Meet our Couples: Julia and Jason

(Photo by Jason)

First Names: Julia & Jason

Hometowns: Exeter, NH & Parsippany, NJ (respectively)

Occupations: Manager & Engineer

Wedding Date: August 31, 2013

Location: Rivermill at Dover Landing (Reception, Dover, NH) Hamilton House (Ceremony, South Berwick, ME)

Colors: White, Grey, Mossy Green

Vibe you are going for: Hmmm, I’m trying to achieve a vibe that is similar to how I feel when I hear any song by Rick James. FUNKY – with lots of dancing, laughter, and fun!

Let’s hear your love story! When Jason and I met, it was a lot like being part of a real-life romantic comedy. I was walking along the streets of San Fran, chatting on my cell, when all of a sudden my brand new Gucci high heel got stuck in a sewer grate. I fussed a bit, trying to pull it out with all my might, but it was just no use! I was stuck. Completely preoccupied with freeing myself, I failed to notice that a nearby taxi hit a dumpster on wheels that was careening down the hill in my direction. Jason, a kind stranger on the street, noticed my impending doom and pushed me out of harms way just as the dumpster went flying by. I had met my soul mate.

Ok, fine. You got me. That’s definitely the plot to the “Wedding Planner” starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Mccona-whatever. Truthfully, I met my perfect match on It all started with a flirty wink, a few e-mails back and forth, the perfect series of thoughtful dates & it’s been true love ever since. We started dating in October 2010 and now I’m marrying my best friend this summer. Take that J-Lo!

How did you/he pop the question? Jason took me to Fort Myers Beach, Florida as a Christmas gift. Awesome, right? I thought so, too. So let me set the scene…gorgeous beach, two glasses of white wine, sunset. Jason takes me down for a stroll and tells me he has a Christmas card for me. I am THRILLED. He always writes me the funniest rhyming poems for my birthday, xmas, valentines day — so why should this be any different?

Here’s an excerpt:

“Surprises are everywhere in the sunshine state,

All for the girl that I love to date,

But dating forever was never my plan,

We didn’t come to Florida just to get a tan,

I can’t wait to spend time with you for the rest of my life,

And so I would like you to be my beautiful wife.

Julia, I love you and I have one question for thee,

Will you please take my hand and marry me?”

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Need a tissue? I know I do…gosh, I get choked up every time I read this card. How could I not say, “Yes”? I love him more than anything and am so excited to be his wife!

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? My best friend (and maid of honor) Ashley Murphy. Then we called our parents : )

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? I grew up in NH – live free or die, baby! So we knew there should be a hometown component. Also, we found a beautiful ceremony location in South Berwick, ME called the Hamilton House…it is 15 minutes away from our reception location, which is the Rivermill at Dover Landing, Dover, NH.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? Ooooo definitely sampling cake pops. We are having that instead of a formal wedding cake. Those little balls of heaven are delicious.

Let’s hear a little bit about your vision, the unique details that you are adding to the day! Lots of moss, succulents, and candles. Think earthy and natural romance!

What are you honeymoon plans? We plan to have a short little respite in Vermont after our wedding — we like to use the phrase “mini-moon”! The plan is to do a lot of cycling, hiking, and lounging around after the big day.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Getting to hang out with my best friend for the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to the laughter, all the adventures we will have, and to maybe creating some mini-Jason’s & Julia’s. Who knows? Life is crazy. All I can say is that I couldn’t have found a better partner – I’m so glad I winked at him. Sorry, this is like a commercial for Ha!

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