Meet our Couples: Abby and Matt


Names: Abby and Matt
Hometowns: Concord NH (Abby), and Coral Springs FL (Matt)
Occupations: Physical Therapist (Abby) and Engineer (Matt)

Wedding Date: 9/8/12
Location: Camp Manitou, Oakland, ME
Colors: yellow, navy blue, and white
Vibe you are going for: sort of casual and outdoorsy but still tailored and clean

How did you/he pop the question? The condensed version: Matt and I volunteer every summer at a camp for boys who have experienced a significant death loss. It’s a really important place for us and Matt decided to propose there. He put together a photo montage set to a song by Josh Radin and played it on the last night of camp in front of all the campers and counselors while we were in the theater. When it was over the stage lights came on and Matt was on stage. He called me up, got on one knee, and asked. The kids all went nuts. It was awesome!
The less condensed version goes like this: There’s a little bit of a back story to Matt’s proposal. It begins at camp in Maine, where I was a counselor for 9 years, then returned in 2009 to volunteer at a week-long camp for boys who have experienced a significant death loss (it’s called Manitou Experience). After about a year of dating, Matt joined me for camp in 2010 and had a great time. We decided to return again in 2011, and a few days before we left (unbeknownst to me) Matt had the idea to propose some time at camp. After talking with my parents, he packed the ring safely in with his toothbrush and we headed up to Maine. On the last night of camp there is always a short video presentation of highlights from the week, as well as a photo montage set to music. Well, incidentally, the last night of camp also happened to be the night that all flights out of New England were cancelled for the rest of the weekend because of Hurricane Irene. I was in the office before the movie, panicking because we weren’t going to be able to get home for work until Tuesday. I refused to go to the movies and was actually getting pretty angry with Matt, because he wasn’t helping and just kept trying to get me to go to the movie. Finally, one of the camp directors came in and suggested that it might be smart to give the flight planning a little time, since probably most people were online at that time doing the same thing. Eventually, I agreed to go to the movie.

So, we headed to the theater with 70 kids and 40 staff and watched the movie, but about 5 minutes before the end of the photo montage, Matt disappeared. I thought nothing of it, and didn’t even notice that he didn’t come back. After the photos ended, the screen went blank and about 30 seconds later, a photo of Matt and me came up on the screen, but instead of being suspicious, I was just confused. Then, a song started playing and another picture of us came up, and I melted into tears. Matt and one of the other counselors (who happened to be a former camper of mine from 2000-2001) had put together an entire photo montage of the two of us, all set to a beautiful song. When the song ended, Matt came onto stage and called me up. I walked up, Matt got on one knee, I said yes, and the entire camp erupted into cheers, followed by a few rounds of “That Was Awesome!!”.

I was completely surprised, incredibly touched by Matt’s creativity and romanticism, and blown away by how much effort he went to, and I will remember those moments forever.

And, as it turned out, Matt had uploaded all of the photos in the video to MY zip drive, off of MY computer, while SITTING NEXT TO ME on the couch the night before we left! I had no idea (obviously I’m really observant…)!

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? Abby: I’m pretty sure I called my mom, but I think it had already been posted to Facebook by a friend of mine who was there…
Matt: After it happened? My parents.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? Abby: I really wanted to get married at camp and Matt didn’t really care so that’s where we decided to do it.
Matt: Well, I guess I asked Abby where she wanted to get married and she said camp.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? Abby: ugh, it’s been hard. I think my favorite part has been any time I spend hours thinking about what I want an finally make a decision about something. I’m also really excited about my dress.

Is there anything that you are making yourself for the wedding? We’re making as much as we can. We designed our save the dates, designed and are printing our invites, and we’re making our cake. And Abby’s mom is sewing all of the napkins, and Abby is making her veil too 🙂

I love that you are making your veil and the other touches as well. What were some of your favorite inspiration spots online? As far as my favorite inspiration spots, I spent entirely too much time on Pinterest (thanks to you), and I’ve used The Knot a lot. As far as the veil, I sort of just made it up. My mom found some videos on how to attach it to a comb, and I’ve just been winging it since!

What are you honeymoon plans? We haven’t really decided anything yet but we’re thinking about taking a 2 week western Caribbean cruise in December.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Matt: Um not having to answer any more questions related to the wedding. Also, having a family and reduced car insurance…
Abby: I guess I’m looking forward to all the cliche stuff. Among other things, I’m excited to learn how to sign a new last name, and start a new life together, and organize all of our new things 🙂

What a self-less couple right? We love their engagement story don’t you? Congrats on your engagement you two and we will see you in Maine!

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