For Photographers: Five Things to do with your Business Instagram Right Now

Last week we shared the news that we are using Instagram as a business, rather than just having personal accounts. So far, we are liking it even more than we expected. We are already learning about new photographers and other vendors, and our circle is growing! Ive slowly been moving over my industry accounts I follow from my personal account over to my business account. Its clearing up my personal feed from wedding overload, and increasing my feed for my business account. This helps me keep a tiny bit more separation in business and personal life which is always good, even in baby steps.


Connect: One of the things I love most about having a business Instagram is that I can follow and connect with other industry peers as my business. I like to encourage and praise others with my business instagram because it then comes from a place of a peer rather than a “fan.” It feels good when other photographers let me know they like our work because I know they know their stuff. I can only assume that Im not the only one who feels that way. This is also very powerful way to find other vendors and see their work easily.

Cross your Platforms: One thing that is challenging is maintaining so many social media platforms all at the same time. Recently I have been using IFTTT to have our Instagram posts go to google+ automatically, go to our Facebook page if I hashtag it with #bdphoto, and post to twitter as an image rather than a link!  All three of those things happen without having to go in and do them thanks to IFTTT. Boom!

Pre-post: This was a game changer for us: Man o man!!! With this program you can upload and schedule the posts you want to go live ahead of time. This way when I write a blog post, I can just create and schedule an Instagram post that goes with it. The only thing I have to do is open the app when it reminds me there is an image to post. (Currently there is no way to have photos auto post to Instagram, but this is the next best thing). 

Tag Clients and Vendors: I love to tag clients in the images, especially tagging them ON the image, rather than in the image description. This way if you have your image auto-posting elsewhere, you wont have their instagram name in the text on a social media platform that it doesn’t apply to. The text can stay clean. If you are posting a detail shot that highlights a vendors work, make SURE to tag them! Everyone loves a little shout out, and its good etiquette.

Use hashtags: This is obvious however it is one of our favorite ways to get in front of new Instagram users. It’s easy to get spammy here so try and keep it to a maximum that you are comfortable with. I try to stay around 3-5 at the most, unless we need to add one for another specific purpose other than showing up in a general search. You can also use client wedding hashtags when applicable as well. Alternatively, you can add the hashtags in a comment if you want to keep your original post a little cleaner.

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