For Couples: Should you do engagement photos?

should you do engagement photosFull Disclosure here… Dan and I most definitely think you should do engagement photos so we can start this blog post off with a big fat YES! Here’s why:

You’ll end up with images that really capture the way you guys are together in real life. Dan and I work hard at making the experience feel normal, even though it’s not. Our goal is to photograph through moments so that in-between unguarded moments are photographed as well as those ones you think we are looking for. Finding that moment when you forget we are photographing is a big win for us. We find that couples start to let got after a little while and we get the more casual vibes, which is all we wanted in the first place.

Portland Maine Engagement Session

They are more useable universally than your wedding photos. It pains to me to admit it but wedding photos aren’t always the number one image you want to share of yourself. Once your all fancied up and ready to go, you don’t look like your everyday self, (which is fun and rad and has a time and place). You don’t necessarily want your wedding portrait as your profile picture forever, and engagement portraits are perfect for showing your regular self off.

Boston MA Engagement Session

If you work with us for your wedding as well, you’ll have a head start on comfort with us and comfort with being photographed. A camera can be off putting and it takes a little while to overcome that feeling of being examined. We believe that everyone does get used to it after a while, but it takes a minute. Would you rather those minutes be in a relaxed engagement session setting, or while you are getting ready on your wedding day? That’s what I thought. Even more, being photographed as a couple has a slight learning curve as well and the time for portraits during the wedding day is precious. As much comfort and rapport we can build before the wedding day, the better.

You’ll look cool. Dan and I love bold portraits with contrasty light. We want photos where you look cute, where you look in love, where you look like yourself, and also where you look badass. We want to make your mama happy with a couple traditional photos but after that we are all in on making you look like the rockstar you are. Who doesn’t want to look cool amiright?

IT’S FUN! This we really do want you to know. Engagement photos are awkward for 15 min and fun for the remaining hour and 45 min. It’s like a fun double date where the four of us get to chat, laugh, climb on cliffs and be strange together. Who wouldn’t want that?

Steamboat Springs Engagement Session

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