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I seriously say that out loud to myself 100 times a day.  I use a lot of apps and timers and chrome extensions to do just that. I am like a moneky and need to be trained. Honestly. One thing that I learned about myself since I started working from home full-time was that I love love love love lists. I think I would hug lists if they were not 2-dimensional. Crossing tasks off a list with a pen gives me a rush. Am I scaring you yet? There are a lot of daily checklists that are available for download online and I used a lot of them. I found that I didnt do a lot of things on the lists, or I was always adding things to them. So… in total Bethany style, I made one myself since the others just weren’t working for me. I posted a photo of it on our instagram and we got some love! I thought I would share it with you too!

I created a template that you can download. Make a few changes to suit your needs and it can be your very own perfect Daily Checklist! Let me break down a few of the details of it for you first though.

At the top is a line for a verse to memorize. Ideally I want to spend time each day reading the Bible and Dan and I will choose a verse that we want to keep in mind all day. A few of our recent ones have been Proverbs 26:14, Proverbs 22:29 and Psalm 103. Have a good one that I should (TRY TO) memorize?

The next line is for me to write down any appointments or meetings or skypes that I have to do that day. It just helps me see what I have to work with timewise.

The next line has “Yoga or Workout” that I can circle when I do it. Following that is Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, so those decisions are already made and I am not wondering around the kitchen staring into the cabinets trying to figure out what to eat. Below that is eight glasses of water that I can cross off as I drink them. It helps me stay on the hydration track.

There are 4 boxes that come next. These are a few things that I need to keep in mind daily. The first box is “Relationships” that I want to touch base with each day. My list includes “Dan, family, friends, Hattie, and me.” You can forget yourself you know… Next is house stuff. I have a few that I want to do daily and then I add a few to the box if its laundry day or something. “Budget” is next, and ideally I will write down how much is remaining in each section for the month next to them. Im bad at this one… which is why its on the list. The last box is my social media.Ideally, i try do each of these items every day for our business. It just helps me to keep all of those avenues active daily.

The next section is the money maker!!! The Rule of Three is a military term from the Marine’s. Hoorah! I learned this from Tamara Lackey when she was on creativeLive recently. “Three is the optimal number of things that you can focus on at one time… Is it the idea of saying that no person should have their attention on more than three things at once.” I decided that would be my daily goal… to accomplish three things. If I want to I can add more below later, but I will be happy if I get through my big three. It rocks and I love it.

So that’s my daily checklist! Here is the link to download the word document that I used so you can have it too!

Enjoy productivity!

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