October Favorites: 2017

Happy October (in a few short days)…

TV/Movies: Project Runway Season 16 is top of the list this month. Why you ask? Well because its a good show in the first place but this season they have women of diverse body types as the models. As a plus-sized woman, Im really happy to see fashion designers learning about all women design. Tim Gunn has been a champion about this for a while now and seeing women like me represented and praised on the show makes me so so happy.

Beauty/Fashion: In the same vein, I was so so excited to learn that Stitch Fix has added plus sizes! I loved Stitch Fix back in 2013 when I had it but I was limited to the cardigans and earrings and such, rather than being able to really use all they had to offer. I tweeted them this past week asking when they were going to get on the ball, and they told me they had! Here is my referral link so you can sign up too and we can all enjoy the goods together: Bethany’s Stitch Fix Referral Link

I also got a new watch this month that Im super into. Its a Cluse watch and looks like a piece of jewelry on my arm. Highly recommend.

Current Travel Obsession: Now Im on the hunt for time in Scotland. We were watching “Fun for Louis” on youtube and just fell hard for the castles and green and now we need a trip. Obviously.

Most Popular Image from our Instagram last month: Bryson and George and the family rowboat.

Favorite Quote I recently heard/read: The call of God is like the call of the sea— no one hears it except the person who has the nature of the sea in him.” – Oswald Chambers

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