Christina and Chris’s Fruitlands Museum Wedding

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year!!! Im not kidding either. When I say anticipated I mean they contacted and booked us in August of 2013 and shot their NYC engagement session the next month! I have yet to meet a more organized plan-ahead get things done bride than the new Mrs. Zimbelman. Every single detail was planned out LONG in advance and these two were calm as cucumbers on their wedding day because of it! They were also so so SO fun,  with enthusiasm for our work from the very beginning, Christina knew how to make me feel special, which really was above and beyond anything a client ever needs to do. She cheered when I got there and immediately put ME at ease. Now how is THAT for a bride?

It was absolutely without a doubt a perfect day for thier wedding. Everything was built around the view at the ceremony and it was the best time of year and weather for it! I mean just LOOK at how beautiful it was. We had 2 separate times in the day to photograph them both before and after the ceremony which was awesome! The reception had so much good food: sliders and popcorn included. When the buses came to take everyone to the after party at the end of the night we could barely believe that it had all happened, just as they planned, beautifully, and FUN!Christina and Chris Wedding 0016 Christina and Chris Wedding 0090 Christina and Chris Wedding 0100 Christina and Chris Wedding 0130 Christina and Chris Wedding 0135Christina and Chris Wedding 0164 Christina and Chris Wedding 0177 Christina and Chris Wedding 0184 Christina and Chris Wedding 0200 Christina and Chris Wedding 0210Christina and Chris Wedding 0297 Christina and Chris Wedding 0338 Christina and Chris Wedding 0357 Christina and Chris Wedding 0366 Christina and Chris Wedding 0405Christina and Chris Wedding 0414 Christina and Chris Wedding 0430 Christina and Chris Wedding 0476 Christina and Chris Wedding 0601 Christina and Chris Wedding 0612Christina and Chris Wedding 0774 Christina and Chris Wedding 0902 Christina and Chris Wedding 0952 Christina and Chris Wedding 1048Christina and Chris Wedding 1058Christina and Chris Wedding 1182Christina and Chris Wedding 1217Christina and Chris Wedding 1007

Venue: Fruitlands Museum¬† | ¬†Catering: Fireside Catering¬† | ¬†Cake: ¬†Montilio’s Baking Company

Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Artists  |  Gown: Allure Bridals  |  Florist: Jolene Palumbo/Whole Foods

DJ: Murray Hill Talent РNate Goldstein 

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Amanda and Doug’s Buxton Maine Flower Farm Wedding

Ok… Imagine a wedding in a secret clearing in the woods, with gorgeous earth tones and deep purple, with wooden benches for your guests. Now imagine the weather is crisp cool and fresh, with a vibrant sunset and a huge bonfire for your guests to cozy up to when stars come out. Surround yourself by your best friends and close family and enjoy donuts and gelato with wine. Then dance. That right there… was Amanda and Doug’s wedding. Now aren’t you jealous you didn’t get to come too??

They each got ready at separate hotels in Portland and then everyone headed to Buxton Maine where a flower farm was waiting to house the event. It was so so SO pretty!!! Guys!!! Just look!!!

We had really been looking forward to their wedding since we really grew to love them both over the course of time we were working with them. Both are fiercely loving humans who care deeply about one another but also deeply about the people they have in their life. It is an honor to call them friends.

Amanda and Doug Wedding 0005 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0060 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0018 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0069 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0125Amanda and Doug Wedding 0164 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0245 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0266 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0272 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0300Amanda and Doug Wedding 0317 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0327 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0377 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0382Amanda and Doug Wedding 0430 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0437 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0440 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0443 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0460Amanda and Doug Wedding 0467 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0476 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0487 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0499 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0519Amanda and Doug Wedding 0568 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0606Amanda and Doug Wedding 0680Amanda and Doug Wedding 0752Amanda and Doug Wedding 0717Amanda and Doug Wedding 0731Amanda and Doug Wedding 0830Amanda and Doug Wedding 0770 Amanda and Doug Wedding 0592

Venue and Florist: Little River Flower Farm  |  Catering: SOPO Catering

Gown: Allure Bridals  |  Desert: The Holy Donut and Gorgeous Gelato  |  DJ: Hicks Productions

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Brittany and Jim’s Sunday River Resort Maine Wedding

“Sweet.” That’s the word that always came to mind when I thought about Brittany and Jim… and their wedding lived up to that. It was so stinkin’ sweet. We love the way these two love one another and their wedding day simple showcased that. Isn’t that what a wedding is supposed to do? Another part of the day that we loved seeing was the sweet relationship between Brittany and her Dad. It swear it made me cry while I was editing. Again… super sweet.

This Saturday was notable in the Maine Wedding Photography world because the weather was tough all across the state. It was not only rainy, but it was windy. Brittany and Jim held their wedding at the top of the mountain at Sunday River so we spent most of the day inside a cloud! It was uncommon but I have to say, it looked pretty cool! The best part was how brave the two of them were to go outside with us and take photos IN the cloud. I loved it. They even had their sparkler exit, in spite of the rain! See guys, you can still have a rad wedding in the rain. It’s all about attitude.

Brittany and Jim Wedding 0066Brittany and Jim Wedding 0042 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0134 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0266
Brittany and Jim Wedding 0280 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0303 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0370Brittany and Jim Wedding 0333 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0442 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0459 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0477Brittany and Jim Wedding 0538 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0542 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0568 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0751 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0771Brittany and Jim Wedding 0754 Brittany and Jim Wedding 1036

Venue: Sunday River Resort  |  Florist:  Pooh Corner Farm  |  Cake: White Mountain Cupcakery

Hair: Island Indulgence Spa  |  Gown: Allure Bridals  |  DJ: Double Platinum DJ

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Sara and Brian’s Freeport Maine Wedding

One of the most adoring couples we have ever photographed were married in Freeport, Maine this October. It was a gorgeous day filled to the max with love and fall colors. They got ready at the¬†Harraseeket Inn, which would be the site of their reception too. After getting all dolled up, each took a ride in a Bentley to the ceremony. One funny moment was when we realized there weren’t enough seats for Sara, her parents, her sister, and me to all get to the ceremony in the car together. We ALL jammed in this automobile together like clowns and laughed the entire way to the ceremony. A family friend and priest performed the ceremony, which was full of laughs, unlike the sometimes overly serious ceremonies that happen on wedding days. With a kiss, they exited the ceremony and were back in the Bentley for a little ride around Freeport before heading to their reception. Another moving moment was the mother son dance. I think she was letting the moment really sink in, which I wonder is missed in all the fuss on wedding days. It was touching to all in the room. It was a joy to share the day with these two people who are hopelessly, fiercely, and wildly in love with one another. What more could you ask for?

Brian and Sara Wedding 0025 Brian and Sara Wedding 0033 Brian and Sara Wedding 0066

Brian and Sara Wedding 0116 Brian and Sara Wedding 0125 Brian and Sara Wedding 0135 Brian and Sara Wedding 0207 Brian and Sara Wedding 0212Brian and Sara Wedding 0269 Brian and Sara Wedding 0271 Brian and Sara Wedding 0306 Brian and Sara Wedding 0381 Brian and Sara Wedding 0386Brian and Sara Wedding 0441Brian and Sara Wedding 0438 Brian and Sara Wedding 0461

Brian and Sara Wedding 0570 Brian and Sara Wedding 0697 Brian and Sara Wedding 0717 Brian and Sara Wedding 0732

Reception  |  Catering |  Flowers: Harraseeket Inn | Ceremony: St Judes Parish

Cake: Grants Bakery  | Hair and Makeup: Salon Freeport  |  DJ: M&M Entertainment

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Meghan and Drew’s Georgetown Massachusetts Wedding

This wedding was a party… full fledged the whole time. Meghan and Drew live in California and they brought that vibe right back to Massachusetts. Meghan got ready in her childhood home, which is always my favorite tone setter for the day. All the ladies were wearing the bachelorette shirts they wore at her bachelorette party in Vegas… proclaiming, “Drew Who?” They all rode in a party bus to the ceremony. Do you see what I mean about a party day?¬†They were married at the boarding school where they met long long ago! I loved that touch. How often can you get married where you met?? Dan and I would have had to have our ceremony at a public swimming pool. Not quite as perfect as Meghan and Drew’s ceremony spot.

It was a black and white event, where I even suspect that the guests were asked to don their best LBD’s since I saw a WHOLE lot of them. Everyone could have passed as a bridesmaid! The funnest part of the day? The fact that the dancing was almost non-stop outside of the events of the reception where you couldn’t be dancing. As I was editing I remember thinking, “Ok and now we are to the dance party. O wait. Nope. That was pre-dancing. O and then some more pre-dancing. And even more!” Congrats to you guys! You threw a fun party and now… YOU’RE MARRIED!

Meghan and Drew 0019 Meghan and Drew 0025 Meghan and Drew 0034 Meghan and Drew 0081 Meghan and Drew 0089 Meghan and Drew 0124 Meghan and Drew 0151 Meghan and Drew 0168 Meghan and Drew 0217 Meghan and Drew 0220 Meghan and Drew 0238 Meghan and Drew 0320 Meghan and Drew 0331 Meghan and Drew 0335 Meghan and Drew 0351 Meghan and Drew 0589 Meghan and Drew 0598 Meghan and Drew 0610 Meghan and Drew 0697 Meghan and Drew 0700 Meghan and Drew 0709Meghan and Drew 0701

Venue: Black Swan Country Club  |  Florist: Curren Brothers Florist  |  Hair: Dellaria Salon

Makeup:  To Make Beautiful  |  DJ: Move it Music

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