Meet our Couples: Andrew and Lisa


(Photo by Andrew)

Names: Andrew & Lisa
Hometowns: Andrew – Mattapoisett, MA. Lisa – Terrace Park, OH
Occupations: Andrew – municipal bond trader. Lisa – special education teacher

Wedding Date: August 25, 2012
Location: Camp Kieve, Nobleboro, ME
Colors: Royal Blue & Yellow
Vibe you are going for: Laid back, casual, and a helluva good time

Let’s hear your love story! We first met at Camp Kieve, where we both were counselors for the summer. Right away we became close friends but didn’t become romantically involved until after we had left Kieve for the ‘real world’. Lisa moved to Boston after college in 2006, and shortly after we started dating. We had grown so close over the years of working at Kieve, and dating was just a natural progression of our relationship. You know, I hadn’t thought of it, but it will be nearly exactly 6 years after we started dating when we say our vows in August, 2012. It doesn’t seem like that long at all. Crazy.

After a couple years of smooth sailing, we decided to move into an impossibly small apartment together. We figured if we could live together there and not kill each other, we could do just about anything together. Two years later we haven’t killed each other. It’s actually much better than that – at this point I’ve never loved Lisa more, and she feels the same way.

Our time together has been an adventure. The next big journey for us is marriage.

This camp sounds amazing! What do you love so much about it? Well, the best part is that it was where Andrew and I first met. It is also a place where you get to be your own person, act a bit crazy (or a lot crazy), and play all day. Working there, you got paid to have fun, goof off, try to be a little crazier than the next guy, and go camping. Where else do you get paid to act a little wild, dance on tables at breakfast, and play capture the flag? Some of our best friends are other counselors whom we spent 8 weeks of the summer hanging out with all day.

How did you/he pop the question? We were visiting Lisa’s family in Cincinnati, OH. It was a gray, drab, March weekend. I had been planning it for a while (which Lisa found out afterwards) and planned the weekend as a birthday trip. I went out for a looooong lunch with Lisa’s dad, Joe, to ask for his blessing. Funny enough, when I asked for his blessing, he reached across the table and gave me a high five! The next morning we went for a walk around the neighborhood where Lisa grew up, and when the moment was right I dropped to a knee and asked for her hand in marriage. After she said yes I actually forgot to put the ring on and just jumped up and kissed her. Whoops.

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? Lisa’s parents and family friends who were at the house, so they found out first and we celebrated with some mimosas. We each quickly got on the phone and called the rest of our family, and over the course of the day called our closest friends.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? We knew we wanted to get married in Maine, and looked at two places. It became clear that we wanted to share camp with our friends and family, and the atmosphere there matches our personalities perfectly

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? Lisa has LOVED trying on the dresses, and the coordinating all the outfits for the other events. Andrew is enjoying the chance to get creative with the little details of the party aspect of the celebration.

Who doesnt love picking out a wedding dress right? I wish I could do it again! Are you having all the girls dresses match or simply co-ordinate? Have you decided on shoes yet?  I tried on a lot of dresses which was great to see the different styles out there. I was really surprised with the dress I picked, as I never would have even looked at it on the hanger, but I am really excited for it! I just got my bridesmaid dresses this week, and they are all pretty coordinated. A few picked out a different style bottom, but they are all the same colors. As far as my shoes go, I will probably go with something royal blue and flat for the ceremony, and then kick them off for the reception so I can get my groove on!

Is there anything that you are making yourself for the wedding? There are a couple things we’re planning on making, but we’re keeping them a secret!

What are you honeymoon plans? None as of yet, since Lisa has to head back to school right after the wedding. We’re planning on doing a day or two together to relax after the wedding, but we will hopefully do our honeymoon at some point within the first year of marriage.

Anything else you think our readers would like to know? Lisa has some killer dance moves that she’s planning on unveiling at the reception.

Any hint on the sweet dance moves we will get to see? The Dougie? Chicken Noodle Soup? Somewhere between the Chicken Dance, the Macarena and the Electric Slide.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Making it official and starting our family together- dog first!

Well as you can see. this wedding is going to be a total and complete blast. Buckle in and get ready for the ride! We will keep you post via photos when their wedding happens. 

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