taken out by waves for a few of the shots. Dare devil. We made our way over to the main beach and broke some rules climbing into the guard stand. I’m glad we did because it made for some rad photos. Lastly, we drove into Portland to one of their favorite parks, overlooking the city for a few night shots. It was hilarious, fun, adventurous, with awesome people, and in my beloved Maine. What more could you ask for??

Amanda and Doug Engagement 0006
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0011
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0033
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0056
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0073
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0076
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0087
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0088
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0097
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0099
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0106
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0134
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0141
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0183
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0153
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0159
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0174
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0199
Amanda and Doug Engagement 0193

On the way up to Bridgton, Dan asked me to tell him a little bit about these two since he wasn’t able to be there for the original consultation. All I could tell him other than the details and logistics of their upcoming wedding day was that Brittany (who I talked on the phone with) was ridiculously kind and sounded like a precious person. In person, she is exactly that, but even more. Her tiny frame just melted into her fiance Jim, who was always up for a cuddle or hug. It was such a casual engagement session with the two of them. They made US comfortable. Brittany and Jim actually hired us before they were officially engaged. They saw no reason to hold off the wedding plans that they knew were inevitable. Although this is rare, I can understand it and completely get knowing you’re definitely getting married before the ring. I am happy to announce that they are indeed engaged and we got to take some super fun images of them at her family’s “upta camp,” (Mainer’s will get this). When we saw how calm the lake was, Dan could not contain his excitement. The reflection was breathtaking. I definitely took a few landscapes for my own personal photo collection. We get to visit so many awesome places!

So snuggle up with a cuppa tea and enjoy this very Maine engagement session with Brittany and Jim. #loves

Brittany and Jim Engagement 0037
Brittany and Jim Engagement 0122
Brittany and Jim Engagement 0149
Brittany and Jim Engagement 0183
Brittany and Jim Engagement 0199
Brittany and Jim Engagement 0192

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about preparing for an engagement session and thought I would update the old one with some new insight! Our couples took heed of our advice, added their own ideas and we have images that can help build on the idea.

The key points from the first post were:

  1. Get your hair and nails done so you feel like the bombshell you already are.
  2. Wear clothes you love and don’t get hung up on coordinating or what looks good for the camera.
  3. Choose the location yourselves so that the images can hold more meaning.
  4. Think of a theme or activity that you can do, like SUPing or yoga or anything that you like to do together.
  5. Bring props. It helps make the session more personal and gives you something to play with when you are nervous! (which won’t last long once we get going).
  6. Bring your pet!
  7. Let us do the work. We will take care of you!

I would say that those are all worth repeating! Here are some examples of that:

Meaningful places:




Activities they love to do:









Michael and Elizabeth Engagement 0130

And this one has three:


Lisa and Suzy Portsmouth NH Engagement  (15)

I don’t remember the last time we went to so many spots for photos. I think we hit six locations for this session including two state parks, one town park, and three side of the road spots that just looked awesome. As I was editing this session I could not get over how stunningly beautiful New England is. Just pulling off the side of the road and capturing scenery like this is commonplace here. I can’t imagine a more inspiring place for my soul… here, and hawaii, and the coast of NC, and what I imagine Ireland to be… perhaps that means I just can’t get enough of this beautiful planet!

Roshan and Karen were guests at Mara and Will’s wedding. I remember seeing them dancing at the wedding, completely lost in the moment and loving on each other. What an honor it was when they reached out to us for their own wedding this September! They are both gorgeous, stylish, successful, and most importantly, in love with one another. Spending a sunset with them was just my cup of tea.

Roshan and Karen Engagement 0147
Roshan and Karen Engagement 0136
Roshan and Karen Engagement 0130
Roshan and Karen Engagement 0132