Meet Our Couples: Stephanie and Jay

First Names: Stephanie and Jason
Current Hometown: Rockville, RI
Occupations: Dietitian and Patient Access SpecialistWedding Date: 10/7/17
Location: Stonington, CT
Colors: Navy with Blush and Gold
Vibe you are going for: Romantic with a rustic touchWhat’s your favorite thing to do on any given Saturday together? Get up and go for a hike, explore new areas, and/or relax and enjoy our yard

What is one trait that you love about in your fiancé?

Stephanie – His thoughtfulness.  He always pays attention when I don’t think he is, and then he surprises me later using all the little details to his advantage.

Jay – That she cares for others, including me.  She plans for every possible situation to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Tell us your engagement story. Well, I hope you have time and a good sense of humor.  I was going crazy cleaning the house in preparation for a meeting that I was hosting the next day.  We had talked about checking out Rocky Point Park, our local childhood amusement park that’s been repurposed as an open space public park.  It was getting to be later in the afternoon and we weren’t sure if the weather would hold out, but we decided to go anyway.  I, in true character, was complaining about everything.  The grass was too high, and it was cold and windy.  Jay kept trying to get me to look at the bright side of things and was pointing out all the nice things about the park.  He finally lead me down a path where we stepped out onto some secluded rocks at the edge of the ocean.  It was beautiful and we had a nice chat about the bridges in the distance.  Jay kept trying to make the conversation about us.  He was bringing up the future and sharing deep thoughts.  I was clearly oblivious to what was going on because I kept giving short answers and changing the subject.  When he kept bringing it back to us, I thought he was trying to start a fight with me.  Neither of us honestly remember exactly what he said, but he changed his wording just so, and I literally blurted out, “What are you proposing to me?!” as if it were a joke.  He stopped and looked at me for a minute before simply saying, “Yes.” and finally taking the ring out!  I was stunned and it took a few minutes to sink in.  We often joke that our story is not perfect, but it’s perfectly us.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married? It was the only venue that met both of our non-negotiables : )

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? Learning new things and seeing different sides of each other.

What’s one “genius moment” you had while planning your wedding that was a game changer for you? When we decided to do a first look.  It made us realize that our major priority is to celebrate.  We want to spend time with the people we love and have fun!

What do you look forward to the most about being married? Watching our future unfold together.

Fun fact: Both our bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing navy because we both had our mind set on it and neither of us were willing to settle for a different color!

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