Hattie surfs Nahant

In case you were not aware, Dan and I got a puppy this past April! I gave her to Dan for his birthday but it was really a gift for me too. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we named “Hattie” after Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks. We are slightly obsessed and will try to spare you from constant updates on the blog about her cuteness as much as we can, however… she did an awesome thing last week that we simply had to show off.

Hattie stand-up paddleboarded with Dan!

Disclaimer: Dan is a stellar surfer and has loads of ocean experience. Stephen, Dan’s younger brother was in the water swimming as a second safety lookout. Additionally, this little precious pup had her own lifejacket and is also an experienced stand up paddler (she is on the river every week supping with Dan!). Although I was an anxious mamma watching during the first moments, she was totally cool and collected and there was not too much to really worry about with all those factors combined… except perhaps a shark, but who can prevent that?


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