Dog Days of Summer

Ok, technically it isn’t even summer yet but these photos make me feel like it could be. I got to do a little photo shoot with a few dogs who frequent the kayak shop that Dan works at. It was so fun it really didn’t feel like I was working at all, even culling, editing, and blogging it. Honestly, Dogs are the best. I love them, especially our little Hattie, who is that star of the show in my biased opinion.


  1. Annie May 21, 2012

    Too much wullahness for words!

  2. Vanessa Embling May 21, 2012

    oh my goodness!! SO AWESOME! Your dog is too cute! And I wanna go kayaking with you guys!!

  3. […] out of Plymouth, MA. It’s a funny story how things all come together honestly. If you recall, I photographed dogs in lifejackets a while back and just sent a few to MTI on a whim, just because I knew that they would like them. […]


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