The Get Real Workshop!

get real workshop

+++ UPDATE +++

Kate and I decided to cancel the workshop this year but definitely stay in the loop via our newsletter!

I am so so so SO excited to tell you guys about the workshop that Kate Crabtree and I are putting on this coming May. As a college student, I studied experiential education and have always loved teaching in small groups. It has been a secret goal of mine for years to be able to teach my fellow photographers from my slice of knowledge in this big photography pie. With the encouragement, brain power, and companionship of Kate, this dream is happening ya’ll!

Kate and I both share a great appreciation for the art of wedding photography and a real honest and raw approach. While we have different photography results we approach the day in a similar mindset. A lot of that has to do with a ton of self-discovery and honesty. Knowing who we are as individuals has helped us to know who we are as photographers. This awareness helps us to fully lean into who our clients are and try and photograph that essence. THAT is what we are talking about and teaching on in the Get Real Workshop.

What’s the point of what we do as wedding photographers if we don’t give our clients images that they can feel. Weddings are a dime a dozen but the people in the images are one of a kind and so are you. That’s what this is about and I’m so so excited to dig into this with the students.

The Low-down:

May 15 and 16th, 2017

Two teachers, two days

Westbrook Maine


Seats are limited. Apply here:

…O and Happy St Patrick’s Day you guys!

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