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Life Lately List: July 10, 2014

Whew to June! That was a crazy one! We traveled our buns off! Check out THIS timeline:

Culebra> Puerto Rico> Boston> home> NYC> home> Boothbay Harbor> home> Lebanon NH> home> Boston> home> Boston> home

It was a little nuts but we got to do SO much and it was a blast. It also lets us appreciate home a whole whole bunch. Poor Hattie is happy to have us around too. We missed that little pup. This month we are almost always local which feels really good to.

On the non-photography side of things we have been having some good fun:

  • Dan’s been fishing and surfing almost every day depending on the tides and waves. He loves being close to the water (who wouldn’t) and I love seeing him so happy.
  • We have been going on dates and enjoying the radical-ness of where we live. Maine is so perfect in the summah.
  • As dull as it may sound, we actually went through every single cabinet and closet in our tiny apartment and organized EVERYTHING! I feel so relieved knowing that we have only what we need, and each of the items that are taking up space around here are much needed and in their place. Perhaps its the SUPER Type A part of me but I honestly cannot describe how good that feels. Of course that lead to seeing a few items that we need to purchase to finish the job. Dear Target, Etsy, CB2, and Pottery Barn… i love you.
  • Current obsessions that might make their way to our house soon: Hula Girl Lamp, Linen and Silk Duvet Cover, Shell No. 4 Shower Curtain, and Nate Berkus Curtains. I guess you couldn’t say we need them… but what can I say, I think we might.
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2014-06-30 19.50.32

Thank you Devin for this pic of us doing our thing;)


Part Two of our Puerto Rico Trip with Dan’s redheaded family is here! This portion of the trip was our non-Culebra days;)

After 5 days on the island, we headed back to the mainland and spent a day in San Juan and a day in the rainforest: El Yunque. The rainforest day we hiked to the top of a mountain and got to see the radical view. We could see both the north and south side of the island from our vantage point. It was actually worth the sweat and complaining from this office dweller. It also reminded me that I really need to stretch my calves more often and work out. That being said, I made it and I loved being at the top. It’s a must do when you visit Puerto Rico.

In San Juan we went to my favorite spot: El Morro!!! I swear it is the coolest and best fort I have ever been to, and that means a lot coming from a girl married to Dan… who loves to visit every fort we get even remotely close to in our travels. #fortsarekindaboring” All that being said, do not miss this place. Every time we have been, which is already up to three times with us, we have been unable to control ourselves with the photo taking. It is absolutely the most photogenic fort eva! Dear future bride and grooms, please pretty please, book a post-wedding session with us and let us photograph you at this place for 2 uninterrupted hours. We may faint from joy.

After El Morro, we just enjoyed the streets, cats, and colors of Old San Juan. I think Dan and I started to annoy the red heads with all our photo taking. We seriously could not help it. San Juan is a photographic super star.

Culebra and San Juan 0230
Culebra and San Juan 0249
Culebra and San Juan 0265
Culebra and San Juan 0128
Culebra and San Juan 0115
Culebra and San Juan 0120
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Culebra and San Juan 0133
2014-06-15 17.40.37
Culebra and San Juan 0141
Culebra and San Juan 0150
Culebra and San Juan 0164
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Culebra and San Juan 0187
Culebra and San Juan 0173
Culebra and San Juan 0182
Culebra and San Juan 0202
Culebra and San Juan 0179
Culebra and San Juan 0219

Puerto Rico Trip 2014: Culebra and Underwater Fun

Welcome to part one of our trip to Puerto Rico! We were there to photograph Lisa Ann and Jordan’s wedding and post-wedding session. Since we get to travel a lot we thought we would invite Dan’s family with us this time so they could share in the fun! Three of his four brothers and his mom came along: Heath, David, Stephen, and Sam! We spend the majority of our trip on the island of Culebra which is “about” equidistant from both the main island of Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. It’s only 11 square miles with just over 1,000 residents, so to tell you it is small and sleepy is kind of redundant. It is a PERFECT place to get away and we would highly recommend a visit if that is what you are looking for. We rented a house via VRBO and really enjoyed ourselves.

Another new and exciting thing about this trip is that we now have an Outex for our DSLR!!! We were able to photograph not only our couple’s post wedding session in the most beautiful water I have ever been in BUT we were also able to photograph ourselves and our family doing what we did almost the entire trip: underwater fun! We have wanted one of these for ages and this was the final push we needed to purchase one. It is so stinkin cool!!!

This blog post includes both iPhone and Nikon shots featuring:

  • The ferry to and from Fajardo and Culebra: about an hour boat ride for $2 (!!!!) The only other option is a tiny plane, which I was having no part of.
  • Flamenco Beach: One of the top 10 beaches in the entire world. This beach completely blew my radar for what a perfect beach is. It was and is and will be for a very long time, the ultimate beach in my mind.
  • Rosario Beach: We took a 30 min hike to get to the beach which meant we were among the only 2 sets of people there. Great snorkeling!
  • Zoni Beach: We could see St Thomas from here, which just made me want to go there too! It was a great beach to sit and talk about life, which is my kind of beach.
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Culebra and San Juan 0099
2014-06-10 12.25.26
2014-06-10 18.18.19-1
Culebra and San Juan 0011
Culebra and San Juan 0020
Culebra and San Juan 0028
Culebra and San Juan 0038
Culebra and San Juan 0078
Culebra and San Juan 0089
2014-06-12 17.21.29-2
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0004
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0008
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0023
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0040
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0074

Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0043
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0053
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0060

Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0063
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0108
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0128

Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0117
Culebra Outex Nikon June 12 2014 0139

Cheers to Mid-Season

It’s July 1st and our Wedding Season is in FULL swing. With 8 weddings photographed so far and 19 to go, it feels like we have quite a lot of track left on this coaster. That’s ok since our job ROCKS! I will admit I am already exhausted and sometimes feel like screaming when I look at the 14,000 images (no joke) that I currently need to cull and then edit right this moment. The saving grace about that is that with each final edit and handing over of the images I know I am giving our clients a forever blessing, something for them to share with the future generations of their family.. so yeah, thats totally worth it.

So cheers to:

  • 19 more weddings, maybe more
  • lots of engagement sessions
  • charging batteries, what seems like daily
  • importing images and backing them up
  • carrying a back up travel hard drive in my purse just in case something happens at the house while we are out
  • hours in my office chair
  • beach walks when I need a break
  • sitting side by side with my husband all day
  • lots of emails to reply to
  • building our non-profit on the side
  • choosing to live life with an appreciative point of view
  • taking 2 days off a week no matter what.. maybe only 1 in a pinch
  • comfy clothes all day every day
  • dress clothes on the weekends
  • HOURS in the car
  • and cheers to our happy couples… who are making this the year they become SPOUSES!
Culebra and San Juan 0222

(thanks to Dan’s brother Sam, who snapped this pic while were were imbibing in Pina Colada’s at Barrachina, the birthplace of the drink.)