July Favorites | 2017

Its July!! The height of Summer and I’m so happy about sandals, shorts, and summer cocktails. Here’s what I’m loving this month:

Beauty/Fashion: I’m ashamed to admit it BUT I bought a summer dress at BJ’s (yes the bulk grocery store) and I have been wearing it non-stop. I wore it all day yesterday AND I slept in it because it is that comfortable. Lord help me. Am I becoming a southern, bulk goods shopping, lady? Whatevs man. If all my clothes were that comphy I’d be pretty pleased.

Home: Activated Bamboo Deodorizer Natural, Air Purifying Bags. I heard about these from Young House Love and bought them for our Kitchen and the boat. I can honestly say that I can tell a difference on the boat, which is epic.

TV/Movies: The Staircase. This documentary, while pretty dry, was fascinating to Dan and I since it happened in our home state, really close to where we both grew up. We were in high school when it was happening in real time, so we kinda missed the whole thing so it was really interesting to see it explained. So was he guilty or not yall????

Current Travel Obsession: Ireland. At least 3 different sets of friends are on the emerald isle this week and my instagram is a non-stop flow of that gorgeous place that I LOVE. I miss you Ireland.

Most Popular Image from our instagram last month: Mary looking like a bridal angel, taken by the amazing Dan Cox.

Favorite Quote I recently heard/read: “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” -Jerzy Gregorek

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