William and Brooke’s Raleigh NC Wedding

William and Brooke’s wedding was a special one for Dan and I since Dan and William have been friends since childhood. William, who all the Cox family calls “William Jordan,” grew up on the same street as Dan’s family. Since Dan has a brother also named William, they always called this William by his first and last name. When we met this for coffee to discuss wedding plans and photography, Brooke burst through the door and hugged both of us. Dan knew he was meeting the perfect wife for William. We had a great time over coffee. I even asked William what his last name was, since I thought William Jordan was one of those southern double-names. Whoops!

William and Brooke’s wedding was hot hot hot!!!! It was a early June day in Mebane, NC at the Pine Lake Pavilion. The wedding went off without a hitch. They were married by a dear family friend at the alter and the vows were very tearful and sweet. The dance party was a perfect ending to the hot day because it was hard to tell if the men’s shirts were swamped with sweat from the dancing or the hot hot hot day. Now Brooke is Mrs. Brooke Jordan, (as opposed to the last name I thought William also had in addition to “Jordan.”)


June 5, 2011

Coordinator: Jennifer Ball at Pine Lake Pavilion | DJ: Aaron Kinne of Anything Music

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