Annie and Josh’s Mid-Coast Maine Engagement Session

Annie and Josh came to Maine for their July 4th Wedding (coming soon). While they were here, we were able to schedule their engagement session too, just a few days prior to the wedding day! We met them in Damariscotta Maine and then headed down to Pemaquid Point. Seeing that they live in Arizona, we had some chilly weather to share with them up here. I was impressed at just how New England-y Annie looked in her nautical striped skirt! Impressive. The views and light at Pemaquid Point were more than we could have asked for. All in all is was a pretty fun way to spend our evening.

Annie and Josh Engagement 0053 Annie and Josh Engagement 0028 Annie and Josh Engagement 0022 Annie and Josh Engagement 0008 Damraiscotta Maine Engagement Session Annie and Josh Engagement 0077Annie and Josh Engagement 0093 Annie and Josh Engagement 0083Annie and Josh Engagement 0081 Annie and Josh Engagement 0064Annie and Josh Engagement 0101 Annie and Josh Engagement 0106

Meet Our Couples: Colleen and Dan

couple interview pic

First Name: Colleen

Hometown: Exeter, NH

Occupation: Assistant Director of the Honors Program at Northeastern University

First Name: Dan

Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Occupation: Administrative Coordinator in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School

Wedding Date: September 26, 2015

Location: Camp Mataponi – Naples, Maine

Colors: All the colors…but mainly dark teal with grey and pops of chartreuse

Vibe you are going for: Whimsical and relaxed camp wedding

Let’s hear your love story!  The world wide web was our matchmaker. We connected over our mutual love of Hall and Oates and Friday Night Lights which led to our first date where Colleen awkwardly raised the roof while walking up to the restaurant. It was then that Dan realized what he had gotten himself into.

What’s your favorite thing to do on any given Saturday together? If Dan had his druthers we’d make or go out for brunch and go on a walk around Jamaica Pond naming strangers’ dogs. That happens on occasion though sometimes delayed a bit by Colleen taking a Zumba class. Though as long as we are together anything can be made fun and it’s own little adventure. Except for trips to Ikea. That is a relationship crucible.

What is one trait that you love about in your fiance?

Colleen: Dan is a complete weirdo but as Dr.Seuss said “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” He is also incredibly thoughtful and funny – I’m very grateful I found my weirdo match.

Dan: Colleen is an incredible teammate in every sense of the word. She is constantly supportive of those around her and knows when to make a joke or to light a fire underneath someone. She can adapt to any situation in order to give those around her what they need and I’ve benefited from this more often than anyone. Also, she makes a mean white sangria.

How did he pop the question?

Dan: Before I actually asked Colleen to marry me, a lot of people knew it was going to happen. My family knew because I was refitting my grandmother’s engagement ring to use as the one I would give to Colleen, her family knew because I had asked her parents for their blessing a few months before, and all of our friends knew because I couldn’t stop talking about how much I loved Colleen and wanted to make it legally binding. But most of all, Colleen knew it was happening because surprising her simply isn’t possible. She’s too smart (Colleen: sidebar – I didn’t make him write that).

We had planned a weekend in Bar Harbor and I figured Colleen knew it would happen that weekend, but I could at least keep the exact moment a surprise. We went all around Acadia National Park with me vaguely hinting that it could happen at any time. I’m sure she loved that! Finally, we got to Jordan Pond, the place where I knew I would ask her to marry me. I told her that she was my best friend and asked her if she would continue to go on adventures with me for the rest of our lives. She said yes, and we took a bottle of champagne to the top of Cadillac Mountain to celebrate. Looking back, I’m not exactly sure if that was “street legal,” but it was an incredible moment.

Who was the first person you told about your engagement?

We were incommunicado on Cadillac Mountain and around Acadia National Park for a few hours but once we had service again we called our families who knew it was coming but didn’t know when.

How did you decide where you wanted to get married?

We knew we wanted to get married outside and near water and in a relatively relaxed atmosphere and Maine has always held a special place to us. When we stumbled upon Camp Mataponi we knew it would be the perfect place to bring all our crazy friends and relatives together.

What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?

Colleen: Seeing all of the pieces come together and finding ways to be creative.

Dan: Earning Colleen’s trust to put the stamps on all of the invitation R.S.V.P. cards. It was a big moment for me.

What do you look forward to the most about being married?

Colleen: Filing jointly…wait, no…getting a dog!

Dan: In addition to getting a dog, and to spending the rest of my life with my best friend (like one does), I’m pretty excited about the switch from saying “fiancée” to “wife.”

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4 responses to “Meet Our Couples: Colleen and Dan”

  1. this was so sweet! And so much the two of you. You both have so much to give the world and so much to give to each other! We are all excited about your wedding! Maine is the perfect venue.

  2. Close friend of Maureen – so happy for you! Greatest story told. I knew if when in the formative stages. Many wishes for happiness;)

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Life Lately List: July 14, 2015

Happy Mid-Summer to you all!!! This past weekend was so hot in Maine that I could barely take it! I just have to remind myself of what the winter is like and Im ok with the heat. Can I get an amen?

June was wild around here. We were busting out a zillion shoots, driving all over the place, and generally being pretty badass if you ask me. The last two weeks of June we had over 8 shoots!! Each morning Dan would jump out of bed and exclaim “It’s HELL week” in a drill sergeant voice… as his attempt to get me up and moving. It was humorous and it worked!

A few notes:

We hung up his surfboard in the living room and I love the way it looks.

After 5 years in New England, we finally stopped at Red’s Eats for a lobster roll. I can finally say I completely understand the long lines now.

We did a commercial shoot for MTI Lifejackets, our second shoot with them. Here is the blogpost from the 2012 shoot we did with them: MTI Lifejackets We will post the 2015 shoot once the new jackets are released! Woot woot!

I had my first real photographing injury in June too: an Intercostal Muscle Strain
I was laying on the ground beside my camera, which was also on the ground. I couldnt see into the viewfinder so i just kept inching my head a little lower to see and eventually pulled it just far enough to pull those leeeetle muscles. It was nothing to sneeze at either. I woke up and thought I was having a heart attack. I couldnt take deep breaths and my entire upper left quadrant of my chest was stabbing pain. We went to the doctor and I was crying, terrified that I was really sick, like going to die sick. EKG and Xrays. The whole nine. Eventually we figured it out and Im recovering thanks to meds. Thankfully Im feeling much better now.

What have you guys been up to?

2015-06-02 12.27.54

Peaks Island Maine Wedding: Laura and Mark

Good GRACIOUS was this ever a great day to be a wedding photographer. Dan and I were invited to photograph a truly wonderful day and we have fun the entire time. We rode the ferry across to the island and walked to the church with our camera bags, taking some time to swing in the park and have a glass of water before we began photographing. I mean really… what better way to get ready for a wedding shoot?

Laura and Mark were married on Peaks Island Maine, alongside their closest friends and family. Since we had photographed Laura a few days prior for her Bridal Session, the getting ready portion of the day felt so relaxed, like seeing an old friend! The guys played baseball until they lost the ball in the woods. Then they ate marshmallows. This was how they prepared for the ceremony. Are you picking up the relaxed vibe yet? Mark has two sons, one of which played Ragtime on the piano as the walked back down the aisle as husband and wife.  He missed his cue to get up and play because he was editing a photo of the first kiss on his phone! I can relate to him. BEST! We headed to portraits until the ferry ride back. Then we all went to the reception at The Well at Jordan’s Farm where Laura changed into a cocktail dress and joined the party, feeling a little more like herself. We literally could never have asked for more. It was just right.

Laura and Mark 0049 PEAKS ISLAND WEDDING Laura and Mark 0105 Laura and Mark 0043 Laura and Mark 0093Laura and Mark 0125Laura and Mark 0112 Laura and Mark 0143 Laura and Mark 0188 Laura and Mark 0194 Laura and Mark 0272Laura and Mark 0285Laura and Mark 0291 Laura and Mark 0366 Laura and Mark 0360 Laura and Mark 0341Laura and Mark 0295 Laura and Mark 0334Laura and Mark 0314Laura and Mark 0407 Ceremony: Brackett Memorial Church  |  Reception: The Well at Jordan’s Farm

Florist: Field Sustainable Floristry 

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Laura’s Portland Maine Bridal Session

Bridal Sessions are a Southern Tradition and we REALLY wish it would take off up in New England too. Imagine being able to spend an hour of undistracted time with your photographer, growing in comfort and confidence. An hour where you can ensure that you have some pretty fun photographs of yourself in your wedding look, to give to your spouse, your parents, and of course… YOURSELF! Bridal sessions are a blast for us.

Laura met us at her airbnb place here in Portland, two days before her wedding. Dan and I doted over her loveliness, as you will too while viewing these images. We got to take her around to some of our favorites spots in the city and hear all the little girl tourists tell their parents how pretty the lady was in the GORGEOUS Oscar de la Renta gown. It was pretty great honestly.

Laura Bridals 0017 Laura Bridals 0002 Laura Bridals 0012 Laura Bridals 0023 Laura Bridals 0027 Laura Bridals 0029 Laura Bridals 0036 Laura Bridals 0039 Laura Bridals 0045 Laura Bridals 0055 Laura Bridals 0092 Laura Bridals 0098

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