York Maine Intimate Wedding: Valerie and Alex

She visited the Nubble Light and thought to herself… if I ever get married, this should be the place. Years later, she made that thought into a reality, marrying the love of her life on the rocks the light house protects ships from. We were SO excited for this wedding of Val and Alex, having photographed their engagement session not too many days before the wedding itself. We were also able to work with the ever talented and bubbly¬†Events by Jackie M,¬†one of our favorite event coordinators! The chemistry between them is WILD and it was a blast to photograph. Their first kiss was a swoopy dip and swept us ALL away. After a ridiculously romantic ceremony, bringing together two families from two parts of the world, they all dined together in nearby Ogunquit at¬†MC Perkins Cove. This was such a sweet wedding to be a part of.

Val and Alex Wedding 0023 Val and Alex Wedding 0047 Val and Alex Wedding 0090 Val and Alex Wedding 0136 Val and Alex Wedding 0142 Val and Alex Wedding 0162 Val and Alex Wedding 0185 Val and Alex Wedding 0215 Val and Alex Wedding 0258 Val and Alex Wedding 0262 Val and Alex Wedding 0355 Val and Alex Wedding 0368 Val and Alex Wedding 0369 Val and Alex Wedding 0388 Val and Alex Wedding 0392 Val and Alex Wedding 0424 Val and Alex Wedding 0444 Val and Alex Wedding 0811

Coordinator: Events by Jackie M  |  Reception: MC Perkins Cove

Newagen Seaside Inn Maine Wedding: Annie and Josh

Annie and Josh came all the way from Arizona to say “I do” in the great state of Maine. After meeting them earlier that week for their engagement session, we returned to the Mid-Coast for their July 4th wedding! After a Catholic ceremony across town, they celebrated in style at the¬†Newagen Seaside Inn, arriving via Lobster Boat! Josh’s dad is in a band, and they preformed for part of the reception. You should have seen the room when he sang and original song to Annie and Josh…. not a dry eye in the house. This was one fourth of July we wont soon forget!

Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0004Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0001 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0003 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0002 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0005 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0006 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0007 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0008 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0009 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0010 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0011 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0012 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0013 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0015 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0016 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0017 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0018 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0019 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0020 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0021 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0022 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0024 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0025Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0026 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0027 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0023 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0028 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0029 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0030 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0031 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0032 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0033 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0034 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0035

Venue: Newagen Seaside Inn  |  Ceremony: Our Lady Queen of Peace

Florist: Marianmade Farm  |  Cake Artist: The European Bakery

Makeup: Ariel Johnson  |  DJ: Rockwell Productions

Dorset Vermont, Barrows House Wedding | Bevin and Thom

Thom and Bevin made it official at the Seven Springs House in beautiful Vermont. Having photographed them once before for their engagement session, we were really excited to do that again. They are so energetic and really really funny. That kind of couple is our ideal… fun and carefree and up for anything. Their guests were no less enjoyable and our day was filled with laughs and smiles.

Then there was that dress… and that ceremony filled with theater kid details… and the time warp in the dance party…

So yeah, we had a pretty great time.

Bevin and Thom Wedding 0050 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0152 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0183Bevin and Thom Wedding 0215Bevin and Thom Wedding 0070Bevin and Thom Wedding 0041 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0065 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0091 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0270Bevin and Thom Wedding 0358 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0517 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0488 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0462 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0416Bevin and Thom Wedding 0747Bevin and Thom Wedding 0789 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0766Bevin and Thom Wedding 0689 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0674Bevin and Thom Wedding 0973 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0931 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0924 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0804 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0876 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0832 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0989

Venue and Catering: Barrows House Inn  |  Florist: Tara Pollio Floral Event Design

Cake Artist: Mother Myricks  |  DJ: Peak Entertainment

Hair: Green Door Day Spa  |  Makeup: Flawless Cosmetic Design  |  Gown: Rosa Clare

Peaks Island Maine Wedding: Laura and Mark

Good GRACIOUS was this ever a great day to be a wedding photographer. Dan and I were invited to photograph a truly wonderful day and we have fun the¬†entire time. We rode the ferry across to the island and walked to the church with our camera bags, taking some time to swing in the park and have a glass of water before we began photographing. I mean really… what better way to get ready for a wedding shoot?

Laura and Mark were married on Peaks Island Maine, alongside their closest friends and family. Since we had photographed Laura a few days prior for her Bridal Session, the getting ready portion of the day felt so relaxed, like seeing an old friend! The guys played baseball until they lost the ball in the woods. Then they ate marshmallows. This was how they prepared for the ceremony. Are you picking up the relaxed vibe yet? Mark has two sons, one of which played Ragtime on the piano as the walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. ¬†He missed his cue to get up and play because he was editing a photo of the first kiss on his phone! I can relate to him. BEST! We headed to portraits until the ferry ride back. Then we all went to the reception at¬†The Well at Jordan’s Farm¬†where Laura changed into a cocktail dress and joined the party, feeling a little more like herself. We literally could never have asked for more. It was just right.

Laura and Mark 0049 PEAKS ISLAND WEDDING Laura and Mark 0105 Laura and Mark 0043 Laura and Mark 0093Laura and Mark 0125Laura and Mark 0112 Laura and Mark 0143 Laura and Mark 0188 Laura and Mark 0194 Laura and Mark 0272Laura and Mark 0285Laura and Mark 0291 Laura and Mark 0366 Laura and Mark 0360 Laura and Mark 0341Laura and Mark 0295 Laura and Mark 0334Laura and Mark 0314Laura and Mark 0407 Ceremony: Brackett Memorial Church¬† | ¬†Reception: The Well at Jordan’s Farm

Florist: Field Sustainable Floristry 

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Amy and Dan’s South Paris Maine Wedding

Amy and Dan were married at the top of a mountain, overlooking Maine and even neighboring states and mountain ranges. The approach to the top gave no hint of the unbelievable view upon arrival at The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain.  It was such a gorgeous place to say the vows.

Their wedding was intimate, with only their immediate family attending. After the first look, we went right into the ceremony, with their nerves behind them. A dinner of lobster followed with a hot pink sunset to watch as they celebrated. This wedding was similar to what we had imagined for our own, so we were completely comfortable in that setting with their welcoming family. It was such a good day to be a wedding photographer.

Amy and Dan Wedding 0049 Amy and Dan Wedding 0067Amy and Dan Wedding 0107 Amy and Dan Wedding 0077

Amy and Dan Wedding 0122Amy and Dan Wedding 0178 Amy and Dan Wedding 0186 Amy and Dan Wedding 0241Amy and Dan Wedding 0317 Amy and Dan Wedding 0327 Amy and Dan Wedding 0324 Amy and Dan Wedding 0571Amy and Dan Wedding 0379 Amy and Dan Wedding 0408 Amy and Dan Wedding 0438 Amy and Dan Wedding 0490 Amy and Dan Wedding 0505 Amy and Dan Wedding 0633 Amy and Dan Wedding 0611Amy and Dan Wedding 0573 Amy and Dan Wedding 0587Amy and Dan Wedding 0455 Amy and Dan Wedding 0575Amy and Dan Wedding 0522

Gown: B.H.L.D.N  |  Makeup: Makeup by Kim  |  Hair: Element Day Spa

Venue: The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain

More from Amy and Dan: Engagement Session   |   Meet our Couples

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! The Mr. and Mrs. aprons for the lobster dinner are adorable! That was my favorite picture! This is also the type of mountain view I thought I’d have on my wedding day – I got clouds instead! (And if any of y’all haven’t looked at Brittany & Jim – October 4th – I don’t mean a view of clouds; I mean we were in a cloud!)

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