Our new Albums

Dan and I recently found an album company that we wanted to show off to you! We are big on keeping things simple and these albums are literally all about that! It took us a lot of searching to find albums that meet our standards for good looks, along with our standards for reasonable prices. We didn’t want to offer albums that you could order for yourself online through some other book making company, nor did we want to offer you albums that would cost you the price of your honeymoon. We didn’t feel comfortable charging our clients, who we really do care about, a lot of money for something that we didn’t believe in. We didn’t even offer them until recently because we just weren’t happy with what was out there. There was a lot of over complicated, over-priced, fussy, frilly, wedding albums to choose from that we just didn’t see the point to. Finally… we landed on these album, which spoke to our eye for simplicity as beauty.

Take a look at these babies! They are sleek, simple, archival, and most important of all, they will tell your story.

In the first place, the whole idea of a wedding album  is to tell your story.  It is to meant to be there for years and years to come, so that your grand children and beyond can see the love that you gave to each other on your wedding day. It’s not to show off. It’s not to impress. It’s simply to tell your story. You can sit together, on your 40th wedding anniversary and re-live the day all over again. How important is that? I say that it is what it’s all about.


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