Meet Our Couples: Lynsey and Elwood

First Names: Lynsey and Elwood
Current Hometown: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Occupations: Lynsey is a Registered Nurse and Elwood is an Auditor.

Wedding Date: October 28, 2017
Location: Prospect Park Boathouse
Colors: A palate of blush, antique rose, lavender, and greenish blue. Oh yeah, and some gold for fanciness.

Vibe you are going for: Romantic, vintage, with bohemian elements. The best dance party filled with so much love.

What’s your favorite thing to do on any given Saturday together?

Our favorite thing to do is simply spend time with each other. On Saturday mornings, we love to not be on any schedule, and go to our favorite local coffee shop and walk around the neighborhood.

What is one trait that you love about in your fiancé?

Lynsey is the smartest and kindest person that I know.
I have to name just one about Elwood?! I would say his unconditional kindness to all people he interacts with. He honestly is the nicest man I have ever met.

Tell us your engagement story.

I proposed to Lynsey over dinner at the same restaurant where we had our first date. I think she knew it was coming. Afterwards, I suggested we grab a celebratory drink at the cocktail bar next door. Unbeknownst to her, her Mom, Dad, and Step-Dad came down from Connecticut; and my Mom and Sister came up from Virginia. They were all waiting to surprise her as she entered the bar. I really got her and it was beautiful.
I knew it was coming that weekend but had no idea it was happening in that moment or for the surprise guests I had waiting to celebrate with us. It was one of best nights of my life!

How did you decide where you wanted to get married?

We both wanted to get married in Brooklyn and we fell in love with the Boathouse. It’s a historic building that sits on a lake in the middle of Prospect Park, in “our backyard”. On top of that, we can visit time and time again on any given afternoon to the exact place where we will exchange vows. What more could we want?
What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?

Seeing how our vision has come together over a year of celebration! We have really tried to enjoy the wedding planning process itself, and continue to celebrate being engaged over and over again throughout. After all we will be husband and wife forever, but fiancés is this exciting title and momentary time of the relationship to cherish.

What’s one “genius moment” you had while planning your wedding that was a game changer for you?

Refer to previous Q&A. You’re only a finance for a brief time. Relish in it. Celebrate your engagement the whole time. Life’s too short not to honor these special times.

What do you look forward to the most about being married?

Having a witness to this crazy ride of life. And that person is your best friend! It is the coolest thing really. We can’t wait for all the adventures to come; the day -to -day, trips, and celebrations, and building a family together.

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