Cocktails & Chats: Quarantine

Hey you guys! I’ve been meaning to hop on here are write up a little about what we have been doing with our self-quarantine time. Give you something to do. Talk about everything. Etc. Etc. I hope sincerely you are staying home and staying healthy. Dan and I are doing a mix of things and doing our best to make the most of this and also taking it easy when we want to. I know it a really unsure time for everyone. The biggest comfort I have taken in is the fact that we are ALL in this together. <3

Things we have been doing while we have been at home:

  • Cleaning Up and Organizing all our Bins in the basement: Clothes, Outdoor Gear, Files, Decor, Seasonal, you name it…
  • Learning: I have been taking a few online classes from Brit+Co and learned how to use Procreate on my iPad and how to do nail art. There are a lot more in my queue so more fun to come!
  • Reading: I’ve blown through a couple of Audiobooks while doing chores and I have finished reading lots of others. Keep up with me on Goodreads yall!
  • Preparing an Emergency Documents Folder: This may be the nerdiest things we have done but I’m really happy we did it. All our important documents are now all assembled and copied and put together in a safe place so we can grab and go if we (God forbid) ever need to. There are a few more things we need to get together for this but it feels good to have 90% of it done and organized.
  • Made our Will and Power of Attorney Documentation: I know that sounds a bit grim but we have been personally affected by what happens when people pass away unexpectedly and there is none of this in place. I have been putting this off like everyone does, but we just sat down and did it and now I feel so much better. I didn’t know that it was a worry in the back of my mind that doing would have such a huge effect on my anxiety relief. Seriously. You better believe we added some details in there about what happens to our weddings and images if that happens too. We gotcha.
  • Organizing EVERY SINGLE THING IN OUR HOUSE: I’m always doing this but I’ve been going ham with it around here. Ask me anything and I can tell you where it is specifically in our home.
  • Training Hattie with some new tricks: I found this app called Puppr and there are a ton of free tricks you can access and try out! She’s working on “Tell me a secret.”
  • Embroidery: or course. Yall know Im obsessed.
  • Walking Outside: Almost every day, we have been outside walking Hattie on long walks. I am trying to get my steps and just some fresh air.
  • Surfing, Kayaking, SUPing: You know Dan has been out there getting his ocean time.

What have you guys been up to? I feel like its that last week between Christmas and New Year and everyone is kinda hanging out at home, except its scary and heartbreaking. I’m worried about my grandparents and my friends with weakened immune systems. The very first week of March, I was actually sick in bed for a week. Dan is sure I had Covid-19 but of course, I couldn’t get tested so we will never know. Either way, I’ve actually been semi-self-quarantined since March 1! I admit I wasn’t as serious about it in the beginning since I didn’t know how serious things were. I wish I had known and could have been even more diligent. I feel a lot better now but I’m still coughing. At any other time, I would go to the doctor but Lord knows they have wayyyyyy too much on their plates right now. My heart goes out to them. This is an odd time since a lot of us are at home and bored and then some people are having the worst time in their lives. Please do take care of yourself and send love to those you know who need it right now. Check on your friends who suffer from depression and anxiety. Thank your medical community friends. Wash your hands. Stay home if you are able.

<3 Bethany

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