Favorite Photos

Why does one photo become your favorite through time? My theory is that it is simply tied to what you were feeling in that moment. I am blessed enough to have one of the most tender precious time in my relationship with Dan documented. We are good Christian kids who were both living with our respective families when we met. We were both college graduates looking to get a good foothold in life and we met each other at the perfect time for each of us. We fell for one another hard and FAST. Since there was to be no cuddling at our homes, we went to a local park and would lay a blanket out under a tree and lay there, dreaming about our future and how happy we were simply in that moment. I had my Canon Powershot A400 in my purse, (kickin’ it old school I know) and decided to document how stinkin’ happy we were. The result is my favorite photo of us ever taken. The emotions tied to this one are perfect… the kind of twitterpated love every lover strives for. I am so thankful for those days in the park, and the fact that I always have my camera.

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