For Couples: Getting Ready Photos

Since Dan and I get to go to a lot of weddings, we get to see a lot of common wins and loses in preparation. There are just SO many things to think about when planning a wedding. Sometimes a few things are overlooked and I want to help put those on your radar, from a photography perspective!

Make sure to have a pretty hanger to hang your dress on. You put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect dress for your day and I want to capture it beautifully in a photograph for you. It’s always a bummer when you have your lovely dress hanging on one of those cheap plastic hangers. Typically, if you are getting ready in a hotel room, there are wood hangers in the closets, but you could even take it a step further and have one custom made for you. Lila Frances makes some adorable custom hangers! Dresses don’t need to be displayed perfectly for a perfect image, but a wonky hanger can really throw an image. I don’t like to crop hangers out of dress photos, simply because it doesn’t make sense when you see the photo. Dresses don’t levitate. Let me show off your dress AND your hanger.

The room that you get ready in will be in a multitude if photographs. It isn’t overkill to check things out beforehand and plan where you want to make this monumental moment happen. Make sure that you like the decor, color and light in the room. Find rooms with big windows. Lamps are nicer than overhead lighting too. Sometimes simply moving from a kids Sunday school classroom to the pastor’s study makes a world of difference. It doesn’t hurt to tidy up a bit either. Girls have a tendency to spread out all their stuff on the bed and on every surface in a hotel room. As much as this is necessary, take a few minutes to make sure you like the way the room looks. The reality is, you wont be getting ready in a spotless room, which is ok, however make sure you aren’t getting ready in a messy distracting environment either. This may sound obsessive but you will have these photos forever and a shallow depth of field in a photo can’t always clean everything up.

Most importantly of all, find a place you feel comfortable and make sure that the people you have with you during this time are uplifting, loveing, and close to you. I want you to feel like you are preparing for your marriage ceremony to the man you love, rather than feeling like you are getting dressed up to impress people.  This needs to be a place you feel safe and free to experience the emotions that are sure to come. You don’t want to look back at this as a whirlwind that you missed because you didn’t feel like you could be yourself.


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