Life Lately List: February 4, 2014

After one full month in our new home in our new state, we are super happy to tell you that we are… super happy! January is actually one of my favorite months so now that it was our first month here, it was one of the best January’s ever! It’s remarkable… so remarkable we remark on it, daily.

We are so happy to be here in Maine.

A few things that happened this past month:

  • I finished the Harry Potter Series. I had never read it up to this point and can I say… so precious. Love love loved it, especially you Severus. Always you.
  • This past weekend (Feb 1) we shot our 2nd wedding which we are now considering our ACTUAL last wedding of the season. Ha! We photographed a wedding in November, December, January, and now February. Therefore, since we have the next three months with no wedding to photograph, we can really dig into our business and make it better every day, every year, forever and eva! This is one of the most valuable time for us in our business and I am so excited. It’s funny when we hear the classic line, “What do you do now that you aren’t shooting wedding every weekend?” It always makes me smile because I think to myself, “Everything we wanted to do all year but didn’t have time for…which is a lot.”
  • Dan’s already talking about a new travel destination he wants to visit soon. I can’t hold that guy back. We just got here and… he wants to head out again. I love him.
  • The ocean is our backdoor and I can’t even handle it. Its all I honestly ever wanted.
  • Dan has embarked on a “learning to repair” surfboards journey with our friend Matt. It’s taken all month but soon Dan will have 3 surfboards that have come back from the dead! Go Dan!
  • We have a lot of June wedding dates that are weirdly open and I hope we fill them! What a great month to get married. That being said, Dan has more plans for travel then if we don’t. #winwin
  • Im 30. Its the beginning of a new year. 2014 looks like its shaping up to be the best year yet and that really really feels good.

2014-01-16 09.45.082014-01-23 20.37.51

Kacie D

Bethany, you are so beautiful! Love your haircut, too!

Curious about the destination-of-the-Dan plan now… Hope you spill soon!

That was your first time reading Harry Potter?! Oh my goodness. They are the best books ever.

2014 Canvas Contest Winners


Dan and I are excited to officially show off and announce the winners of this years canvas contest! It was fun last night watching the votes roll in right in the final moments. Both couples were scrambling and tagging friends. It got really really close! Impressive work to all of you. Next years contest have some enthusiasm to live up to. Just because its fun, here’s a link to last years winners too: Lyndsey and Ben

If you have some time today, take a look at Jason and Brittany’s wedding post: A romantic tuscan style wedding on the coast of Virginia. Jason and Brittany’s wedding

Canvas Contest 2014

CONGRATS to The Winners of the 2014 Canvas Contest

Logan and Jay’s Intimate Vermont Wedding

A dozen people, a few short hours, and a wedding that we will never ever forget… this was Logan and Jay’s wedding.

It snowed all day, beautiful dreamland snow, the kind of snow that you picture when you think of romantic white fluffy Vermont snow.  We met them in a lodge where there closest family were all together preparing to witness Logan and Jay exchange vows. They had flown in from places as far away as California and Florida. Their first look took place in the falling snow… I don’t know how to properly convey that scene other than to share the images. It was complete and total first look perfection. The had their ceremony in the snow on the back porch of the cabin. It was so casual but yet so serious… one of those ceremonies where you can feel the sacred vows. After the kiss, it was on to a sleigh ride in the snow followed by dinner, cooked by the chef right there in the cabin. What could really be better?

I hope that the images convey just how unforgettable this small wedding really was. Pinch me ok?
Logan and Jay 0035.JPG
Logan and Jay 0006.JPG
Logan and Jay 0021.JPG
Logan and Jay 0045.JPG
Logan and Jay 0177.JPG
Logan and Jay 0123.JPG
Logan and Jay 0135.JPG
Logan and Jay 0132.JPG
Logan and Jay 0138.JPG
Logan and Jay 0163.JPG
Logan and Jay 0105.JPG
Logan and Jay 0189.JPG
Logan and Jay 0193.JPG
Logan and Jay 0233.JPG
Logan and Jay 0237.JPG
Logan and Jay 0242.JPG
Logan and Jay 0407.JPG
Logan and Jay 0316.JPG
Logan and Jay 0360.JPG
Logan and Jay 0369.JPG
Logan and Jay 0347.JPG
Logan and Jay 0383.JPG
Logan and Jay 0388.JPG
Logan and Jay 0393.JPG
Logan and Jay 0450.JPG
Logan and Jay 0442.JPG
Logan and Jay 0471.JPG
Logan and Jay 0437.JPG

Venue: Mountain Top Inn


Beyond any words – just beautiful!


So romantic! and very classic!

Ruby Talbot

These are the most umbelievable beautiful photos I have ever seen of a wedding. What a setting and how wonderful to get married in the snow! You look so happy and the sleigh ride made me want to go where it is snowing and take my own sleigh ride. Logan, you look absolutely beautiful! The photographs are really stunning! The house looks amazing, the table setting outstanding – everything looked just perfect! Lots of happiness to you both.



I kept thinking, “If I were them, I would put this one up on my wall…No, this one…Maybe this one!” Wow! Absolutely amazing!

So so classic, romantic, and stunning. What a lovely and seemingly calm day for them both.


Absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful scene!


All I can say is WOW!

Sandra Pellegri

Wow breathtaking…… Wonderful photos like a fairy tale love them.


WOW….just WOW!

These are absolute perfection!!

Favorites of 2013

This year we thought we would do something a little different and share our 2 favorite images from every session of 2013 in a slideshow! If you have a few min today, enjoy our faves from 2013.

What a year right?! We wrote down all the places we visited and it amounted to 14 states and Puerto Rico!

Thank you to all our clients this year. It was unforgettable.

Emily Reed

What a fabulous video!! And what a fabulous job you guys have!! :)

Us working 2013

Every year we share some fun photos of us behind the scenes at our sessions of the past year. Here is just a SMALL sample of the silliness that took place at our weddings and sessions from last year. DANG did we do a lot!

Of course there were selfies…
Heather and Michael 0269.JPG
Becca and Dave Wedding 0601.JPG
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0121.jpg We broke a lens.

Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0010.jpg

Hillary took our photo.

Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0017.jpg
We got ourselves into precarious situations.

Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0006.jpg
Sara and Brian Behind the Scenes 0188.JPG

I stand in for set-ups a lot.

Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0010.jpg

Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0316.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0921.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0338.jpg
Cristina and Jim Wedding RAW 0479.jpg

We make not so interesting scenes work… like parking lots and tiny spots between fire panels. #makeitwork #timgunn

Natasha and Arthur-Behind the Scenes-0002.jpg
Bethany and Dan Behind the Scenes for Kryssi and Kendall 0001.JPG

Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg


Christina and Chris-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg

We help out when needed.

Heather and Michael 0091.JPG

We get to hold babies.

Prudente Family Session 0054.JPG

We do the work.

Emily and Jason-Behind the Scenes-0012.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0008.jpg
Emma and Tate-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg
Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0004.jpg
Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0002.jpg
Hillary and Matt-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Morgan and Doug-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Lynsey and Alex-Behind the Scenes-0001.jpg
Kristen and Rhett-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg
Kim and Justin-Behind The Scenes-0006.jpg
Mara and Will Behind the Scenes Wedding 0003.JPG
Christina and Chris-Behind the Scenes-0004.jpg
Bethany and Dan Behind the Scenes for Kryssi and Kendall 0004.JPG
Becca and Dave Engagement Session 0128.JPG

We take photos with couples. Sometimes even within the formals… since we were the only witnesses!

Sarah and JT-Behind the Scenes-0009.jpg
Heather and Michael 0158.JPG
Can you see me?
Rafael and Catherine-Behind the Scenes-0008.jpg

The Red Coats are coming!

Rafael and Catherine-Behind the Scenes-0003.jpg

Cheers to 2013…

Kelsey and Chad-Behind the Scenes-0007.jpg
Mara and Will Behind the Scenes Wedding 0010.JPG

AHHHH there is so much I love about this post!!! It’s so great to see you guys hard at work and having a blast while creating all your magical photoness. :) Photo bombs are my FAVE. :D


So fun!!!!


This is so fun! Looks like you had a great year!!

AHH! Love this! You guys are so fun :)

Marcia Wiggins

I love, love, LOVE these shots…first, because your personality is so on the surface that it shows in every shot (I particularly love the photo bomb one where, Bethany, you are in a hat!) but it also shows to what lengths you will go to capture not just the shot, but the essence of the couple in the perfect composition at the precise moment of excellence…you are masters at your craft. You are amazing at what you do! You are so darn cute I can’t look away!

I love this post!! Your clients are so LUCKY to have you guys:)!!

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F a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t