Life Lately List: October 31, 2017

The very last day of October is upon us. Some call it Halloween. I call it Birthday Eve… since tomorrow I turn 34! This month was our busiest of the year without a doubt, not to mention it was the final month of our 2017 wedding season. Hard to believe…

Here’s the rundown:

  • Seven Weddings, Three Family Sessions and One Engagement Session!
  • We were in NYC twice, Bar Harbor twice, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, and even had a couple shoots here in Portland.
  • Besides all that, we had dentists visits, our weekly Survivor night, work phone calls (our version of a meeting), bible studies, and family Birthdays (including Hattie girl!).
  • Im editing non-stop to deliver images all on time while trying to stay sane. We did take 2 days off in October, which feels like an accomplishment amid all the chaos, but I wish we could have taken at least 2 more. Winter is coming though…
  • We also sold the Grey Goose, which was all kinds of bittersweet as you can imagine. She went to a good home thankfully, and we are invited for a sail next summer, so thats great!
  • Whew!

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