Travel Tuesday: Schoodic Point, Maine

If you are planning a vacation to Acadia National Park, in Maine you are already off to a great start. We want to suggest you also hit up a lesser known spot in the park that is actually not on Mt. Desert island. It is called Schoodic Point, and it is on a peninsula that overlooks the island, giving you an amazing view. Dan and I were on a little trip to visit the friends we met along the coast of Maine on our kayak trip, and we stopped here just to see the infamous point again. I should point out that in the kayaking world, this is a pretty scary spot that takes some planning and skill to navigate. When we were here the first time, it was via kayaks and I didn’t really take time to enjoy the view. I was a little to concentrated on the task at hand… surviving. The time we came back, when we took this photo, it is forever burned in my mind and the most beautiful landscape vista I have ever seen, before or since.

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