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We have been out of touch with the modern world for the past few days. We went to the lost worlds of NC, where towns consist of only a post office and falling down general stores. It was quite the change of pace, but not for the worse. We met her grandparents at Bethany’s grandpa’s family homestead and dove into 4 days of a back breaking labor of love, trying to refurbish the kitchen. There was even a light snowfall on the last day of work, to add to the charm of the place. The house was built in the 1930’s and has stood the test of time, but only with the help of regular maintenance and work. It’s an important piece of her family’s history and needs to be preserved. We sanded the walls, the ceiling and all the cabinets. We refilled holes in the wood and spackled the plaster walls. Lastly we painted everything with a bright new white. We didn’t have time to finish paining the whole kitchen this time around, since we needed to let all the primer dry before we started in the the white semi-gloss and the really really pretty shade of aqua for the walls.  The house will still be there though, when there is time again to get down to business. We cant wait to see the finished product.

Dear Brides and Grooms…doing this also reminded us of how much we love each other, and how thankful we are to be married, joining our families and our histories together. It’s crazy to think that this history was built on the marriage of two people, who had children who married as well, and on and on it goes. Marriage is such an important part of family. It creates new ones and continues lines that stretch into the past further than we can even discover. When you marry the one you love, you are choosing your family. Its the only time you get to do that, ever. This past few days reminded us that we chose correctly.

A few treasures that we discovered in the house this past week: a 1901 Webster’s dictionary, a early edition of Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman, a multitude of classic kitchen gadgets, and family photographs that are more valuable that anything you can buy in the store

It was so nice to spend time with family since our upcoming move to Boston is approaching with a very fast pace!  It’s hard to imagine leaving the Outer Banks but it’s happening soon. We will miss our sunsets no doubt. Time is flying!

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This is a photo of me in a burger bar in Stockholm Sweden. I am about to drink the best beer I have ever had. It's a pretty important photo of me. I just remember feeling filled with joy and so so glad to be alive. That's a good place to start on getting to know me.


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