Meet our Couples: Becky and DaeHo (Aaron)

Names: Becky and DaeHo (Aaron)

Hometowns: Raleigh, NC and Busan, South Korea

Occupations: English Teacher and Hair Designer

Wedding Date: August 18th

Location: The Barn at Valhalla in Chapel Hill, NC

Colors: Hahahaha there are so many…I guess mostly white, pale pink, light aquamarine, and pale green

Vibe: I feel like my colors and vibe are kind of all over the place…but I guess we’re going for a laid back vintage, rustic vibe with bits of Asian accents in there. (Hoping that it will all come together in the end)

Our love story: (His side) I met Becky through my dad, so we could study English together before I moved to Australia. When we first met, before I left for Australia, we hung out a lot (almost everyday) and after I left we still kept in touch often. Before I left I kept asking her to be my girlfriend, but she kept refusing. Finally, after I had been in Australia for a few months she said yes. I realized I truly loved Becky and wanted to marry her, when she was visiting me in Australia. We were on a road trip to Albany and driving down a gravel road, I lost control of the car and was freaking out in my head. When the car finally came to a stop, Becky seemed so calm and kept asking if I was ok. When she was talking, a dust cloud (from all the dirt flying everywhere outside of the car) had come in through the vents and the sun was shining off of it, making her look like an angel. That was the moment I knew I never wanted to lose her.
(Her side)
I had been teaching English in Korea for about 6 months. A new semester was starting, so new teachers were coming into the school, one of them was Aaron’s father. We were at a big dinner with all the teachers from my schools and Aaron’s father asked me if I would meet with his son so he could practice his English before moving to Australia. It was around the beginning of March and he was leaving the end of April. I didn’t really want to do it (I thought it would be really awkward), but I felt like I should be friendly and at least meet with him a few times. About a week later Aaron picked me up after work and we went to dinner and had coffee. He was really sweet and easy to talk to. By the end of the night I felt really comfortable with him (which is unusual for me…it usually takes me a while to feel comfortable around people I’ve just met) and wanted to meet him again soon. I think we probably hung out or at least talked on the phone almost every day until he went to Australia. I really liked him, but didn’t want to label anything since he was moving for a year and at the time I wasn’t even sure if I would still be in Korea when he returned. That changed a couple of months later. I guess you could say we fell in love over Skype, hahahaha. There wasn’t really an exact moment for me when I decided I wanted to marry him, but sometime after he returned from Australia I decided that I didn’t want to give him up. We had only a few months together before I was returning to back home to America, so even though the thought of being separated again was terrible I knew I would rather suffer through the distance with him than without him.

How did you/he pop the question? I was hanging out with Aaron’s sister at Haeundae Beach (in Busan, South Korea). We were walking around this big hilltop looking at the cherry blossoms and talking. We walked over an amphitheatre with a beautiful view. At this point it was around 9pm, so the moon was full and the light was reflecting on the water…It was an amazing view. I wish we had been able to get good pictures of it, but I guess it will only have to be for us to remember. Anyways, as we were walking down a pathway I started seeing a pathway of candles. That’s when I was pretty certain what was going on. His sister told me to stand in the middle of the candles and then she started playing a video/slide show Aaron had made. It was pictures of memories we’ve had together and different things I had said to him at that time. At the end of the video he came out from behind the screen, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. It was so sweet and made me cry a little (I tried my best to hold back the tears). One of his friends was filming the whole thing! It was an amazingly beautiful night!!

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? Well, his sister and friends were already there…so they obviously knew first. The first person I called though was my twin sister. It was pretty early in the morning for her (because of the time change between Korea and America), but thankful she picked up.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? Originally, I really wanted to have a very casual outdoor, picnic themed wedding…but after having multiple people remind me how hot it is in North Carolina in August, I realized that wasn’t really going to be an option for us. I also wanted to do something that is a little bit unique, so I started searching around for barns where we could book the ceremony and reception. This way we could still have the best of both worlds and keep things less formal by not having it in a church. The Barn at Valhalla was one of the few barns available around Raleigh and was the most well priced.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? My favorite part has definitely been to making everything. I love making things. It’s been so much fun searching for different ideas and making them my own.

Is there anything that you are making yourself for the wedding? I’m trying to make as many things for the wedding as possible. Not only to save some money, but also because I love doing it. With the help of my bridesmaids, we’ve made most of the decorations and we’re planning to make the food too. I made the bridesmaids gifts myself and part of the groomsmen gifts. It’s incredibly fun for me, at least for the most part.

What are you honeymoon plans? We’re not really sure about our honeymoon plans. Because of my schedule at school, we don’t have enough time to fly home for the wedding and have a honeymoon. We will probably wait until January to go on a honeymoon. Probably somewhere in South East Asia, but we have time to figure it out. We’ve talked about Japan or maybe Thailand.

Where are you looking forward to travelling to in the world that you have yet to visit? We both really want to visit Japan soon. I’ve unfortunately only been able to see it from the airport, so I will definitely have to visit before moving back home. We talked about moving to New Zealand for a year last year, but it didn’t work out so hopefully we will get a chance to at least visit. There are so many places to see, it’s hard to choose. We might take a trip in a year or so with my sister and brother-in-law (and any other family who decide to come along…Dan and Bethany???) to Thailand and Laos. I visited Thailand once, but Aaron has not been there yet and I would love to go back. Neither of us has seen Laos. I would love to travel around Europe, but that’s probably for much, much further in the future.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? The thing we’re looking forward to the most about being married is actually being together in the place…Being able to do everyday things together, without having to plan a trip to do it. Also, we’re excited to travel to different countries with each other.

Where do you guys plan to live when you are officially hitched? After the wedding we’ll move back to Korea for awhile (2 or 3 years) and then the plan is to move back to the States. We’re not really sure where we will end up in the States though. Hopefully, we will eventually end up near my family in North Carolina. I think it would be really sad for us to be far from both families, but we might try another part of the States for a little while.

We hear you got to “name” your then boyfriend. How did you choose? Hahahahaha, did I tell you that? So funny, everyone always asks about that. Well, the first time Aaron and I hung out we were talking at a coffee shop and I don’t remember exactly how it came up…but Koreans often give themselves English names. I guess because most foreigners cannot pronounce Korean names very well or because it’s fun (I’m not really sure). Anyways, somehow it came up that he didn’t have an English name and wanted one since he was going to be in Australia. I started naming off typically names from back home, but he wanted to know what they meant (Korean names are usually picked based on their meaning). I didn’t know the meanings of any of them, so I asked him what he liked to do and I would search for a name that had some kind of significance to him. He said he really liked singing. I searched for awhile (not thinking that I would ever date this guy, much less marry him) to find a name that sounded good to me and seemed to fit him. Finally, on one website it said one of the meanings for “Aaron” was good singer or something to like. So, I guess the next day I told him a few names and Aaron was the one he decided to keep. He even told me once, after coming back from Australia, that he felt like Aaron was his real name and not DaeHo (his Korean name). Not sure if he still feels that way now that he has moved back in Korea.

Are there any traditional Korean elements that you are going to incorporate into your day? We will have a second wedding in Korea later, so I haven’t tried to incorporate too many Korean traditions. I did want to have a few things that are not specifically Korean, but do have an Asian feel. The bridesmaids will probably be holding fans from Korea, instead of flowers. Also, we’re making origami cranes for part of the décor and in place of the guest book. It’s supposed to symbolize some like commitment or good luck for a couple to fold 1,000 cranes. I think the only other thing will be paper parasols hanging from the ceiling above the dance floor area.

How do you feel about having your cousin and his wife photograph your wedding and do you have any funny stories about Dan you want to share with the world? I think it’s wonderful to have you photographing the wedding. I won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable with someone I don’t know. I’ll be able to completely relax (well as much as is possible on your wedding day). It’s also a plus that your pictures are AMAZING…who wouldn’t want you to photograph their wedding! Aww, man I’ve been trying to think of funny stories…I’m sure my brother has quite a few…I just remember the two of them being stuck at the hip when we were growing up. I’ll have to find an embarrassing baby photo of him, so you can post it 😉 I’m so happy and excited for both of you to be a part of the wedding in such a huge way! Thank you!!!!

Becky… we are HONORED to be there for your wedding and Aaron, WE CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU! Hugs from us to you both. See you soon!

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