For Photographers: My Week Notepad

I first heard about this gem from Jasmine Star on her blog. I saw it, loved it, put it on my wishlist, gave in to temptation and bought it randomly, and now use it and LOVE LOVE LOVE It!

Recently I blogged about how we use evernote, and this is our physical extension and practice of the to-do list. I sit down and choose the to-do items I want to get taken care of through out the week and spread them among the days. It is a lot easier to decide what to do with the day, if you have already done the deciding! I break up big projects into small bits and before you know it, the job is done. I try not to add anything more than three items to the list, and I also make sure to add any appointments or meetings here too, so I dont overplan for a day that is already filled up by our calendar events. It also helps me see what I have accomplished.

Simple. Cheap. Easy. Effective. #winwin

>>Buy it here<<

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