For Couples: Praying before your wedding

In case you are not aware, we are Christians. Dan and I do our best to trust in the Lord, grow in Christ, pray and thank him in good times and in bad. We are NOT perfect by any means, but we love the Lord and we want to serve him. At our own wedding, we prayed with our friends and family before the ceremony. It was a sweet thing for both of us, so we could center our minds and remember and take in what was about to take place. It was a way for both of us to receive prayer for our marriage and our roles within it, as well as a way for us to remember what marriage is all about.

We know all of our couples are not in our faith, which is completely and totally fine. We are not trying to get on a soapbox at all, but rather just to share our hearts with you. If you are a believer in Jesus, we highly recommend that you take a few moments before your ceremony to call out to him and thank him for bringing the two of you together! Pray for your new role as a wife or as a husband. Ask for help from your circle and remember that the Lord loves you both and is delighting in heaven that you are now to become husband and wife.

(Images by Mike and Allie)

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