For Couples: Coordinators are a must-have!

We know. It’s a DIY world out there and we are all for that. Seriously! We love it when our couples put personal, heart-felt touches on their wedding day. It is what makes for an intimate, honest wedding day. Please do this.

What is NOT cool, is when Brides try to DIY thier own wedding day. What I mean by this is that there simply has to be someone getting things done for you on the day of your wedding. You should not be worrying about time lines, people and places, where your things are, when you are supposed to be somewhere, what is happening next at the reception, or anything else for that matter. You should be focused exclusively on getting married, and enjoying that with your new spouse, your friends, and family. It’s such a bummer when we see brides having to worry about these details on thier wedding day. There are people for that. They are not called bridesmaids, moms, sisters, aunts. They are called Wedding Coordinators!

Imagine your wedding day. Imagine how awesome it would be if you enjoyed putting on your makeup, with your friends around. Everyone was ready with enough time to relax. Imagine that your getaway bag was packed and ready go and you know it would be in your getaway car ready for you.  You walked down the aisle, married the love of your life, ran away for amazing photos, and all your guests were at the cocktail hour enjoying themselves thoroughly. You came into your reception and enjoyed every hour of it, moment by moment, without thinking once about what would happen next. You were never hungry the whole time because you were able to eat three meals on your wedding day, (imagine that). When it was time to leave, you walked off the dance floor, holding your husband’s hand, ran through your sparkler line and into your getaway car, which had all you needed in the trunk. You look at eachother and say, “That was a BLAST!”

It can happen. They specialize in that.

The biggest mistake I see couples make is think that they can keep everything under control themselves. Of course it is possible, even reasonable. The only problem is that they don’t get to enjoy their wedding day nearly as much. This also applies if you have a family member do this for you. They will be working on your wedding day, rather then enjoying it along with you. It’s awesome having a neutral party there to make sure things get done. Its important to have someone who isn’t to worried about stepping on someones toes in order to make things happen as they should… for you! As a wedding vendor, we know that coordinators are the person to answer to on a wedding day. They are our go-to person on a wedding day too!

There are so many wonderful planners and coordinators out there and we can’t recommend this enough. We have had the pleasure of working with Christine Paul, at Christine Paul Event Planning. She kept the day running like clock work, in the face of rain, late buses bringing guests to the ceremony, and even a complete reception relocation due to the weather. Her team ROCKED it out and we highly recommend them.  Another Event Planning company that is incredible is WED. When Katie arrives on scene to run your day, she wears a pink “tool belt” ready for your every need. Every item is well thought out and immaculately placed. Perfection is a word that comes to mind.

Have we convinced you yet? We hope so. Here’s to a fun a relaxing wedding day, free of hiccups, (at least any that you know of since the coordinator is making sure you know your day is perfect). Cheers!

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