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One reoccurring complaint I hear fellow photographers say is that they are backed up with their blog posts, not having kept up with blogging their sessions and shoots during the busy time of year. I am here to tell you how you can keep up! Our blogging workflow is really simple and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can do it. All you have to do is commit!

The Golden Rule of Photography Blogging: The shoot is not finished until you have the blog post scheduled!

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Before the wedding:

1. Get the vendor information from your client. This is something you should already be doing so you can start to build your vendor relationships and reach out to them with a “virtual handshake.”

2. Start a drafted blogpost with that information, adding all the vendors and their websites. We also like to add links to any other posts that the couple was featured with already, like their engagement session. Don’t write the blog post content yet because you actually need to experience the shoot to sincerely write about it. If you try to get ahead with this one, your blog post will feel inauthentic and that’s never ever good.

After the wedding is edited:

1. Once you finish editing your images and they are uploading to your online gallery for your clients, go through the edited set again and choose your favorites. For a wedding with us, that’s around 100 images. Copy those “favorites” images into a new folder. We use these images for submission and album design and portfolio reviews later on in the process.

2. Go through those “favorites” and choose your ABSOLUTE favorites that you would be willing to have on your blog, showing off your best work. This usually is about 30 images for us. Ideally we get the blog posts down to 15 but we are never successful at that. Now copy those images into a new folder called “bloggers.” One major mistake I see photographers make is posting a gazillion images in the blog post. Try your best to keep it to the best of the best and dont post images that are very similar to the other photos in the post. Make this your showcase, not a wedding album.

3. Open Blogstomp and import those “blogger” images. If you don’t have blogstomp, stop here and go get it right now. It is an indispensable tool for keeping your workflows fast. We really could not imagine photography life without it. Watermark all your blog images.

4. Open your blog platform and upload those watermarked images to your already drafted blogpost. Write a little bit about the day and your couple. If you don’t really love writing, you can make this short and sweet. Most people reading your blog are there for the photos anyway right? It’s completely up to your style and preference.

5. Choose the date and time you want you blog post to go live and schedule it. We are just starting to use coschedule which integrates multiple social media platforms into your very own blogging calendar, so your blog post will be shared multiple times AND in the places you want to share it. Its kind of changing my life.

6. The last thing I do is schedule the posts social media shares via coschedule.

7. BOOM! You did it and you dont have to worry about getting backed up with sessions that are not blogged!!!

After the post goes live:

1. SHARE YOUR POST! If you are using coschedule, your blog posts is going to be shared on a couple of platforms without you having to log in and do that manually. For us this includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. We also manually share the blog post on Instagram.

2. Email your clients that their blog post is live.

I betcha that if you do this process while your images are uploading to your client gallery, you’ll finish this long before they are done. This way when your shoot is ready to hand off to your client, you already have their blog post ready to go. Sometimes I can even get the shoot submitted to a blog before they are done! Can you even imagine getting all that done and never being behind?? No one is perfect but this will definitely help you to get more things done efficiently as far as blogging goes.

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