Meet Our Couples: Lindsay and Cody

945220_10201013737088920_1321123124_nFirst Names: Cody & Lindsay
Hometowns: Pembroke, NH (Cody) & Freehold, NJ (Lindsay)
Occupations: VP of Sales & Marketing at Checkmate Pizza (Cody) and Inside Sales Coordinator at Schleuniger, Inc. (Lindsay)

Wedding Date: November 1, 2014
Location: Portsmouth & Dover, NH
Colors: Black, white, gray, and pops of blush pink!
Vibe you are going for: Classic, romantic, and fun with an upbeat party vibe!

Let’s hear your love story! As embarrassing as it is to admit…we met on Myspace! That in itself just shows how long we’ve been together. I guess you can say it’s no different than meeting on nowadays. I (Lindsay) had just moved from New Hampshire and was on an “adding-friends” frenzy because I was so bored up here. Cody was the only one who I actually started talking to and the rest is truly history! The first time we met, he was wearing a Red Sox jersey (I’m a Yankees fan), so that wasn’t exactly the best first impression. However, his cheesy pickup lines and tattoos won me over. His sense of humor is just like mine (dumb and sometimes inappropriate) and would just spend hours together laughing and falling in love. We were totally different yet completely compatible at the same time (I’m making MYSELF gag here)…but it’s the truth. I still feel like we’re in our “young love” stage because we’re crazy about each other and don’t ever feel like that is going to go away.

What’s your favorite thing to do on any given Sunday together? Cody’s life practically revolves around sports, so for 90% of the year, Sundays are spent watching Football and Baseball. We also love driving aimlessly and taking random road trips and, of course, cuddling with our rescue kitty, Moo Moo.

What is one trait that you love about in your fiance? 

Cody: It’s hard to think of one I love the most. Lindsay is incredibly thoughtful and caring and you can’t help but fall in love with her personality. What I love about Lindsay is that she cares so deeply about people but for me, in particular, she makes me want to be a better person, a person I didn’t know I could be. She ignites a fire in me which makes me the man I know she deserves.

Lindsay: It’s hard to just pick one! I love how personable Cody is…he could literally strike up a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere! I think that’s part of what makes him so charming. I also love how empathetic Cody is. He genuinely feels what other people are feeling, especially those he loves and he does whatever he can to help. He’s a big mush ball!

How did you/he pop the question? Ahh, this is my favorite story ever so I’m going to tell it how I remember it (Cody’s version is filled with MUCH more anxiety). I drove down to New Jersey for a weekend in October 2012 to visit my sister, Jill, who lived in Sea Bright at the time. That Saturday morning, my sister suggested that we walk down the street for brunch. We had plans later that night to have dinner with my Nana and a couple of my Aunts, so Jill kept bugging me to get ready before brunch instead of when we got back later, this way we wouldn’t be rushed to get out the door. Stubbornly and being far too lazy to jump in the shower at that time, I kept saying “no, no…I’ll just get ready when we get back.” We headed to brunch (me, Jill, Jill’s husband Scott, and one of my best friends, Danny) and I had my hair in what Cody calls my “sleeping bun”, looking anything but fabulous. We finished up and Jill said that she wanted to squeeze in her weekly walk on the beach. It was a gorgeous, warm day even though it was the middle of October, so we all walked across the street and headed down the sandy path towards the ocean. Scott, a few steps ahead of me, bent down and said “is this someone’s wallet?” I walked up to Scott and noticed that he was holding CODY’S WALLET!!! My mind immediately started racing…how is his wallet here?! He is supposed to be in New Hampshire?! Oh my god he was murdered and his body washed up on the Jersey shore and this is all that’s left of him!!! After I thought I had become a widow before I was even ENGAGED, Cody popped up from behind a sand dune a few yards away and it all started making sense. A few seconds later, my best friend Virginia (also from New Jersey but moved up to New Hampshire at this time) and her then-boyfriend, Brian, appeared behind Cody as he ran up the sand dune towards me. A lot of surprise photos were taken and a video was recorded (in which, you can see me touch my “sleeping bun” and say “I look like crap!!!”) to capture this amazing moment. He got down on one knee and I can’t for the life of me remember what he said, all I remember is his face when he asked me to marry him and how elated and overjoyed I was to say “YES!”

PS – the moral of the story is when your sister is begging to to take a shower and look presentable…it’s probably because your boyfriend is about to propose to you and she wants you to look nice for the surprise pictures!!! 🙂

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? 

Cody: I called my mom. She was the first of many calls that day but everyone already knew it was happening. I was just letting everyone know that she actually said “yes.” Literally everyone knew it was happening except Lindsay, and it was hilarious.
Lindsay: My sister would have been my first call, but she helped plan the whole thing…I called my Mom (who already knew, along with everyone else!). Later that night I was surprised by my entire family out to dinner (planned by my sister) so I could share the exciting news with everyone all at once!

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? 
Cody: My favorite part about wedding planning is seeing Lindsay have so much fun with everything.
Lindsay: The best part of planning is when I would be in the middle of picking a vendor or a color, or cake flavor, or decorations…my mind would always wander to the day of the wedding and how awesomely perfect the day is going to turn out. It’s so fun to plan and to think about how everything is going to come to fruition on your special day!

What do you look forward to the most about being married?
Cody: If there were a list with check marks of things I wanted to do with Lindsay, marriage would be on the top of the list of check marks and that’s exciting…to see how far we’ve come. It’s exciting to think about starting a family and growing old with the person you love. I look forward to that.
Lindsay: Having a lifelong teammate! To know someone is always on your side and who will always support and love you unconditionally. He definitely already does all that…but being married is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time now and it’s finally here!

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