Meet our Couples: Lori and Joe

Names: Lori and Joe
Hometowns: We both grew up in Chelmsford, MA
Occupations: Lori-Physical therapist, Joe- aspiring graphic designer/photographer and a Server at Fishbones in Chelmsford

Wedding Date: Sept 15, 2012
Location: Ocean Cliff Resort in Newport, RI
Colors: Blues, greens, purples, ivory
Vibe you are going for: ocean, vintage travel, classic with a bit of fun

Let’s hear your love story! We actually grew up in the same town and went to high school together.  We knew of each other, but never talked or anything.  We became friends on Facebook because we graduated together.  I posted a status on FB stating that I was bored.  Joe messaged me saying that he went out to play pool with friends and he would’ve invited me had he known I was bored. A few weeks later Joe went to Florida with his family.  He was bored one evening and went on FB.  We started messaging each other and typed for hours.  We decided to meet up when he returned home. A few days after returning home we decided to go to Feng Shui in Chelmsford.  He picked me up and even opened the car door for me!  We spent the evening talking and laughing.  We were so comfortable together.  It was like we already knew each other.  We pretty much closed the restaurant.  The rest is history!

How did you/he pop the question?  Joe and I were driving home from Alaska.  We had been on an interesting journey traveling the US and decided we were homesick and wanted to return home.  On our way home we spent a day at the Mall of America in Minnesota.  We walked around for a bit, went to the aquarium, and then to the amusement park.  Inside the amusement park section of the mall was this “challenge” type ride.  You are harnessed in and walk along planks/tightropes at different heights.  I am not a fan of heights, but I was willing to try with a lot of convincing from Joe.  We got to the first level.  I looked down and was shaking in my boots.  I was only on the first level up from the floor.  HAHAHA.  I went across some of the static planks and boards.  Joe scurried across everything like it was nothing.  We came to a tight rope.  I put my weight on it and it moved.  I freaked out and told Joe I wasn’t coming across.  He was already at the other side.  He scurried back over to me and tried to convince me to walk across.  He walked backwards over and halfway down the rope he pulled out a black box.  He said. “I have something for you if you come over.”  Of course I then had to make it over.  My heart was pounding and I was shaking, but I made it across.  When I did get to the platform on the other side he went down on one knee and proposed.  I was so surprised.  A man on the same “ride” saw us and took a picture with his phone.  I went across a few more planks, then got off.  Joe went to all the levels and rang the bell at the top.  The best part was that we found out it is a Sponge Bob ride when we got off.  HAHAHAHA!

Who was the first person you told about your engagement? I sent a group text to my closest friends and family.  I think I called my sis or mom first.

We love the story about your engagement! It’s pretty unique. Are you going to take that new-found bravery and go rock climbing or sky diving anytime soon?  HAHAHAH!  yeah, right.  I don’t really care for heights.  Joe’s been working on teaching me to snowboard…i’ll stick with that!

Tell us a little more about this road trip across the country. It sounds awesome! I quit my full time job and decided to become a traveling PT.  Joe and I discussed it first and he was gung ho about traveling across the country with me :)  So I got licensed in CO and we headed out west.  We actually went to CO via Canada.  We wanted to explore as much as possible.  After spending 3 months in CO we headed to TX for 3 months.  We hated Dallas!  Couldnt wait to leave.  Guess we got spoiled with all the outdoorsy stuff and beauty of CO!  We ended up driving to AK for my next job.  We got there and no job was available that I was interested in.  We decided to head back home and surprise everyone.  joe’s sis just had a baby and mine was having one.  So we drove from AK, back home to MA.  Best road trip ever!!!  TX to CA to AK to WA to MA!  I would love to do it again, but we’re still paying off the first time around!  We did a ton of camping and adopted our dog in TX.  That made the trip much more interesting!  Oh yeah, we also had to buy a bigger vehicle in TX to accomodate Colby Jack.  We’ll have to tell you more details during our dinner some Wednesday night!

How did you decide where you wanted to get married?  Joe wanted to get married near the ocean.  He’s always been a “beach body”.  I just wanted something beautiful.  I did a lot of research online first.  We fell in love with the pics of OceanCliff.  We toured it and then others.  Since it’s a bit costly we hesitated.  We looked for a while and couldn’t find anything comparable so we just ended up going with our gut.  Thank god for our parents or we wouldn’t be getting married at such a beautiful location!

The OceanCliff is amazing! What was the one thing that swept you off your feet when you were touring it and deciding on a location?  We both love old architecture and historic buildings.  The view is AMAZING!  When we stood out there we could totally picture ourselves getting married there!

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? I’m weird and have enjoyed researching and planning everything!  Joe thinks I’m nuts.  I’ve looked at everything from flowers to bridesmaids shoes.

Is there anything that you are making yourself for the wedding? I contemplated doing the flower arrangements and cupcakes, because everything is so costly.  But after talking to people I decided to leave those things up to the professionals.  I wanna enjoy my day, not stress out about everything being done on time.  I am making the jewelry for all the bridesmaids and moms, clutches/purses for the girls, flower girls basket and possibly shoe clips/chiffon flowers to add to the dresses.  We made our own save the dates and will be making all the invitations, photos at tables, and escort cards.

What are you honeymoon plans? We’re thinking about island hopping in Hawaii.  We were thinking about New Zealand and Fuji, but its not the ideal time of year to visit that area.

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Spending the rest of my life with my hunny and having a family!

These two have a jam-packed day of fun planned for their wedding day and we are chomping at the bit to photograph it. Mansions, Sailboats, fun people, Yes PLEASE!

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