Life Lately List: July 31, 2017

July is over and I have to saw it was one of the most summery well lived Maine July’s that I can remember. Almost every July is frantic for me, with way to much on my plate and not enough time to do it. This July was different and it was O so wonderful.


  • One the First of July we went to a friends BBQ, where they promptly knocked their shoulder out of socket on a slip and slide. #classic
  • Over the weekend of the Fourth, we spend a couple days sailing overnight with our sailing buddies Dan and Kristen. We made it out to Seguin island (and all got seasick in the process). That’s life, the yachting life. See more with the hashtag #svgreygoose
  • We went sailing a couple of more times… as in almost weekly, which felt decadent. We went so much that I had a fight with Dan last week about how I was getting overwhelmed with all the sailing and not enough “not sailing.” That’s how much we went.
  • We photographed only 2 weddings and one elopement along with one engagement session. That’s a super light July for us, which left all that sailing time.
  • On our last day off we made curtain rods for our bay window. DIY mastery!!!

August is going to be a lot busier with work but I have to say that July pretty much ruled! Happy Summer!

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