Erin and Ethan’s Shelburne Farms Maternity Session

Way back in 2010, I photographed Erin and Ethan’s wedding alongside my friend and inspirer Tracy Turpen. Four years later, these two are pregnant and I think they may have been due this past weekend?? I typically blog everything in order of when we shot it but since these are set to expire pretty darn soon I thought I would jump the gun and share them with you now.

Erin and Ethan are the most Vermont-y people you can ever hope to meet. Erin is a doula and a writer. Ethan is an environmental educator and works at his family’s¬†maple syrup farm: Elmore Mountain Maple Works. See what I mean? It was like a blast from the past when they got out of their old, well-loved, Subaru and started talking to us about kayaking in NC and their 2010 wedding, which we still use images from for our portfolio because it Do you recognize those cowboy boots?? We spent an hour or so walking around the ever so stunning grounds of¬†Shelburne Farms, where Ethan works. We got to photograph these two very in love people in the most ridiculously gorgeous Vermont autumn light, with a knockout sky, maple tapped trees, Lake Champlain, and a whole lot of laughter.

After the shoot, we went out for dinner with them and got to catch up on one another’s lives. When we got home to Maine, there was a big jar of maple syrup waiting in our UPS box as a thank you. I swear we really do have the best job in the world.

Erin and Ethan Maternity 0005 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0013\Erin and Ethan Maternity 0006
Erin and Ethan Maternity 0029 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0034

Erin and Ethan Maternity 0054 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0055 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0068 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0082

Erin and Ethan Maternity 0083 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0084 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0087 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0097 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0102 Erin and Ethan Maternity 0147Erin and Ethan Maternity 0144

Venue: Shelburne Farms

5 Tips for Working with Your Spouse

It takes a special breed right? Dan and I have been working together one way or another since the day we met in 2006. First we were co-leaders at a Parks and Recreation¬†adventure camp, taking teenagers all over the state and teaching adventure sports. Yes… we worked for Parks and Rec and we LOVED it! The next jobs we had were working together at Target¬†and at the Santa and Easter Bunny sets at the mall. I am dead serious. Next we worked at a paddlesports company in Boston, both being outdoorsy and all. Finally we were able to both become full-time here at Bethany and Dan Photography and we are literally sitting beside each other right now, (he’s working on our contract with our lawyer and I am typing this blog post smiling about how this was and is my dream). So, to say we have a little experience working together is an understatement. This is some of how we make it work.

Us in the Outer Banks of NC in 2006!!!

Us in the Outer Banks of NC in 2006!!!

1. Keep the same morning routine.

Every single morning, Dan gets up and starts the coffee and walks Hattie on the beach. I convince myself that getting up would be more fun than staying in bed all day and am standing up about the time Dan gets back from the walk. We either eat yogurt and granola, (mine Icelandic, Dan’s Greek) OR we have bacon and eggs. We head to the living room and drink our coffee together and plan our day. It may sound simple but it really does help me have a good starting place for each and every day. We are able to check in with each other about how we are feeling, what we want from the day, and also just to say, “Hey, I like you.”

2. Be nice.

If I’m being honest, which I like to think that I always am, I have to admit this is actually a hard one. When you are with someone 24 hours a day, sometimes¬† a lot of the time you can let small things get under your skin.¬†I often have to remind myself that this little thing that is driving me bananas is actually not even close to as big a deal as how much I adore him. His “bad traits” are so small and nit-picky compared to the huge and unlearnable “good traits” he has. When you work with a spouse it because dangerous to let yourself be much less kind to them as you would a co-worker that is not your spouse. Try to keep that in mind. Its a career…. not your marriage.

3. Take time that is most definitely not work time.

I am working on figuring out how I feel about work life balance and the distinction between the two things. That being said, I do know that we were in love and had a blast before we even had the idea of opening a business together. Go on dates. Read books. Leave your phones in the car when you go to dinner. Try to steer the conversation away from work. Go on walks. Plan a vacation that is NOT a vacation that you took because you were hired to shoot in that destination. Dream… and not just about your business. Talk about how you fell in love. Be a husband and wife and not just co-workers.

4. Do what you do best.

There are some things that Dan is just WAY better at than I am, and vice versa. In our “office” Dan always does the logistics, the time lines, the tax and legal emails with our accountant and lawyer, and wedding submissions. I do the culling, editing, social media, blogging more personal emails. There are things we both do but it helps to know that those parts are taken care of and we each have our role in the office.

5. Check and re-check your priorities.

Dan and I have sat down and talked (every single year actually) and written out our values and what we hold dear. We base our goals off of those priorities and do our best throughout the year to work towards and uphold all of those. One of the values that we always put at the top is US! Our relationship and the way we love one another is WAY more important to us than our business. We are always checking in to make sure that we are not letting our careers eclipse that as a priority. Its a slippery slope and we have to keep that in mind. Do what you need to do to keep what it most important where it needs to be, no matter the cost.

Meghan and Drew’s Georgetown Massachusetts Wedding

This wedding was a party… full fledged the whole time. Meghan and Drew live in California and they brought that vibe right back to Massachusetts. Meghan got ready in her childhood home, which is always my favorite tone setter for the day. All the ladies were wearing the bachelorette shirts they wore at her bachelorette party in Vegas… proclaiming, “Drew Who?” They all rode in a party bus to the ceremony. Do you see what I mean about a party day?¬†They were married at the boarding school where they met long long ago! I loved that touch. How often can you get married where you met?? Dan and I would have had to have our ceremony at a public swimming pool. Not quite as perfect as Meghan and Drew’s ceremony spot.

It was a black and white event, where I even suspect that the guests were asked to don their best LBD’s since I saw a WHOLE lot of them. Everyone could have passed as a bridesmaid! The funnest part of the day? The fact that the dancing was almost non-stop outside of the events of the reception where you couldn’t be dancing. As I was editing I remember thinking, “Ok and now we are to the dance party. O wait. Nope. That was pre-dancing. O and then some more pre-dancing. And even more!” Congrats to you guys! You threw a fun party and now… YOU’RE MARRIED!

Meghan and Drew 0019 Meghan and Drew 0025 Meghan and Drew 0034 Meghan and Drew 0081 Meghan and Drew 0089 Meghan and Drew 0124 Meghan and Drew 0151 Meghan and Drew 0168 Meghan and Drew 0217 Meghan and Drew 0220 Meghan and Drew 0238 Meghan and Drew 0320 Meghan and Drew 0331 Meghan and Drew 0335 Meghan and Drew 0351 Meghan and Drew 0589 Meghan and Drew 0598 Meghan and Drew 0610 Meghan and Drew 0697 Meghan and Drew 0700 Meghan and Drew 0709Meghan and Drew 0701

Venue: Black Swan Country Club  |  Florist: Curren Brothers Florist  |  Hair: Dellaria Salon

Makeup:  To Make Beautiful  |  DJ: Move it Music

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Sarah and JT’s Portsmouth New Hampshire Wedding

If you want to know what a natural beauty looks like… look no further than the new Mrs. Thompson! Sarah is 100% gorgeous, complete with lashes that go for miles and a smile that just wont stop. It is all kinds of heart meltingly good times to watch John, (JT) gush over his bride. The two of them together are so cute it hurts my teeth. F’real.

We started the day at the¬†Harborside Hotel¬†where they were both getting ready. One funny thing that happened was that my camera bag was sitting next to Sarah’s bags so when her girls took Sarah’s things to the honeymoon suite… my blue camera bag went with them. Talk about a heart attack!! Luckily it was only a few rooms away and was completely gettable… but still. Whew! We all headed to the trolly and then the church where they exchanged vows and made it official. (That’s what this is all about after all). I loved Sarah’s long exhale right before she started her walk down the aisle. Keep your eye out for the photo.

The party started and was up and going until the last song. I loved watching the girls singalong with the band, on the mic no less! All in all, it was a wonderful day and we were glad to be a part of it.

Portsmouth NH Wedding 0002Portsmouth NH Wedding 0001 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0003 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0005 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0007Portsmouth NH Wedding 0004 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0008 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0009 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0010 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0013Portsmouth NH Wedding 0014Portsmouth NH Wedding 0012 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0006 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0015Portsmouth NH Wedding 0016 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0017 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0019Portsmouth NH Wedding 0018 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0020 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0021 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0022 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0023 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0024 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0026 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0027 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0025 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0029 Portsmouth NH Wedding 0030Portsmouth NH Wedding 0028

Venue: Sheraton Harborside Hotel¬† | ¬†Florist: Dahlia Pom ¬†| ¬†Gown: Madeleine’s Daughter¬†

Cake: Jaques Fine European Pastries  | Band: Big Party Orchestra

Makeup: Sonja Jacobson Skin Care  |    Hair: Bliss 360

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