Valentine’s Day 2013

I seriously and completely love my husband Dan. I also seriously and completely love “our love”. Does that make sense? What I mean by that is that he knows simple it is for he and I to have a good day and exactly how to make that happen. It’s not flashy or dramatic. Its really simple and we really do have a good time just looking at the ocean. He knows what I need when I tell him that I need to know he loves me, (which I need to be reminded of every 30 seconds since Im one of those girls).

We had been joking around about how on Valentine’s Day dudes really can’t win, but instead they can only keep it neutral or lose. This means that if you don’t do something on Valentines Day… you stink and you have failed. That being said, if you DO something on Valentine’s Day, then you are just avoiding the dog house, since something sweet on Valentines Day is expected at a bare minimum. How horrible is that? I know. But Dan was saying the same thing so I wasn’t being completely horrible.

Well my Dan knew that the funnest things for me in life are just riding around with him, taking walks and exploring, and eating out. Aren’t I the coolest? SO… he took me to Newburyport, a new spot that we had not explored yet. We had coffee and walked on the beach at Plum Island. Later that evening we went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant that he had researched as the best one in the town. To top it off, he even had Hattie give me a card. Now that is actually the perfect Valentine’s Day in my book. It was so perfect I think we should retract our earlier thoughts that doing something sweet on Valentines Day doesn’t mean much. That is officially not true now.

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