Jump Little Children 2015

I’ve been delaying writing this post for weeks. It’s so overwhelming to write about something you care so deeply about. I realized that¬†unless I try and write a novel, I’m not going to be able to tell you the whole story of this post or the meaning of why its such a big big deal. Ill do my best but Im already at peace with coming up short in¬†getting the message across right here. Also… this is the short version. Yeah.

When I was in college, I went through an insanely traumatic painful ugly breakup. It took me at least 2 years to fully reach the other side and still I have scars from that to this day. The way I medicated, was to follow a band. In the span of those two years, I saw Jump Little Children 44 times. I drove all over the southeast, from Birmingham to Nashville, Atlanta to Charleston. I have friendships from this experience that I still maintain today. I even met my best friend Annie. In 2005, the band stopped touring and moved on to other things in their lives. They had been playing for together for years and for them, it was time. The Jump fans were devastated to say the least, myself included. Im not the only super fan they had. The following was intense. Many people, including members of the band(!) got married because of this little Jump family. It was a really special part of my life and I attribute my personal healing to them. Yeah… it was that serious.

Four months after they broke up, I met Dan. He had completely missed that part of my life ¬†(probably for the better) and for the past ten years I have had a pain, knowing that he would never know what it was like to see them live.¬†I always felt that he could never truly understand why I was nuts over them unless he saw them live… and that was never going to happen… or so I thought.


This past December they played a tour and I almost lost my mind with excitement. Seriously. I know it sounds kind of over the top, (probably because it is) but I believe that Dan knows me better, having seen them. We ended up being able to go to four shows: One in Charlotte and Three in Charleston, including one on New Years Eve… another farewell. Before the Charlotte show, my first in a decade, I was almost unable to think about it. It was that beautiful to see them again that I cried much of the following day… tears of joy. I had not felt that happy in at least 3 years, due to a¬†family trauma. I missed being that happy and it was such a wonderful feeling to know that I still have it in there. It reminded me of how happy they made me back in college and how therapeutic it was then. I was shocked they still had that same power for me.

The week in Charleston was quite honestly the best week in my life. I was happy. So so very happy. I saw old and new friends. I spent time with people I care deeply about. I was in a place emotionally that I was able to appreciate this huge huge gift and not need more or feel sad because it may be the last time I see them. I could just enjoy every single second.

I am so thankful and my heart is so full… still. I cried so so much and it was that amazing kind of cry where you feel alive and happy and content. So… thank you Jump Little Children. Thank you again for doing what you do and making me so very happy.

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3 responses to “Jump Little Children 2015”

  1. My heart is swelling and my eyes filling with tears of joy for you. I love this post and I love that we are friends. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, Jump Little Children… I owe all my love for them to you, dear Bethany! So glad you got to see them again!

    I miss your face, lady. Call us up next time you’re in NC–we’ve got a guest room in the new house and would love to have y’all over to stay!

    Lovelovelove you! -KD

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#bdtravlin: Charleston

If you have never been to Charleston, go.

Dan and I went to the Holy City for New Years, seeing three shows that my favorite band were playing in town over the holiday. Ill talk more about Jump Little Children in tomorrows post so Ill just leave it at that for today.

Charleston has been a big part of our lives curiously, especially since we have never lived there. First, it was the mecca for Jump Little Children fans since that is where the band lived when they were touring and we all know that home shows are the best shows. Every year they did New Years Eve set of shows and all the fans would descend on Charleston for those, including of course, me. Next, when we were beginning our journey into wedding photography, we considered moving to Charleston since my mentor and friend had hired me to be her intern and second shooter for the year. We didn’t end up moving because she eventually moved to Greensboro NC, however I did spend a lot of time in Charleston with her while working. Those were both really significant things in my personal story so Charleston will always hold a special place in my heart. ALL of that AND its a really amazing place to visit in the first place… so… GO!

While we were there we visited Ft Sumter, Middleton Place, Folly Beach, Downtown… and of course lots and lots of delicious restaurants and bars. My favorite part of the trip was that while we were there for 5 days, we got to stay with five¬†different friends from all different parts of our life stories. It was so social and refreshing and fun.
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Life Lately List: February 2, 2016

Hey you guys!!! Its February!!!

Dan and I are in the thick of it with the trailer renovations. We started January with no kitchen and now we have a working one. Thats HUGE. This month we are redoing the living room and then its finishing touches on the whole place. We will probably spend some time on the outside as well but the major stuff should be done by the end of the month. I can hardly believe it.

Other notes:

  • Dan spent the whole morning booking flights for our upcoming travels. On the list: Boston, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Texas! Yay for winter weddings and engagements. We are stoked.
  • I spent the morning putting poly on what will become shelves and a banquette. Woot woot.
  • Our hard drive crashed in January, which sucked. It really was seamless though since we have Time Machine AND keep all our files on externals. The interesting thing though was that WE switched out the hard drive. Did you know the glass on a mac is only held on by magnets? Well now you do.
  • One week last month our pipes froze. That was horrible. We dont have heat here at the trailer so we are using space heaters. It was the same week Dan threw out his back. We were in a bad, broken, cold, way. Its ridiculously nice here today though so… that’s life.

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#bdtravlin: NYC and Gettysburg

So after all these travels we’ve done in our marriage, we decided to introduce a new hashtag! #bdtravlin will be the new place to go if you wanna go on a mini adventure while browsing your phone. We will be using it from now on and Ill do my best to go in and add it to our blogposts and instagram photos that go alongside that.

We were minding our own business here at the beach and we were hired to photograph an event for Starwood Preferred Guest in NYC within two weeks! We planned a super quick trip up to the city for the event, and then stopped at Gettysburg on the way back down.

Here are the images from the event with Bastille at the Gramercy Park Hotel. http://www.spgmomentscaptured.com/music/bastille

So amazing! We were in the Rose Bar, along with a ton of huge Bastille Fans. It was nearly impossible to move around and get different angles but I ended up standing on the bar, and Dan was stage left. Sometimes its pretty damn amazing to be a photographer.

We spent the following day walking around in the city trying to hit up the most Christmas-y stuff: Santaland at Macys, The windows at Bergdorff’s, and just strolling down 5th Ave. The lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center was happening that night so we didn’t get to walk around there due to HIGH security. It was a fun time. We left before the sun set and headed south to Gettysburg.

The next day we got up and headed to the Battlefield.

Gettysburg is an absolute must-see place. It’s hard for me to even describe to you why other than to tell you its a place that we as American’s call trace back to as a crossroads in our history. The sacrifices made those three days really and truly shaped our history… directly. Its an overwhelming feeling standing on that sacred ground, and letting it all soak up into your toes and your spirit. I wasn’t expecting to connect so strongly with this place but there is something else there… something more than just fields, rocks, and trees. Just go. I feel like it needs to be told about in person, so hit me up for a coffee and I will tell you all about it.

‚ÄúIn great deeds, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass; bodies disappear; but spirits linger, to consecrate ground for the vision-place of souls‚Ķ generations that know us not and that we know not of, heart-drawn to see where and by whom great things were suffered and done for them, shall come to this deathless field, to ponder and dream; and lo! the shadow of a mighty presence shall wrap them in its bosom, and the power of the vision pass into their souls.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Remember YOU are the “generations that know us not…heart-drawn to see where and by whom great things were suffered and done for them.”
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Life Lately List: January 4, 2016

Hello 2016!!!!

I love love love New Years and all the promise and excitement and hope for the coming year. New Years Day has always felt like a good clean slate for me and I look forward to it every year. New Years eve however… almost always a let down. It looks so fun on the internet doesn’t it? Well this year we have one of the few AMAZING New Years Eves that we have had in our lives. Besides that one year we photographed a wedding, we haven’t really had a good one. This year though, we were surrounded by friends and rang in the new year at the Music Farm in Charleston, watching the 10 year reunion farewell show of my all time favorite band, Jump Little Children. ¬†It literally could not have been better.

December was a crazy month for us. Here is a rundown of all that happened:

  • The first couple days of the month, we were in NYC photographing Bastille for SPG. ¬†Follow that link to see the photos.
  • Then we headed south to Gettysburg. That will get its own post so look forward to that this month. WAAAAAY to much to say about it. <3
  • We spent quality time here at the trailer in the OBX, talking business to get ready for the new year. The renovations begin today… literally. It was nice to have a good month enjoying it’s non-renovation state though.
  • Christmas was adorable and lasted 4 days for us, seeing both families and a collective of 5¬†grandparents.
  • We went to the NCMA and saw the M.C. Escher show. So good.
  • At the end of the month we went to see Jump 4 times. One was in Charlotte and the other three were in Charleston… meaning we got to go to Charleston! We got to spend quality time with a lot of our old and new friends and it was probably the happiest Ive been in years. Dan can attest. Jump gets its own blog post too.. so look for that soon. Its impossible to write it out in one snippet here.

So thats our wild December! I am so looking forward to 2016. I do have to say though that 2015 was a really good year for us and I am so happy to have lived it alongside my wonderful and eternally precious husband. Woot woot!!

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