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In asking photographers, one of the highest points of stress, frustration, feeling of failure, always seems to revolve around blogging. Each post takes a long time to do, some people don’t love writing, it’s a vulnerability point for some artists, and you don’t get the same kind of feedback as you’re used to with social media’s instant interactions. When you’re in the weeds in wedding season, the last thing you really have time for is to sit down and write a blog post. I get all of that and I want to shed a little light on the tools and tricks I use to keep our blog going and going and going.

blogging for photographers

Personally, I enjoy blogging and have been doing so since I was in college (livejournal, xanga, etc etc). Long form communication is my favorite. I think it has a lot to do with my preference for deep connections and personal conversations, over short captions and cute one liners. I’m like this in person, not really into parties with strangers vs. a couple of friends at home with lots of hygge. Blogging feels more like what I am in real life. That’s why I think I have stuck with it here for so long, a longing for understanding.

That being said, everyone has different personality types and I strongly believe there is a way to keep your site and blog fresh, no matter your personality! Let’s dig in shall we?

TIME: Yes my friends, blogging takes time. One of the best ways to make peace with the time is takes is to remind yourself of how powerful the SEO is to have a blog that’s pumping. It’s easy to spend time on things that you see as having value for your business and I have to say, a blog most certainly does. Having fresh work always appearing for new clients to see. The posted dates are recent. The images are new work. You can convey yourself through words. Its da bomb. I use systems to keep myself efficient and organized so that Im not reinventing the wheel for every post. You probably wont be getting a ton of comments since that happens more on FB and Insta, but I still think its worth it. Everything isnt about that endorphin boost y’all.

ORGANIZE YOURSELF: Without a clear plan, its quite hard to consistantly blog. For me, I like to have a few blog series/categories that I can write posts within. Right now we have: For Couples, For Photographers, Travel, Personal, and of course our photography. I have found that those categories typically cover everything I really want to chat about. Yours can obviously be different but these are pretty basic and work well. Those can also serve as writing prompts for me when I’m a bit stumped for what I want to add to the blog. I know I can always find a little personal update, or a tip for couples that I want to share. I also jot down blog post ideas when I have them so that when it’s blogging time, I have a whole list of ideas that I can draw from for posts.

SCHEDULING: This is my number one tip. I set aside time during the off season to write write write. Right now, our blog has posts scheduled into May. I leave a few days open for really-in-the-moment posts, but posts like this one you can write long in advance and schedule out for later. The content in posts like this dont go stale quickly. It’s relevant info even if it’s a month or two old. The tool I use for this is CoSchedule. I have a blog post coming that is ALL about this program so look out for that.

BLOGGING ALL YOUR WORK: Once wedding season gets going, its really really hard to keep all the plates spinning. The way that I keep our work always blogged is that I don’t put a wedding or session away until I have the blog post scheduled. After we finish the images, Dan and I sit down and choose the blog images (between 20-30 images). I write the post, put in the images, make sure all the vendors we know of are added, and schedule it. Since we photograph a lot of weddings, I can do one wedding a week, schedule them out and have a new post ready to go every. single. week. We still have 2 weddings from last year, that havent gone live on the blog yet because of all the posts we were able to do via scheduling. We blog each and every shoot we do and it’s enough content that we can have our blog going and fresh almost all year. Badabing, badaboom. What Im saying here is add blogging to your wedding workflows and dont skip it. If you hate writing, just post the images. Just get it up there.

and most importantly…

KNOW THYSELF: If you hate blogging… like really hate it… dont blog. I really do believe that no blog is better than a poorly updated, outdated, not attended to, blog. You can just have a page on your site that imports all your instagram photos so you can keep showing that new work. If you do like to make sure you blog your work, but you dont have anything else you want to blog, then just schedule out all your blog posts of new work to cover the whole year. You can blog once a week or once a month and you’ll only need 12-24 new sessions, weddings, or other work. You dont have to be a super busy photographer to have an updated blog my friends. Just keep things consistent. The worst thing you can do is not blog but feel bad about it all the time. There’s no need to carry any guilt around blogging. It should be fun and if its not, just leave it out of your workflow.


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