For Photographers: How do you focus?

In college, I did well. I excelled and got good grades. My professors liked me and I graduated with honors. This is amazing in my opinion since I was the QUEEN of procrastinating. I would not do what I needed to do until it was the absolute last moment. I think I liked the pressure. I was able to do my best work when the option of doing anything else was removed, because I refused to fail, or be a bad student for fear of having my professors not care about me anymore. I remember once reading an entire novel, cover to cover, and writing a paper on it, with one afternoon and evening to do it. I couldn’t bear  to let my professor down by not doing it, nor could I revert back to high school mentality and read the sparks notes. I respected my professor to much.

Here is the intro to that paper: ” When realized this morning that I had an assignment due tomorrow that I had completely overlook, my heart quickened and I rolled my eyes, dropped my shoulders and began to groan in my head. Why? Was learning the opinion of this “Leopold” fellow honestly worth my time today? Would I actually be able to truly read his book and give a genuine account of what he said, and in the same breath, what I think about what he said in one day? A daunting task for sure… So after much procrastination, I lay down and begin to read. Why is all this important to write in a book report? It is important to illustrate the merit of his words. Although I was not on the same page with him on some opinions, he had me hooked from the first page. Even though I knew that I had to get to the end by a Godly hour so that I could write this paper, I couldn’t help myself from stopping, highlighting, reflecting, and wondering on the words he writes. There are charming phrases, full of whimsy and creative viewpoints I’d never considered. What he has to say in this account is defiantly worth the time of someone who claims to appreciate the wilderness in today’s world. Addendum: This book was even worth writing about a second time considering I lost my disk with the last 2 paragraphs on it and had to type, once again, the Idea of Land Ethic, before12:00 am.”

Honest Abe… I know. By the way, I got an A.

This leads me to this… I needed to have a go-to focus helper. I HAD to have something that would keep my scatterbrained mind completely and totally focused on one thing, and one thing only. I had to zone out and make SURE that there was nothing else that would steal my attention while I was giving my 100% to a task. My go-to was Radiohead, and it still is. I put my headphones in, (even at my own computer in my dorm room) and dug my heels in. Even to this day, if I feel myself being pulled in every direction but I know what I need to do, I turn on old faithful and I’m in the zone. I feel like I owe those guys my college education. Sometimes, at weddings, when things are starting to get really intense and there are a million things happening at once, it takes everything in me not to reach for my iPhone and pop in my ear buds to a little “Amnesiac” and start snapping away some stellar images. That would never work since I do need my ears to shoot a wedding, but man o man do I ever want it sometimes.

What do you use to focus in on what you need to do?

(Yes, I had my headphones in while I wrote this post. I also dead-bolted my front and back door because I’m a scaredy cat like that.)

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