For Photographers


An "Ask anything" session with both Bethany and Dan. You can choose the topics (photographing couples, business organization, work/life balance, etc.) and we will dig into them with you. Can be in person or via online video chat. 

$200/hr or $350/2hrs

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Mentor Session

This is our most personal experience we offer as educators. It includes a 2 hour photo session and then we'll take you out on the town in Portland for dinner and drinks where we can really just dig into your business and photography questions in a comfortable and real way. Think of it as an afternoon/evening where we can totally immerse in your business and help one-on-one. The session can be you and your signification other or you can give this session to a couple you are friends with. Either way, this allows you to obesrve how we work with a couple first hand and you can ask questions throughout. 


To request information contact us at or here


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