Happy Birthday to Joanna!

It’s my sister’s birthday today! Hurrah!

It’s kinda hard for me to believe that my sister is a total grown up, with a husband, a hip apartment in Durham NC, a full-time job, and a hell of a personality. It’s funny today I felt jealous of her friends who get to see her all the time and drink beers late into the night and chat about life. We live REALLY far away from each other and rarely get to hang out. The last time we did we stayed up talking until 5am(!) Thankfully, after my immature bout with jealousy I realized that she and I are the only humans on the earth who had the same childhood, made music videos to Metallica, sang Hanson all the way to Montana, ¬†know what we mean when we say Buh Duh and Juh-squared, and honestly… that means everything to me. I love how our relationship has grown and changed as we have grown older and so her birthday means a lot to ME¬†.

Things that rock about her:

Her fierce sense of self. She is a power girl and everyone who knows her knows that. If you need some juice in your self care self love tank, call her up.

Her hair. Its amazing and anything my hair attempts to do to compare is lame-o.

Her brains. She’s smart and funny and knows about completely obscure and awesome things.

Her style. She only wears cool clothes. Everything is asymmetrical. She rocks wild top buns overflowing on her head. Her house is decorated with rocks and feathers and hip cool stuff from all over the world.

and…. she’s my sister.

I was looking through for pics I have of her and this is from before her wedding so clearly I need to change THAT this Christmas. Are you ready Juh?

Joanna and Jon in Snow 0001

One Year since Hawaii

Those of you who have been following along with us for a while might remember our attempt to move to Hawaii last winter. A small recap is that we attempted to move to Hawaii for the winter last year, hoping to use that time to heal from a year of great personal loss and heartbreak. We believed whole heartedly that we would be able to make that work and to our great disappointment, we had to return to the mainland after 10 days of searching for an apartment that never came. ( Here is a recap about that from last year: For I know the plans I have for you ).

Today is the one year anniversary since we landed on the islands.

Im bringing it up again here because¬†I’ve been reminded of that time via my TimeHop app and it still makes me sad. With all the different ways we portray ourselves online, mostly showing only the best and happiest sides of ourselves, I guess it’s important to share some of the harder things too.¬†It still makes me sad that we had to leave Hawaii, but not because of what people always assume the reason was. Yeah of course no one wants to leave Hawaii… duh. The other truth is that I didnt want to leave because I was terrified that the healing I was so longing for would not be able to happen anywhere else. I viewed Hawaii as a place that was MADE for healing the soul. It was far away from our normal life, and far away from anyone that knew us, and far away from the distractions of every day life for us. We were still as solid as ever and crazy crazy in love, but we both needed healing in a way that we had not been able to find in our lives to that point. I¬†just wanted to be surrounded by the ocean (on all sides), see rainbows every day, go hiking, do yoga, journal, and spend uninterrupted time with my little family. When it was taken away from us via closed doors in every single direction, I was heartbroken. I didnt think that Maine could stand a chance against that. Everytime someone wanted to talk to me about it I would just play it off, knowing that talking about how I really felt about the whole thing was a big can of worms that was hard to open. I just always shrugged it off and made a joke like “O well! Theres always next year! Ha!,” dying a little inside every time.

Fast forward one year and here I am sitting in a coffee shop in Alaska, looking out the window at snow and gorgeous evergreens. We have been here a week visiting some of our closest friends. In the past 365 days we have been to California, Hawaii (again!!), Puerto Rico (for the third time), Wisconsin, all over New England and North Carolina, and here to Alaska. We have lived in a tiny apartment in a very quiet part of Maine  right by the ocean. Its been a really good year, and I have experienced healing in a different way that I expected and for that I am grateful.

I would be lying if I said that I don’t wish we could have made that work last year. ¬†The other side of that is that we have not given up on that dream and I whole-heartedly believe that we will be back again, perhaps even for a winter season. I thank God all the time for having Dan and I cross paths so he could hold my hand throughout this wild ride.

So there’s a little “behind the curtain” for you on this Wednesday. Mahalo for reading.


Pardon us please…

Hi friends!!!

Right this second we are in a hotel in somewhere Michigan on our way to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. The hotel we are in had a catered Mediterranean dinner for the guests, (this is a Holiday Inn Express of all places)! This means we are eating unbelievably tasty catered beef and rice with tzatziki sauce off of Styrofoam plates in a quiet hotel room.

What we really wanted to say was that our website and blog have both been redesigned and we are REALLY looking forward to sharing them with you. Please forgive a slow response time and lack of full portfolio for the time being. We promise we are going to share them soon. We are really excited about them.

Please reach out to us at: picturethis@bethanydan.com if you got engaged this holiday and are looking for your new favorite wedding photographer!

Have a very happy and safe thanksgiving!


Life Lately List: November 10, 2014

October is the busiest month for most wedding photographers, including us. Last year we were MOVING so it was insanity. This year was much easier for us thankfully. What’s crazy is that shooting 5 weddings lots of engagement sessions, maternity sessions, and traveling to Massachusetts twice, way up north in Maine and Vermont is easier! It is what it is right? The weather was perfect and we were basically having a blast.

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Dan’s oldest brother, William, and his wife Jamie, had their third child. SHE is our first Niece and we are already smitten. 100%
  • Hattie, and both of our Nephews: Charlie and Ian, had birthdays.
  • While in Vermont we visited a couple of Breweries and also took one of my fave photos of us via the selfie method. Its the one on the bottom right of this photo montage.
  • We spent most of our other time this past month working in the office. It is what it is right?
  • We are done with Weddings for the year, shooting our last 2014 wedding on November 1. That means we just need to edit the last remaining 5 weddings, and we can refocus our time into improving and moving our business forward! (Its one of my favorites things to do as a business¬†owner and its almost time!

2014-10-05 16.11.06-110

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