Amy and Dan’s South Paris Maine Wedding

Amy and Dan were married at the top of a mountain, overlooking Maine and even neighboring states and mountain ranges. The approach to the top gave no hint of the unbelievable view upon arrival at The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain.  It was such a gorgeous place to say the vows.

Their wedding was intimate, with only their immediate family attending. After the first look, we went right into the ceremony, with their nerves behind them. A dinner of lobster followed with a hot pink sunset to watch as they celebrated. This wedding was similar to what we had imagined for our own, so we were completely comfortable in that setting with their welcoming family. It was such a good day to be a wedding photographer.

Amy and Dan Wedding 0049 Amy and Dan Wedding 0067Amy and Dan Wedding 0107 Amy and Dan Wedding 0077

Amy and Dan Wedding 0122Amy and Dan Wedding 0178 Amy and Dan Wedding 0186 Amy and Dan Wedding 0241Amy and Dan Wedding 0317 Amy and Dan Wedding 0327 Amy and Dan Wedding 0324 Amy and Dan Wedding 0571Amy and Dan Wedding 0379 Amy and Dan Wedding 0408 Amy and Dan Wedding 0438 Amy and Dan Wedding 0490 Amy and Dan Wedding 0505 Amy and Dan Wedding 0633 Amy and Dan Wedding 0611Amy and Dan Wedding 0573 Amy and Dan Wedding 0587Amy and Dan Wedding 0455 Amy and Dan Wedding 0575Amy and Dan Wedding 0522

Gown: B.H.L.D.N  |  Makeup: Makeup by Kim  |  Hair: Element Day Spa

Venue: The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain

More from Amy and Dan: Engagement Session   |   Meet our Couples

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One response to “Amy and Dan’s South Paris Maine Wedding”

  1. What a beautiful wedding! The Mr. and Mrs. aprons for the lobster dinner are adorable! That was my favorite picture! This is also the type of mountain view I thought I’d have on my wedding day – I got clouds instead! (And if any of y’all haven’t looked at Brittany & Jim – October 4th – I don’t mean a view of clouds; I mean we were in a cloud!)

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Meet our Couples: Marie and Mike


First Names: Marie & Mike
Hometowns: Orange, CT & Duxbury, MA
Occupations: Healthcare Quality Consultant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Practice Development Manager at GE

Wedding Date: September 12, 2015
Location: Hebron, NH on Newfound Lake
Colors: cobalt blue, grey, blush, white
Vibe you are going for: rustic, fun, pretty and casual

Tell us your love story!

I was visiting Boston for a “Running of the Brides” event for another friend’s wedding. I planned on staying that night to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Since my friends and I didn’t get much sleep the night before, my friend, Sarah called her friend, Tom and asked if we could take a nap at his apartment before we headed out with Liz for the night. When we woke up from our nap, Tom and his roommates were all home from work watching TV. I walked into the living room and saw Mike sitting on the couch, we went out that night in Boston and we’ve been together ever since :)

What’s your favorite thing to do on any given Saturday together? We love going to the beach during the summer, trying out new restaurants and bars, watching a good new TV series together and spending time with our family and friends.

What is one trait that you love about in your fiancé?

Marie: Mike is truly the most genuine person I know. He’s smart, funny and I know he would do anything to make me happy. He values his family and friends which is very important to me as well. He fits right in with my crazy family. He also loves the New England Patriots and dogs which is essential.

Mike: Marie is caring, responsible, sweet, organized, fun-loving, creative and talented. I love that she’s adventurous and athletic. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met her and to be marrying her.

How did you/he pop the question?
Every summer my family celebrates “Lovefest” at our home in NH. It is a weekend full of events sort of like a mini Olympics. During Lovefest 2013, Mike chose to propose with my whole family there. It was a complete surprise for everyone (my dad of course had given him his blessing a few weeks earlier). It meant so much to me that he proposed with my entire family there as we are very close and at my favorite place in the world.

Who was the first person you told about your engagement?

My whole family was there so we celebrated with them, we called Mike’s family right away and all our closest friends.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married?

We always knew we wanted to married at Newfound Lake. I grew up there every summer and Mike fell in love with it ever since we started dating. We both want to share this beautiful place with all our family and friends. We have so many great memories here and want to continue to make even more.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?

I’m a planner so I’ve enjoyed the planning although stressful at times. We both really liked the food and cupcake tastings and going to see our band play. I had a lot of fun wedding dress shopping with my mom, sisters and bridesmaids.

What do you look forward to the most about being married?

We can’t wait to start our lives as husband and wife. We are looking forward to getting a dog (or 2!) together and one day starting a family.

Check out their Engagement Session here: Marie and Mike Engagement

Meghan and Devin’s Boston MA Wedding

It was our first wedding of the season and we could not imagine a better way to start things off. Classic. Elegant. Simple. Small. Classy. All great things.

Meghan and Devin were married at the Central Bistro in downtown crossing in Boston. They got ready at the Nine Zero Hotel nearby, choosing to have their first look there. The ceremony was so heartfelt, with a poem by her sister, and sweet stories shared that left most all of us in happy tears. One of my favorite moments of the night was the couples first dance. The song, “Angels” by The XX was a incredible choice paired with their choreographed and elegant dance, complete with a deep dip at the end. It was a great picture for me of who these two are as a couple, besides what I knew up to that point leading up to this day. At the end of the night, we headed out into the street for some night portraits. I loved the colors outside and especially the happiness that the sight of Meghan and Devin gave to passerbyers. Who doesnt love a Bride and Groom? I know I do!

Nine Zero Hotel Wedding

Nine Zero Hotel Wedding

Downtown Boston Wedding 0004 Downtown Boston Wedding 0006 Downtown Boston Wedding Downtown Boston Wedding 0007

Downtown Boston Wedding 0009 Downtown Boston Wedding 0010 Central Bistro Wedding

Downtown Boston Wedding 0012 Central Bistro Boston Wedding Downtown Boston Wedding 0017 Downtown Boston Wedding 0016 Downtown Boston Wedding 0015 Downtown Boston Wedding 0013 Downtown Boston Wedding 0014

Downtown Boston Wedding 0019 Downtown Boston Wedding Downtown Boston Wedding 0005

Venue  |  Central Bistro  Florist  | Blooms of Hope  Cake  |  Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop

  Hair and Makeup  |  Charlotte Phinney  Gown  |  Elizabeth Filmore

Officiant  |  Elly Jackson  Videography  |  Films By Andy  DJ  |  TSG Weddings

See also: Meghan and Devins Engagement Session

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One response to “Meghan and Devin’s Boston MA Wedding”

  1. Thank you both so much for being such a wonderful part of our special day. You did such a great job capturing the feel of our day. I couldn’t be happier!

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Meet Our Couples: Lex and Rodney


Yarmouth, ME
Stylist at Brideside and Assistant/Social Media Coordinator for Ann & Kam Wedding Photography

Geneva, IL
Equity Analyst for the tech sector at Morningstar

Wedding Details:
September 6, 2015
Southport, ME
Blues, greens, ocean-y colors. We don’t have defined colors. Think mussel shells and sea glass. Think Vinalhaven.
Let’s hear your love story!
Rodney: I first met Lex and a work happy hour – she went to college with a co-worker of mine and happened to be tagging along that night. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk that night, but the next day we ended up hanging out at the pool at my apartment building. We had plans to meet up later that night, and I happily volunteered to accompany Lex to our destination. Lex lived just a few blocks north of me, and we rode the red line to Lincoln Park and spent the evening together amongst my friends. Every chance I got, I’d pull Lex’s friend aside and gush about how awesome she was. She had an amazing energy about her, and I immediately fell in love with it. We began walking to and from work together, and one walk ended in our first “date” at a little Mexican restaurant across the street from Lex’s apartment. After that, Lex and I kept coming up with excuses to see each other, and even though Lex tried (and failed) to play the hard-to-get card for a couple of weeks, we’ve been crazy about each other ever since.
Lex: Yup, sounds about right. It sounds so corny but I knew the moment we met he was the one. He plays it off as this whole big thing, but really, I knew I was a goner from the start. He basically just used a lot of extra words to describe “love at first sight”
What’s your favorite thing to do on any given Saturday together?
We LOVE the farmers market!! We wake up early and head out with our Italian Greyhound for a walk to get coffee and visit our our favorite farmers market. After strolling around for a while (and picking up a breakfast sandwich or two), we continue to the park to let Dory run wild before we spend the rest of the day with our friends playing softball and hanging out in the sun.

What is one trait that you love about in your fiance?
Rodney: Lex has a crazy, wacky energy about her. It was one of the first things I noticed about her and fell in love with. Whether it’s making a silly face, narrating our dog’s thoughts or doing her one and only dance move, she’s not afraid to be goofy in any situation and she always knows how to put a smile on my face.
Lex: his hot bod 😉

How did you/he pop the question?
Lex: After stringing me along for several months, it was very romantic when he finally got around to it…
Rodney: I don’t think I could do it justice typing it out. Just type in “flipbook proposal” into Google and you’ll get the full story. Seriously.


(from Buzzfeed)

Who was the first person you told about your engagement?
Lex: MY MOM!!!! I called her from the cab on the way home. She knew that he was planning on doing it that night so she was eagerly waiting to hear and picked up halfway though the first ring.
Rodney: Our parents. I told mine that I was going to pop the question about a month and a half prior to actually doing it, and I asked Lex’s father for his blessing about two weeks prior. After the big moment, we each called our parents right away.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married?
Lex: There was never any question we would get married in Maine. I was pretty darn clear about that. Doesn’t the bride get to pick?
Rodney: Lex has always had an affinity for her home state of Maine, and it was really a no brainer that we’d go there (particularly since the majority of Lex’s family is there – mine is a bit scattered across the country). I had never been to Maine before meeting Lex, and it’s a truly amazing and beautiful place.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?
Rodney: Even though we only considered a couple of venues, that was definitely my favorite part. There are a lot of beautiful places to get married in Maine, but when Lex showed me pictures of our ultimate destination, I was floored.
Lex: I love wedding planning! All of it. It’s not stressful at all. Everything makes me happy. Engaged people are happy. I like being around happy people. Also, showing off my ring NEVER gets old.

What do you look forward to the most about being married?
Rodney: Being together through everything and spending the rest of our lives going on one big adventure!
Lex: Health insurance and spousal privilege 😉

Iceland Vacation 2015 Part Two: Icelandic Horses

These little guys left quite the impression on us while we were in Iceland. So much so that we want to share a blog post of just them!

Icelandic horses are one of a kind. No other horses and come to Iceland, and once an Icelandic horse leaves the country, they can never come back. Its an exclusive bloodline, kept isolated and pure since the beginning. They stay out all winter. They have been bred for thousands of years to be tough physically along with kind demeanors.

The first one I saw took my breath away.

Now it’s important to note, I’ve never been a horse girl. There were two camps when I was growing up, the horse girls and the dolphin girls. I was a dolphin girl, (shocking I know). I’ve always been a little nervous around horses. They are so BIG and so powerful. Ive also always been touched by them in a mythical way. I love a good horse movie, (Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken… can I get an amen). Still… they weren’t ever really my THING if you know what I mean.

One long look at an Icelandic horse sent me wide eyed down the road to horse love.

They are all over the place and we stopped constantly to photograph them. I was always careful… never touching them or being disrespectful to these horses we met along the way. I was nervous due to my lifelong caution around them. These little guys would come right up to us on the other side of the fence. We never really had to try and get close because they would come close to us! Still… I was dying to touch one.

Then we stayed at the Steinsholt Guesthouse. Kari, the owner and keeper, was so friendly and we were able to chat with her about our time so far in Iceland. The guesthouse is a part of a working horse farm so naturally we peppered her with questions. I asked if she would take me to see them so I could photograph them. She said of course and that we could go in the morning.

We woke up and it was FREEZING and I almost told her it was ok and not to worry about it. Something in me said “dont you dare. this is your only chance.” so I asked her to take us up. Little did we know what we would have the time of our lives. She took us up over to the top of her fields and opened the gate and invited us in to a herd of 50-60 horses. They surrounded us, coming to see their mom and see if she had any treats. They nuzzled us and let us pet them. They nipped our shoulders and closed us into tight circles of horses blocking the wind and overwhelming us. It was like we were being surrounded by gentle giants, that were simply interested in treats and saying hi to mom and meeting us. We likened them to “Giant Hattie’s” like our little cavalier king charles whose only interest is in snuggling and kissing. It was unreal.

After that I was done for when it came to horses. Can I have one… or ten… or a farm of them?

If you get a chance to visit Iceland, please make it a point to meet the horses.

Iceland 2015 DSLR 0280 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0325 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0337 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0240 Iceland 2015 iPhone 0050 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0239 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0232 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0272 Iceland 2015 DSLR 0021Iceland 2015 DSLR 0020

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