Meet our Couples: Danielle and Will

(Self Portrait)

Names: William & Danielle
Hometowns: Perkasie, Pennsylvania & Cape Porpoise, Maine
Occupations: Creative Director & Paralegal/Student

Wedding Date: October 6, 2012
Location: The Woodlands Club in Falmouth, Maine
Colors: Sapphire, Cornflower & Orange
Vibe you are going for: Relaxed, Outdoor, Fall, Fun

Let’s hear your love story! Danielle: we met on a roof deck in South Philly. My college friends Gabe & Corey had an apartment with a sweet deck, and would host great parties in the summertime. It was late June 2007, and I would dance a lot, so I tossed my bag into the corner of the deck. I didn’t realize that at the same time Will was gingerly placing his backpack down in that spot. My bag almost hit him square in the face. That’s how we met, and we hung out quite a bit at the party that night. Two weeks later we went on our first date. I told him I was moving back home to Maine in a month, so we hung out but knew I was moving away. Well, I moved home and missed him terribly, so I ended up moving back to Philly only 3 months later. We started dating again, and I really fell for him because we just clicked well together. I knew he was the one after our first vacation. I remember thinking afterwards – that was so easy, and we travel really well together. We have different interests, but I love how he’ll introduce me to new things I wouldn’t normally taste or experience.

Will: I’ll never forget that wistful half-toss that changed my life forever. Part graceful dance move, part inadvertent aerial attack! We subtly kept an eye on each other at the party until the night was winding down and I asked her to grab a coffee with me. During the next two years we had many memorable adventures, and shared our favorite parts of Philadelphia with each other. One of the strong points of our relationship has been continuing our adventures taking trips together. Falling in love has come from staying close with each other every day, especially through important moments and times in our lives. I’m looking forward to more adventures exploring the rest of New England together as we grow old and wrinkly!

How did you/he pop the question? It wasn’t a complete surprise, because we’d been talking about where to live once I finished law school this May. Will moved to Boston for a great job opportunity 3 years ago, and we’ve been dating long-distance from Philly to Boston, each traveling about one weekend a month. But, he still brought me up to the roofdeck of his apartment and asked me up there on one knee and everything, even though it was drizzling out. It was really nice because we’ve had a great time on outdoor adventures, so I was touched.

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? We didn’t tell anyone for almost a full day. We spent the day after hiking in the Blue Hills just south of Boston, Massachusetts. Then, we both called our parents to let them know. Right afterwards we went back up to the roofdeck of Will’s apartment and watched the 4th of July fireworks.

OOO, the fourth of July in Boston is a big deal isn’t it? Would you say its one of the best? I know you may have a weakness for Philly… This was definitely the most memorable Fourth of July, and I was really glad to see it from the roof deck instead of in the crowd – they said because the weather was so mild it was one of the busiest crowds for Boston!! But another one that we’ll always remember was spending Fourth of July weekend up in Montreal, more specifically at the Montreal Jazz Festival. It was amazing, and one of the cleanest outdoor music festivals I’ve seen.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? We toured a bunch of venues in New Hampshire and Maine, and ultimately we chose The Woodlands because outdoor space was important to us and they have a 90 x 100 foot outdoor deck. They were also one of the better venues for including everything in the package, so we wouldn’t have to worry about hidden charges or needing to find too many outside vendors.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? Looking through pictures of other peoples’ real weddings for ideas/inspirations. It’s so wonderful and comforting to see that so many other couples had such great days. Also, the relief when you find someone you really want, and think would be perfect for photography and music, and finding out that they’re available on your date!!

Is there anything that you are making yourself for the wedding? We’d like to give away small plants as our wedding favors, one per couple that attends the wedding. Still trying to determine what kind of container to put them in, but that will probably involve some planting/organizing next fall. Think we’ll probably also make the table decorations ourselves, either with some DIY book planters, or something with glass and candles.

Where exactly did you look for inspiration in real weddings? Any particular websites or magazines? No magazines really, it was all online. Mostly random, but then found a few websites we preferred, and my favorite is probably

What are your honeymoon plans? We’re getting married on a holiday weekend, and would like to spend at least that extended weekend somewhere in New England — maybe Moose Alley up in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, or heading over to Burlington, Vermont. Haven’t completely figured that out yet. But the formal honeymoon we’re putting off until sometime around Feb/March 2013, destination unknown.

Anything else you think our readers would like to know? Prioritize what you won’t compromise, and then let everything else fall into place. Pick the handful of things you really care about, really care about those, and let go of some of the rest. We lucked out, because we’ve been to a lot of weddings the past few years, so we could see the things we liked from each and wanted to make sure to incorporate. But in the end, there were really only a handful — outdoor ceremony, pictures earlier in the day so we wouldn’t miss a thing, photojournalists instead of more traditional, and keeping it smaller / intimate.

That’s great advice about prioritizing. What were some of your top priorities? Our top priorities were having an outdoor ceremony, quality photography, and trying to keep the guestlist small. So far, everything is coming together really well – small hiccup when blocking off hotel rooms for guests because there’s a soccer tournament in the area the same weekend, but even that worked out probably for the best. The soccer players’ rooms were already booked up and filled out some of the local hotels, but our guests probably wouldn’t want to share those hotels with a lot of soccer players to begin with, so it’ll all work out.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Neither of us have lived with someone romantically before, and we’ve both been pretty accustomed to living alone these past few years. So, it’s something we’re both looking forward to and a bit intimidated by, but living together and not having to hop on a bus, train, plane, or steamboat to see one another will be a really great change of pace.

Danielle and Will, thank you for telling us your story. We love that our readers will know more about you and can delight in your wedding with you!

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