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Andrea and Mikes New Hampshire Lake Wedding

I feel like I should reiterate again how we met these two because I think it’s the coolest story. One wintery night in Boston, I went to a book signing for Young House Love. Andrea was in front of me in line  and it’s just that simple. Over the next two years we kept in touch via social media and her blog! When Mike proposed she emailed me right away and we were in! Her sweet bridesmaids were there with her at the book signing too so it was radical to have everyone together again!

Mike and Andrea did something really unique an special for their first look. In the middle of the lake there is a tiny island. They both took boats out to it with Dan and I. Once we were all in place, they had a first look to always remember. First Andrea walked up and hugged him close, then stepped back and Mike turned around to see his bride. It was so so romantic and it was better than anything we could have came up for them for what and where to do it. We loved it!

Once it came time for the ceremony, they again took boats over to the ceremony site. It was a first for me and I was eating it up! What more could you ask for? Boats and a wedding! The ceremony took place right at the lakeshore and then we all walked up to the top of the hill for a tented reception with details to take note of. It was SO good looking under the tent with incredible flowers and a cake to knock your socks off. We loved being a part of this day and we can’t wait to see what the future has for these two.

Andrea and Mike Wedding 0018
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0072
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0171
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0193
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0224
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0238
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0233
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0241
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0260
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0319
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0445
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0467
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0527
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0534
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0559
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0655
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0671
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0692
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0760
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0784
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0830
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0836
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0840
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0864
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0900
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0947
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0963
Andrea and Mike Wedding 0988

Gown: Wtoo Watters Florist: Valley Flower Company Catering: Maple Street Catering Cake: A to Z Cakes

Hair: Just Paradise DJ: Top Hat Entertainment Videographer: BRD Productions

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Kate and Michael’s Southport Maine Wedding

Kate and Michael’s wedding day took place at the Newagen Seaside Inn in gorgeous Mid-Coast Maine, close to Boothbay Harbor. It is actually one of Dan and my favorite spots in Maine! The last time we photographed a wedding in this area it was a hurricane so the weather on this day was really welcomed by us. There were a lot of fun details to this day too, like the fact that they shipped in their favorite ice cream all the way from Ohio and the awesome cocktails they made to pay homage to where the live, Manhattan! My favorite detail of all was her dress. She wore a short dancing dress and then added a skirt over it that was made from her mothers wedding dress. It was super unique and even more lovely.

They did their first look on the rocks overlooking the water, which was obviously stunning. The ceremony overlooked one of our favorite Maine vistas, that we have visited personally more than once. The details we well thought out and the food was out of this world. After dinner and toasts, the dance party began. I loved how the Newagen Seaside Inn up-lit the room and made the photos ever cooler. We love lights like that! Take note. Enjoy this cute Mid-Coast Maine wedding ok?

Kate and Michael 0004
Kate and Michael 0019
Kate and Michael 0029
Kate and Michael 0058
Kate and Michael 0108
Kate and Michael 0128
Kate and Michael 0163
Kate and Michael 0165
Kate and Michael 0169
Kate and Michael 0176
Kate and Michael 0246
Kate and Michael 0321
Kate and Michael 0400
Kate and Michael 0629
Kate and Michael 0410
Kate and Michael 0634
Kate and Michael 0651
Kate and Michael 0453
Kate and Michael 0519
Kate and Michael 0522
Kate and Michael 0680
Kate and Michael 0729
Kate and Michael 0796
Kate and Michael 0818
Kate and Michael 0831
Kate and Michael 0858
Kate and Michael 0863
Kate and Michael 0881
Kate and Michael 0897
Kate and Michael 0868
Kate and Michael 0623

Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn Florist: Emily Carter Floral Design

Vee and Mike’s Willowdale Estate Wedding

Vee and Mike’s Willowdale Estate  wedding is finally here to show off on the blog! It was SUCH a classic and classy wedding, and if you don’t already know, we LOVE Tuxedoes so this was right up our alley! Everyone got ready at the hotel and then we did a little non-first look right in the hallway since Vee just couldn’t help from at least holding his hand before the ceremony. The guys headed to a local bar and imbibed in some HUGE shots thanks to being friends with the bar tender. The ladies rode the trolley to the ceremony and waited in the wings for everything to start. There ceremony was much like other ceremonies except for one big unplanned moment when the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF! The priest, although a little confused, continued with the ceremony, although I do think he skipped over all the non-necessary talking. Right before they kissed, the alarm stopped, and we all went outside to find the fire department, all ready to go just in case. It was truly unforgettable. You gotta love a couple who can take that in stride. We obviously took some images with the firetruck because how can you not? Amiright? The “you guys are just too hot,” jokes came shortly afterwards.

We all headed to the gorgeous reception and Dan and I hung out with the bridal party on the front lawn, trying to keep up with the groomsmen and their antics. After a rowdy photo session, we took Vee and Mike for a few of just them, Vee laughing practically the entire time. Then it was dinner and dancing time! Everyone was so fun to be around and we didn’t want to leave, which I can only guess is how everyone there felt that night. We are so happy these two are married and we were there to photograph it.

Vee and Mike Wedding 0107
Vee and Mike Wedding 0123
Vee and Mike Wedding 0092
Vee and Mike Wedding 0155
Vee and Mike Wedding 0174
Vee and Mike Wedding 0054
Vee and Mike Wedding 0093
Vee and Mike Wedding 0100
Vee and Mike Wedding 0127
Vee and Mike Wedding 0188
Vee and Mike Wedding 0280
Vee and Mike Wedding 0287
Vee and Mike Wedding 0302
Vee and Mike Wedding 0314
Vee and Mike Wedding 0338
Vee and Mike Wedding 0361
Vee and Mike Wedding 0362
Vee and Mike Wedding 0365
Vee and Mike Wedding 0388
Vee and Mike Wedding 0421
Vee and Mike Wedding 0468
Vee and Mike Wedding 0473
Vee and Mike Wedding 0512
Vee and Mike Wedding 0555
Vee and Mike Wedding 0565
Vee and Mike Wedding 0628
Vee and Mike Wedding 0643
Vee and Mike Wedding 0653
Vee and Mike Wedding 0678
Vee and Mike Wedding 0693
Vee and Mike Wedding 0691
Vee and Mike Wedding 0709
Vee and Mike Wedding 0731
Vee and Mike Wedding 0748
Vee and Mike Wedding 0742
Vee and Mike Wedding 0752
Vee and Mike Wedding 0788
Vee and Mike Wedding 0879
Vee and Mike Wedding 0828
Vee and Mike Wedding 0853
Vee and Mike Wedding 0905
Vee and Mike Wedding 0930
Vee and Mike Wedding 1004
Vee and Mike Wedding 1118
Vee and Mike Wedding 1131
Vee and Mike Wedding 1134
Vee and Mike Wedding 1139

Venue: Willowdale Estate   |   Flowers: Evans Flowers   |   Cake: Fredericks Pastries 

Hair: Marc Harris Salon   |   Makeup: Kerri Herlihy   |   Band: Young Love and the Thrills

Lisa and Jordans Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding

Destination Weddings are always and will forever be, a huge honor. The fact the couples want us to be with them for their wedding is already honor enough but add the detail that they want you at their destination wedding location just blows our minds. Lisa Ann and Jordan invited us to photograph their wedding on the tiny island of Culebra, just off the coast of Puerto Rico. If you have never been, or never hear of it, google it now. You should add it to your short list of places to visit. Trust us. BEST. BEACHES. EVER.

They told us to wear flip flops and to come have a good time, which is exactly what we did. Dan hung out with Jordan and best man at the ceremony location (aka: voted one of the best beaches in the world by Trip Advisor… no kidding). I went over to the house Lisa Ann was getting ready in and got to meet her family and closest friends. Once she was ready, we headed across the island for their ceremony. While the guys shared a traditional whisky toast, the ladies clinked champagne… then it was time. Lisa Ann and Jordan’s vows were all kinds of precious as they went back and forth with promises and cute messages of love. It was a heart-felt and sincere ceremony, where the guests (and the photographers) could feel just how much they love one another. After the kiss, and the breaking of the glass, it was party time. Now if you know me, you know I’m a closet Disney-fan, so you can imagine that seeing a wedding reception with hidden Mickey’s all over the place spoke to me. Magic!

This Friday the 13th, full moon, destination wedding was nothing is not a blast.

PS: Don’t miss how much Jordan makes Lisa Ann laugh. It was a JOY to watch.

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0002
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0005
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0006
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0009
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0010
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0008
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0011
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0012
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0013
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0015
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0016
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0001
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0014
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0017
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0018
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0019
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0020
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0021
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0022
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0023
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0024
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0003
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0025
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0026
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0028
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0027
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0029
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0031
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0032
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0034
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0033
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0004
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0007
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0035
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0036
Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0037

Venue: Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Catering: Homeless Dog Cafe Hair and Make-up: Lizzie Ibarra Hair & Make-up Artist 

Gown: Maggie Sottero Flowers: M&M Flower Market

Emily and Jason’s Castine Maine Wedding

We love this family. Emily is part of the famous Russell family, through which we have met and photographed some of the most fun couples there are! Remember Lyndsey and Ben? Hillary and Matt? Emily and Kate? All from this family and friends. Emily and Jason’s wedding took place right at the edge of a cliff on the gorgeous coast of Maine. There was a refreshing ocean breeze blowing as she walked down the aisle to marry her (now) husband. It was such a heartfelt ceremony, with many stories, prayers, and reading, including a thank you from the couple themselves. Some of the lines in their vows were so romantic I definitely shed a tear, to happy to see them become husband and wife. They need to be married. All is right with the world now that they are .

After such a romantic ceremony, all that was left to do was party! All their guests headed up to The Manor Inn and we took a few photos before heading up ourselves. Toasts, special dances, cake cutting, and then a dance party not to forget!

Emily and Jason Wedding 0076
Emily and Jason Wedding 0116
Emily and Jason Wedding 0135
Emily and Jason Wedding 0095
Emily and Jason Wedding 0105
Emily and Jason Wedding 0142
Emily and Jason Wedding 0268
Emily and Jason Wedding 0081
Emily and Jason Wedding 0180
Emily and Jason Wedding 0157
Emily and Jason Wedding 0193
Emily and Jason Wedding 0366
Emily and Jason Wedding 0361
Emily and Jason Wedding 0389
Emily and Jason Wedding 0405
Emily and Jason Wedding 0436
Emily and Jason Wedding 0431
Emily and Jason Wedding 0450
Emily and Jason Wedding 0463
Emily and Jason Wedding 0525
Emily and Jason Wedding 0556
Emily and Jason Wedding 0572
Emily and Jason Wedding 0563
Emily and Jason Wedding 0579
Emily and Jason Wedding 0627
Emily and Jason Wedding 0746
Emily and Jason Wedding 0855
Emily and Jason Wedding 0909
Emily and Jason Wedding 0931
Emily and Jason Wedding 0944
Emily and Jason Wedding 0956
Emily and Jason Wedding 0992
Emily and Jason Wedding 0997

Venue: The Manor Inn   |   Florist: Verona Island Flowers   |   Make-up: The Bride’s Sister Alisa