Meet Our Couples: Eric & Meredith-Gray

FullSizeRenderFirst Names:  Eric & Meredith-Gray

Eric- Software Engineer/Mad Scientist
MG- Hair Stylist/Creative Virtuoso

Eric – Bow, WA
MG –  Lynchburg, VA

Wedding Date: October 25, 2015

Location: Georgetown Stables in Seattle, WA

Colors: All the Colors!… But perhaps with a predominance of deep turquoises, pinks, and black.

Vibe:  Junk Shop Carnival with a sprinkling of Art Nouveau and Mysticism to top it off.

Lurve Story: 
MG: I decided in August of 2012 to move from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington.  The decision meant I was moving to a city where I knew no one and I didn’t have a job.  That being said, I was up for the adventure and although my community of friends were sad, they were very supportive.  With a gentle shove from them, I signed up on an online dating site (something I had never done before).  My normally-cynical self decided “Why Not? It can’t hurt.”  Initially,  I used the site to just chat with people to get to know the city and eventually came to Seattle in October to find an apartment.  While I was visiting for a few weeks, I went on a few dates and made some friends. Meh.  No one blew my socks off but it was a good “break the ice” exercise.  I returned to North Carolina, going full throttle preparing for my Big Move in December.  November 2nd, I received a simple introductory email from a guy named Eric.  I took a glance at his freshly-made profile and wrote back that he seemed awesome, that I wanted to meet him, but he’d have to wait a bit because I was a overwhelmed with moving.  The month passed, loose ends were tied up, and moving stressed decreased.  The day after Thanksgiving I received an email from him, politely saying Hi.  I went back to his profile, which he clearly had been working on, and starting kicking myself. “ Wait a minute…..This hottie has a Chemistry Phd, is a martial artist, is a hardcore sailor, rides motorcycles, is covered in tattoos, plays the bass, AND he can cook?!??!?!!!!”.  Swoon.   Panic ensued and I wrote him back hoping that he hadn’t been snatched up already.  For next two weeks, we sent texts and pictures through our phones, slowly getting to know one another.  Let’s just say, I had a good gut feeling about him.  Two days before I was to arrive in Seattle, we agreed to go on a date that Friday I got in.  He was going on a long sailing trip early the next morning and neither one of us wanted to wait until he got back to meet.

The Big Day arrived.  I got up at 2am and traveled 12 hours with my two cats and my best friend and her husband.  The group of us landed in Seattle, took a cab to my empty studio in the city and waited for my tiny shipment of things to arrive. We then unpacked everything, I hopped in the shower and then ran up the street to meet Eric at a local ale house.  Everything felt so exciting as I walked the street, breathing in the new crisp air.  When I first greeted Eric in the pub, all I could think was “Yes! This is it! That’s the one!”  We spent the next few hours nervously talking about adventures, mystical topics, tattoos and the city, secretly hoping that we each liked one another.  Eventually, we decided to step outside for a walk and fresh air.  After about 20 minutes, Eric asked what i thought about being in Seattle.  As I started blabbering,  he suddenly grabbed me in the middle of the street, planted a giant kiss on me, and proclaimed “Welcome to Seattle!”  My heart exploded and I made a nerdy joke about how the well the date was going.  After that moment, all nervous tension dissolved and we spent the rest of the night wandering and laughing under the full moon.

Eric and I moved in together nine months after our first date.  He has been incredibly supportive of my transition to a new city and has held my hand the entire time. The rest is history.

Favorite Thing to Do on a Saturday Together: We like getting up and either cooking a great meal or going out to brunch.  After that, we’ll get moving (hiking, go to the park, sailing, etc). Sometimes music is thrown in the mix.

One trait you love about your fiancé:
MG: I love how multi-faceted and yet steadfast Eric is.
Eric: I love how loyal and loving, yet still very independent and strong MG is.

How did Eric pop the question: MG-  HAHA. We refer to this as the “Bathtub Conversation”.  I had a very stressful day and had excused myself to soak in the bathtub… I was pretty cranky.  Eventually, Eric came into the bathroom so we could go over budget stuff for the upcoming year (it was December 2014).  Towards the end of our conversation, Eric starts talking about we should probably get married that upcoming year (How Practical!). Meanwhile, I’m sitting shocked in a now-cold bathtub, trying to compute what was happening.  I knew that this had been coming for a while but this wasn’t exactly what I had expected. I basically started crying in a mixture of confusion, vulnerability and happiness.  Eric explained that he had been trying to figure out how to ask me for a while, but also wanted to get me a nice ring and wasn’t sure where to start.  A few weeks later,  he ended up going to local jeweler with some designs he had drawn up.  It’s a beautiful ring.  I actually love how he proposed to me because he was so straightforward, vulnerable, and real.

Who did you tell first about your engagement: 

MG: my best friend Jamie
Eric: my Aunt.  Serendipitously,  during the “The Bathtub Conversation”,  she had been texting me (my phone was in the other room)  asking if she should needed to set aside some vacation time for any “Upcoming Big Events” AKA. A Wedding

How did you decide where you wanted to get married:  We knew we wanted to get married in Seattle and the Georgetown neighborhood has a special place in our hearts.  We spend a lot of time in South Seattle and Georgetown specifically is a great mixture of history, industry, grit, grease, and artistic culture.  The venue is relaxed and quirky which is perfect.

Favorite Parts of Wedding Planning:

Eric: Designing the Rings and Food/Beer Tasting

MG: Building the Ceremony and the Music Playlist.  Putting an outfit together.  Looking forward to seeing friends and family I haven’t seen since moving to Seattle.
Looking forward to being married:  

MG: solidifying something that has felt totally natural since the moment I met Eric
Eric:  Moving into the next chapter in our relationship… and being done with wedding planning.

Bethany speaking now: I want to note I have known Meredith-Gray for about 100 years, as noted here in this incredible image from 2006. O yes. She is also my absolute number one reccomendation for hair self-care. Hands down. If you are EVER in Seattle, book an appointment with her. Thats what I do. (Im struggling with if I should book one when we are there for her wedding. Is that too much for her to think about that week??)to be determined 177

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