Davis Family in Bar Harbor, Maine

When Kathryn contacted us about photographing her family on their vacation we were honored. The reason they wanted portraits was that they were all getting together in Bar Harbor, Maine to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.

“Instead of planning a big party for Jeannine & Roger we decided that family time together is the best way to honor and pay tribute to my amazing in-laws! We will be traveling in from Florida, Ohio and New Jersey. With our family being spread so far apart we sometimes only see one another once or twice a year (as a group). Since we will all be together timing couldn’t be better for a big family portrait and what better way to capture the essence of this weekend. “- Kathryn

What an awesome thing to do for a celebration don’t you think? It was so special to see the effort that everyone put in to honor the couple. At the family dinner there were so many heart-felt, hand-made touches that really showed the love this family has for one another. It was a pleasure to photograph them.

Psst…. what state are they spelling here?

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