For Couples: Boys in your wedding

Flower girls are precious and have a very distinct role on the wedding processional. Your little niece is perfect for the job. Ring bearers have a pretty perfect and well defined role in the wedding too. Toddlers and little boys who are relatively young can fill this role like champs. What do you do with your 12 year old nephew though? Sometimes couples want to incorporate older boys into their ceremonies but don’t know which role they can fill. At Dane and Michelle’s wedding, they came up with a pretty great idea for the non-ring bearer types. They had the boys carry a sign that said “Here Comes the Bride.” How great is that? At Sarah and Brandon’s wedding last year, they had a little one do a reading during the ceremony which was adorable I have to say. At our wedding, we had Dan’s brother who was 12 at the time, carry in our wine and glasses for communion between Dan and I during the ceremony. Kate Middleton had pageboys. The Princess Elizabeth had them carry her veil. Nowadays there are really no rules so if you think of something, you can do it.

For more ideas, head over to my “For my Brides” Pinterest Board.

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