Us in your Photobooths

I seriously can’t resist photobooths. It’s dinner time and its the first moment in the day that we can take a break… and what do we do? You know it. Sometimes its the end of the night and we are headed out the door… sometimes the dance party has been hopping and we need a moment to catch our breath. Either way… we do our darndest to get in the photobooth at weddings because it’s SO MUCH FUN! This year’s take homes:

lynseyand alex photobooth 2014-06-28 22.52.24

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Us at Work in 2014

This past year (2014)¬†was our most booked year yet! We photographed more weddings in a season than any season prior and we traveled a TON!¬†We actually dont take that many photographs of each other or ourselves during the year with our nice cameras. Our whole life is documented via iPhones and I want to be a bit better with that this year. I’m hearing a collective, “me too!” over the internet from my fellow photographers. AmIRight?? In spite of that sad fact, we do have some fun shots of ourselves working at our weddings and sessions.¬†At most weddings, we snap a few shots of each other in action since we love each other. I see Dan concentrating so hard during sessions and I just want to keep that adorableness forever so I take pictures of it! I take photos of myself in mirrors because I want to remember that moment and that we were there, chosen to photograph this event for two people who are madly in love. My favorite this year was the photograph I took of myself with Diamond Head in the background. I was setting up for a shot I took of the wedding dress (imagine the dress in the photo instead of me and thats the shot). I wanted to remember that we were there. We were invited. We were chosen to be a part of that day, in that place, with our cameras. I was so happy. Thats what that photo is for.

Definitely a favorite post to gather images for! Here is a look behind the scenes of us at work in 2014:

Adam and Sachi Wedding Behind the Scenes 0573

A “Dan” photobomb.Adam and Sachi Wedding Behind the Scenes 0576

It. Was. Freezing.Logan and Jay Behind The Scenes 0014

Standing on a ledge above a set of stairs? Sometimes you gotta take a risk eh?Logan and Jay Behind The Scenes 0009

Would you guys be willing to take your family formals in the snow? Please? Ok yay!!!Logan and Jay Behind The Scenes 0006

I was SO happy this day to be a part of this wedding. It was really really good day to be us.Logan and Jay Behind The Scenes 0002

Gorgeous couple in the snow on a horse and carriage ride? No biggie… just a photographers dream.Logan and Jay 0393-2

That time we photographed first dances in the dark, holding video lights in our left hands and being bitten by fire ants at the same time…. #likeabossLisa Ann and Jordan Behind the Scenes 0017

Dan looking like he could be a groomsman in this Puerto Rico wedding. (He’s so cute!!!)

Lisa Ann and Jordan Behind the Scenes 0009

Can you hold our hats for us?
Lisa Ann and Jordan Behind the Scenes 0007

Testing the light…. always a stand in.Kelsey and Chad Wedding Behind the Scenes 1425

Dan making pretty pictures.Kelsey and Chad Wedding Behind the Scenes 1417

That wedding where four of our past couples were there… and now one more for 2015. (also….CONGRATS EMILY AND JASON FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!!!)Kate and Emily Behind the Scenes 0007

Dan taking some of our favorite images of the year… no big deal.Kate and Emily Behind the Scenes 0006

Interesting side note: Dogs love Dan. He has been kiss attacked at a large number of shoots this year. They cant get enough of him. Kate and Emily Behind the Scenes 0001

Driving the Bride around is part of the job sometimes.HEY_5751

He’s adorable. (This is clearly a Dan-centric post but you can forgive me right?)HEY_5598

Taking pics on a boat.HEY_3948

Typical Maine wedding scene. We are so BLESSED!HEY_2096

Another shot where I just thought he looked handsome.HEY_0010

Second to last wedding of the year and I FINALLY got to use my new “Hold Fast Money Maker” camera strap.¬†DAC_7105

My job: get the people lined up for Dan’s shot. Not easy…. but when there are adorable kiddos in pearl leather jackets, sometimes I gotta go in and take a photo myself!DAC_6601

I. Was. Freezing. It was May. Maine… you are so unpredictable. Right Emily and Jason?DAC_4973

That time I was ASKED to get up close and take photos during the ceremony. I WAS DYING WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!! I can most definitely do that.DAC_4797

Blueberry Fields make for pretty gorgeous photographs.DAC_4274

I matched… and it looked like I had a giant blueberry purse.DAC_4175

Posing with the cake… a common happening for me.DAC_3502

Where’s Waldo?DAC_3242

No big deal, just the fire department showing up at the ceremony since the FIRE ALARM went off!DAC_2304

Nice creative shot of me… thanks Dan.

Photobooth’s are kind of my favorite thing ever.DAC_0988

It was my birthday and it was the last wedding of the year. I was having a pretty awesome day I must say.DAC_0051

Dan always lays down in the not cool stuff when the desired photo calls for it… even if it was my idea. Thats a good man.Brittany and Jim Engagement Behind the Scenes 0006

Symmetry. Brittany and Jim Engagement Behind the Scenes 0002

This was a particularly hard room to photograph in since the WHOLE wall was a mirror. I tried pretty much the whole hour to keep myself our of the shots and it was not easy.BRC_9314

Again…. Dan on the ground.BRC_4467

Just sacrificing his pants so the brides shoes would be clean for her.BRC_2665



And yet again…. Dan on the ground.BET_8645

These two…. I cant even tell you how much I love em. Look how CUTE!BET_5633

Wardrobe assistant and photographer. Im going to keep him folks.BET_4697

And I dance…. shamelessly.Behind the Scenes Abbie and Tanner 0011

When he’s this far away, I have to read his mind and tell the bridal party what to do for the shot I THINK he wants to take.¬†Behind the Scenes Abbie and Tanner 0003

You thought you’d seen the last of Dan on the ground didnt you? Well you were wrong. This is seconds before he ALMOST got the camera really really wet. Whew.Amanda and Doug Engagement Behind the Scenes 0003

Again… some of my fave couples of the year. Did I tell you that they helped us move? That’s right…. down three flights of stairs… all our furniture. #wearesoluckyAmanda and Doug Engagement Behind the Scenes 0002

Details on Waikiki beach. No biggie.Adam and Sachi Wedding Behind the Scenes 0582

And we will finish off with one of my most favorite moments of the whole year: Photographing Karen and Roshan’s wedding on Cape Cod. This was taken during Roshan’s baraat. It was SO FUN and I was kind of overwhelmed realizing that I was there a part of this SUPER FUN event, invited to photograph this happy happy moment. Our past clients, Mara and Will were there, and I was just crazy happy. I needed to keep that moment for myself too so we took this selfie. I love that Will is in the background, smiling away. It really was a magical moment, one of those life moments you keep forever.¬†BRC_6326

So yeah…. it’s a really special job we have.

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One Response to “Us at Work in 2014”

  1. completely obsessed. even the “working” moments are beautifully captured. definitely a fave [yearly] post from you guys.

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We are on Instagram

I know…. I know. It’s about time eh?

Instagram is vital in the social media group that we are all using. We have been on Instagram for years with our personal accounts, (@thebethanycox and @thedancox). We had been deciding on creating one just for a business for a really long time and just never could figure out if we wanted one more account to manage.

Why we wanted a business account:

-Facebook’s new algorithm is making it really hard for our posts to get out to our followers. It is definitely something that I could get frustrated with but there is nothing we can do other than adapt to that change. One thing that really bothered me is that I would spend forever on a blog post and share it on Facebook and see zero feedback on it. We needed more people to see the work we were doing.

-Once we started sharing our professional images on Instagram we realized that our personal accounts really we’re where we wanted to be building that audience.

What was making it hard for us to take the plunge:

– Since currently Instragram will only lets you have one account per app, you have to log in and out of your accounts as you want to use them. This was a big roadblock for us.

– We loved how our personal Instagram’s are a good place to get to know us, rather than just seeing our business side. Having that human side of ourselves out there was something we we’re excited about losing.

What we did to make it work for us:

– We use our iPad for our business Instagram. This means that our daily life and usual instagramming can just stay the same on our phones, which was a big deal to us! We can schedule out our posts for instagram on our business and manage the account easily from our iPad. Whew!

-In order to preserve the fact that we loved having our clients and other vendors get to know us in a less business-y way, we added our personal instagram id’s to our business instagram’s bio section. Now if someone wants to get to know us that way as well, they can!

– We schedule our posts using Latergramme. ¬†I can’t even tell you how helpful this app has been for us in managing our content and keeping things organized. When we write a blog post, we also upload an image to Latergramme, either on our iPad or our desktop. We can write what we want in the description and set the time we want to be reminded to post it. When the time comes, we get a notification, open the app, and post the image. We have yet to find an app that lets you schedule the post and have it post without you manually doing it but this is a good close second to that imaginary app that needs to be invented.

I hope that helps you guys who are looking to open your own business instagram account. We are already seeing a lot of new followers in the industry because it makes a little more sense for them and us to follow one another when it’s not a personal account. Woohoo!


Follow us ok?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.09.00 PM

Life Lately List: February 5, 2015

Happy February to our Internet world! How was your January?? We had an unconventional one. It’s crazy around here. Let me elaborate…

As we wrote earlier on the blog, we are spending the winter down here in NC. We are missing out on all the blizzards and frozen toes but we are missing New England at the same time. We have been at the Outer Banks for a couple of weeks now, having finished up the work we were doing in Raleigh and now we are digging in here.

The work we did in Raleigh was updating¬†Dan’s mom’s half bath. When I say “we” I really mean “Dan” since he did pretty much everything. I just helped his mom pick things out. In addition to what you see. there is also an amazing white porcelain moose head above the toilet. We just left before it arrived in the mail. Take a gander at this:2015-01-16 21.13.11Now we are here in Kitty Hawk living in our family’s beach trailer, steps from the ocean, in one of our favorite places on the earth. Its a little crazy here since we are neck deep in renovations. Imagine a single wide built in 1965, getting a major reno down to the studs… and imagine living in it while that happens. O Lordy.

In other news we started a business Instagram and also spent some time digging in to and improving our Pinterest, to make it more relevant and user friendly to our couples!

Check em out!

Instagram   |   Pinterest

Hope you guys are getting some good things done in your worlds.

2015-01-26 12.28.09


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Del and Matt’s Anchorage Alaska In Love Session

Oddly enough, we have FOUR friends who live in Anchorage Alaska! You have already met James and Lauren, and today we get to introduce you to Matt and Del! They just moved to Alaska from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and these two are missing that glorious sunshine. That being said, its a fun place to experience and the best part is they get to do it together. They just got married this past year and are starting their new life together.

As you can tell, Del is radical and amazing and gorgeous and fierce. Dan and Del went to school together and have since kept in touch all these years. Matt has been around a while and we have enjoyed getting to know him too, and all his knowledge on pretty much everything there is to know! After the session they took us to a coffee shop they love and I just let Matt pick out my drink because I knew he would know the best possible option and he was right. Delish!

So… enjoy the majesty of Alaska and the obvious love between two newlyweds.

Del and Matt 0046Del and Matt 0020Del and Matt 0001 Del and Matt 0048 Del and Matt 0047Del and Matt 0063 Del and Matt 0075 Del and Matt 0080 Del and Matt 0082 Del and Matt 0066Del and Matt 0100 Del and Matt 0097 Del and Matt 0092

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4 Responses to “Del and Matt’s Anchorage Alaska In Love Session”

  1. Woohoo! These pictures are AMAZING! Can’t wait to see you guys out here again. Thank you for indulging in my coffee obsession. Next time you’re here or wherever we might be, Dan and I can indulge in my other obsession… making beer!

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