For Couples: Rent the Runway

I know Rent the Runway has been around a while but I never thought of it in relation to weddings. I thought that some of you may be in the same boat so I thought I would remind you of this site.

At one of our recent engagement sessions, Marie told me she was wearing a couple of dresses from Rent the Runway. She said they were attending a wedding almost every single weekend this season and she didn’t want to repeat cocktail dresses every weekend, nor did she want to buy 25 cocktail dresses. She also thought that wearing something new for her engagement session would be fun!

Here are the two dresses she rocked:

Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0005

Super cute right? When I found out about it I thought “EVERYONE should do this!” So… this is me telling you!

One thing I’ve always wanted to photograph is a couple that does two outfit changes, one being semi-casual and one being a little more fancy! This would be a great opportunity for making that happen! In a fantasy world, I would even get to photograph REALLY formal attire on a day other than a wedding so this is quite a fun way to do so.

I mean… who doesn’t want to rock a designer dress? Why not invest in a little glam for your engagement session to takeÂthings up a notch?

Look what I found just now:

Fabulous Dresses


Gorgeous AccessoriesODLRPE36

Why not?

AND I noticed they have a bridal section with rentable bridesmaid dresses. Ahem…. perfect.

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