You are beautiful!

I wanted to touch on something that I really think is important. Dan and I are not in the wedding photography business. I truly believe that we are in the business of capturing a moment between two people that tells the story of love. We are in the business of making SURE that a couple can revisit their photos and see the love that they feel between each other. We are in the business of making our brides FEEL beautiful, not faux “just-because-it’s-my-wedding-day” beautiful, but feel the beauty that they posses everyday, highlighted. It is our JOB to make our couples know that they look GOOD and that thier love has been immortilized in photos. That’s what we strive to do.

This is something that has been on my heart lately and I want to give a shout out to my brides and future brides that I think is of value.

You are beautiful.

…Let that resonate and sink in for a moment…

Beauty is such a call to action in our society.  Women have heard that “you are not enough” from all sorts of different directions from the beginning. Stick skinny models making us feel huge. Curvy sexpot women making us feel boring. Men trash talking that girl over there, that you think you look a lot like. Magazines, TV, movies… all huge huge HUGE proponents of the insecurity builder!

I am the worst of these. Years of not good enough, not pretty enough, to big, to tall, weird hair, etc etc etc… the list can go on for miles. Why can’t I just settle in to the FACT that my husband Dan loves me? He chose me. He married me! He goes to sleep every night beside me. No one else has that spot. Why then can’t I settle into that notion that I am worth it? It’s not Dan’s fault. It’s being a woman. That’s all it comes down to.

What I want my brides and furture brides to know is that you ARE beautiful. Right there in your “size whatever” yoga pants with your ponytail. That man that is going to marry you thinks that you are worth it and that you are the ONE that he chooses for forever. You are more than just a pretty face. You’ve got years of awesomness and creativity and work behind you that made you into the person that you are right this moment. That is noteable. That is beautiful.

So what does this have to do with photography? Easy. When you get in front of our cameras, I want you to KNOW that I think you are rad. You are. I want you to decide that you will BRING it when it’s time to turn those photos on. I want you to KNOW that I am not judging you. I want you to bring that “alone in the bathroom in front of the mirror making cute america’s next top model faces” you to the session. You rock it out.

Now bring that beautiful self, confident, strong, loved, and full of yourself to your day today and be YOU!

Dan and I were blessed with a photo session from one of my all time favorite photographers ever. This is one of those photos that I actually feel LOVED just in this moment in a photo. This is what I want for our clients. This is what Dan and I strive to do at each session. I thought I would share it with you. Photo courtesy of Tracy Turpen Photography. (She’s amazing ya’ll!)


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