Life Lately List: April 20, 2016

Woah guys… this one is sure making it under the wire eh? Ill tell you about our March in this post and well chat about April in next month’s installment ok?

March was a travel month for us, since we were gone 19 out of 31 days! I do plan on a blog post for you with all the travel stories but here is a breakdown of what happened:

  • At the beginning of March, we had some of our closest friends, James and Lauren and their little toddler Robin, visit us at the trailer. There were our first guests here post-major renovation. There were still some things left to do but still. It felts really good to have them here.
  • Next we flew up to Boston for our first wedding and first engagement session of 2016! It was a really short trip and also last minute since the wedding folks planned their wedding in just three months. Check it out here: John and Michaels Cambridge Wedding. The engagement session was for another fun couple and it is here: Sabrina and Steve!
  • We came back to the beach to recoup and also to process the wedding. We also celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Woah you guys. Eight YEARS?? I cant even. Then it was off to Colorado for Meg and Nate’s Engagement session!
  • Once we hugged them goodbye, Dan suggested an impromptu trip to the Grand Canyon, which was quite the adventure. Immediately following we went through a terrifying experience with a closed down Denver airport and a wedding to get to in Rhode Island. Not cool snowstorm… not cool.
  • We made it to Rhode Island with a day to spare so we went up to Maine to house shop for a couple of hours. Finding nothing, we headed back to Providence for the wedding the next day. That one is coming to the blog next week yall!
  • After the wedding, we then hopped a plane to Dallas TX, to spend a week in Austin leading up to a Rehearsal Dinner, a Wedding, and an Engagement Session.

THAT was our March. Whew!

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