For Couples: Pinterest Wedding Planning

What a topic eh? Pinterest is so fun and has had such a HUGE impact on the wedding industry since it began in 2010. There are both positive and negatives about using the site for wedding inspiration and I want to dig into them here for you guys.



Finding themes in what you like: I love the ability to curate and then add to boards and then see themes in what I like and what I am drawn to. Pinterest boards really do help you weed out what exactly you like once you step back and take a look at your overall inspiration boards for your wedding. This can help all across your world like home decor and business branding, but as a wedding tool, it is on point! I bet once you start you’ll see trends in mood and color and style that are hard to miss once you really sit down and dig in.

Easily Searchable Ideas: Not only is pinterest really fun to spend time on and go deep into a rabbit hole of cute things, it really does serve as a good home for searchable inspiration.  You can see trends in the industry and also see what real couples have done for their real weddings. You can also see things that you don’t like, which is equally useful in my opinion.

It’s FUN!: It shall not be discounted that pinterest is fun. I personally love to use it on my iPad since I think thats the most user friendly version of the site. When Dan is deep into Call of Duty, you’ll probably find me pinning. Favorite pinning worlds for me are home decor, photography, wedding dresses, and travel.


Jealousy: As a photographer, I can fall into this just as easily as wedding planning couples can so I feel you. When I see photographers who travel to my bucket list places and photograph dream weddings I can fall into a “why not me” trap. I can imagine this also happens to couples. Budgets and many other things can limit options for your wedding and seeing “perfect” all over the place is not the easiest thing to ignore. Pinterest is a hot bed for “perfect.”

Copy-Catting: This may be the most significant negative in the wedding industry specifically and many photographers have talked about this on their blogs as well. I won’t dwell too much on this but it’s important to note a few things here. Every wedding is unique and special and has factors that no other wedding have in the same combination. For this reason, recreating photos that you see on pinterest is not the greatest way to go since the wedding you see on pinterest is not your wedding. The weather was different, the time of day was different, the people are different, the photographer is different… I could go on and on. Seeking same is the death of special.

Burn-out and Overwhelm: While I think Pinterest is super fun, Im honestly grateful that it wasnt around when I was planning my wedding. With my personality, I dont think it would have been a fun tool for me but rather a place to get overwhelmed. I think that some people are not victim to this but I do know that some are and thats no fun. If you are like me, then just set a timer perhaps or know when to quit. Allow yourself to be happy with what you ARE planning rather than be overwhelmed with what you COULD do.

Now all that said, we have a pinterest page that we update whenever we hop on the site and browse. We have several boards all about weddings and all the details therein. All the boards that say “Bethany- something something something” are not about weddings but everything else is so if you want to dig in… go right ahead! Tread carefully and happily.



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