For Couples: How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

So you have an engagement session coming up and you don’t really know what to expect? You want to look cute. You want to look happy. And most of all, you want to look in love. So how does that happen when you are not porfessional models and you have no past experience to draw on for this?

No problem.

First and foremost, it is the photographers job to create beautiful images. Dan and I believe wholeheartedly that it is our job to make sure that you have not only a good time, but great photos that let you witness your love over and over again afterwards. If the session doesn’t create that, it’s our fault and not yours.

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for a great experience where you are prepared and in the know before you show up.

  1. The engagement session day is a great time to have your hair and make up trails done. That way you will feel pampered, and beautiful. If your “wedding look” might be over-doing it, then perhaps opt for having your hair styled at a salon the way you normally wear it, just better. That way you can have that “I just left the salon and I FEEL AMAZING” look happening during your engagement session. Don’t forget to have your nails done either.
  2. Wear outfits that you love. You know that shirt that cant seem to stay in the closet since you wear it all the time? Wear that one. Also bring a couple of outfits that you feel like yourself in. If you never dress up, don’t feel like you have to dress all fancy for this. You want to feel comfortable. If you are glamorous, go for it girl. If you are a punk rock gal, bring it. If you love the 50’s look, Mad Men yourself and let’s get this going. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward in your outfits, you will show that.
  3. Pick the place. We love when our couples choose a location that is meaningful to them. It is hard to describe to you how much this effects the session in a positive way. Dan and I had our engagement photos taken in the park that we would always go to after work when we were dating. We would lay on a blanket under the same tree every time and talk about how much we loved each other. It was a really special place to us and I am so happy we did the shoot there, even though it isn’t the coolest spot that Raleigh had to offer.
  4. Think of a theme if you want. Sometimes couple set up scenarios for their engagement sessions that are more than just hanging out and looking adorable. Some fun ideas would be a camping out session, sailing, at home, Stand Up Paddle-Boarding, baking cookies, washing your dog, planning your wedding, bookstore. The possibilties are endless. It is fun when couples really get into the session and make it their own. If that’s more than you want to deal with then Dan and I can make walking around Harvard Square just what you are looking for. No fear.
  5. Props. Have a favorite hat? Funny Sunglasses? Save the Date photo idea? Bring it. We love fun toys and ideas for the shoot.
  6. Pets. Being BIG fans of our puppy, we are completely down with the idea of your furry friend coming along too. It’s best to have a friend come and bring them or pick them up, so we can have time with just the two of you too.
  7. Let us do the work. You don’t have to worry about posing or anything of the sort. Dan and I take care of all of that and you can just focus on being together. Remember, that is our job.

What we want you to remember when you think back to your engagement session was that you had fun: fun with your fiance, fun with us, and fun just being you.

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And because it’s fun to look back, here are a few from our engagement session. Photo Credit: Julie Schuler




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